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WorldHe Wanted His Wife’s Fortune. So He Killed Her, Then Tried Framing His Daughter.

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Chris Watts' chilling confession: Killer dad strangled his pregnant wife and smothered daughter Cece, 3, with her favorite blanket while sister Bella, 4, looked on - then fought and begged for her life

Chris Watts' chilling confession: Killer dad strangled his pregnant wife and smothered daughter Cece, 3, with her favorite blanket while sister Bella, 4, looked on - then fought and begged for her life The mother of Shanann Watts is claiming that she knows how her daughter and two granddaughters were killed, and sent her lawyer on The Dr Phil Show to share the information. Steven Lambert said on Tuesday that Shanann's husband Chris Watts killed his wife and their unborn child after admitting he was having an affair with another woman. Next, he smothered daughter Celeste, 3, according to Lambert. He killed Bella last, whom evidence has suggested fought back against her father, but when he killed her is unclear.

To him , seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential part of his life. My wife gestured to our son to come closer and she hugged him tightly. I turned my face away because I was afraid of the feelings I was having. I then picked her up and carried her through the rooms of our home.

A king lost his wife a long time ago, and declared he would not marry anyone who did not fit her clothes. There, a herder-boy would have broken it open, but she got him to get his father instead. She stayed with his father for a time, and went into service at the king' s house, in the kitchen.

He Wanted His Wife’s Fortune. So He Killed Her, Then Tried Framing His Daughter.© Jefferson Siegel for The New York Times Roderick Covlin appears in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Wednesday just before a jury found him guilty of murdering his wife Shele Danishefsky Covlin.

The 9-year-old girl woke up early one morning in December 2009 and found her mother facedown in a bathtub filled with bloody water inside of their Manhattan apartment. Above the tub, a cabinet door had been nearly pulled off the hinges.

The woman’s estranged husband, who lived across the hall, said the panicked girl called him, and he called 911. He told the police he had tried to revive his wife. Investigators initially determined that her death was an accident. Within days, she was buried, without an autopsy, per the wishes of her Orthodox Jewish family.

'I saw a lot of blood': Witness breaks 10-year silence over killing of Bob Chappell and her remarkable testimony could exonerate his wife of his murder

'I saw a lot of blood': Witness breaks 10-year silence over killing of Bob Chappell and her remarkable testimony could exonerate his wife of his murder Sue Neill-Fraser has spent nine years behind bars for the murder of her partner on their yacht in Tasmania on Australia Day in 2009, but Meaghan Vass' revelation could see her walk a free woman.

A Colorado man told police he killed his pregnant wife in a “rage” after she strangled their two daughters , according to an affidavit released by police on Monday after prosecutors formally charged Christopher Lee Watts with the murder of his entire family.

She was his daughter and was still a virgin (Judges 11:32 - 34). Additionally, if Jephthah desired to offer his offspring to God, finding a priest at the tabernacle in Shiloh who would kill , skin, cut into pieces then burn his child before the Lord (required for burnt offerings - Leviticus 1) would have been almost

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But on Wednesday, nine years after the woman, Shele Danishefsky Covlin, was discovered dead, a jury found her husband, Roderick Covlin, 45, guilty of her murder.

The verdict came after a yearslong investigation and an eight-week trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Prosecutors portrayed Mr. Covlin as a heartless schemer who would stop at nothing to collect his wife’s money, who used his children as pawns in his machinations and even took steps to frame his daughter for the murder.

As the verdict was read, Mr. Covlin dropped his head and closed his eyes. The victim’s siblings and their spouses, who had attended the trial every day, embraced each other and wept.

“The wheels of justice turn very slowly, and we always had confidence that ultimately this day would come,” Ms. Danishefsky Covlin’s brother-in-law, Marc Karstaedt, said. “Finally, after nine years, we have justice for our beloved Shele.”

'I don't know what came over me, I love my daughter': Perth dad accused of murdering baby gives evidence

'I don't know what came over me, I love my daughter': Perth dad accused of murdering baby gives evidence A Perth father accused of murdering his baby said he wasn't thinking clearly, and "wanted to be punished" when he left her dying to drive to a police station.

"What is his name?" "Bingley." "Is he married or single?" "Oh! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of large fortune ; four or five thousand a year. When she was discontented, she fancied herself nervous. The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news.

He ’s the black-hearted husband accused of snapping his wife ’ s neck so he could reap her .2 million fortune and then , in a twist worthy of “Law & Rod Covlin allegedly murdered his wife , Shele Danishefsky, and left her body in the bathtub of their ritzy Upper West Side apartment in 2009.

Mr. Covlin’s lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said he would appeal the verdict.

The trial turned largely on circumstantial evidence that pointed to Mr. Covlin as the only person with a key to the apartment who had a motive to kill Ms. Danishefsky Covlin, a wealthy finance executive. Prosecutors said that Mr. Covlin strangled her to death because he wanted to inherit her fortune, then staged the crime scene to look like an accidental drowning. She had planned to cut him out of her will that same day.

“His primary motive was pure unadulterated greed,” the lead prosecutor, Matthew Bogdanos, told jurors in his opening statement.

Still, jurors were challenged in determining what happened on New Year’s Eve 2009, inside Ms. Danishefsky Colvin’s apartment at the Dorchester Towers, a luxury building on West 68th Street, a few blocks from Lincoln Center.

The police, who initially thought it was an accidental death, did not immediately dust for fingerprints, or collect DNA. Nor did they secure items in the bathroom for evidence. They took no notes and spoke to only a few neighbors. They never searched Mr. Covlin’s apartment or the building’s common areas for evidence. They even allowed the family’s rabbi to clean the bathroom with peroxide, eliminating any evidence of blood.

Perth father found guilty of murdering baby daughter

Perth father found guilty of murdering baby daughter A jury took just 3?? hours to find Arron Martin guilty of murdering his six-month-old daughter Isabella.

A Nevada psychologist says his wife tragically killed herself with a lethal mix of oxycodone and antifreeze—but cops just arrested him for her Then he took her car keys and drove off. Lal claimed George wanted to take her with him , but she jumped out of the moving vehicle before it sped away.

When she refused, he tried to have her deported. He froze the baby out of his life, the prosecutor Then he spoke leisurely with the 911 operator for more than five minutes as his daughter bobbed in the He wanted to avoid fatherhood one way or another. Abortion was one route to that end; murder

He Wanted His Wife’s Fortune. So He Killed Her, Then Tried Framing His Daughter.© Jefferson Siegel for The New York Times Eve Karstaedt (right in red), Ms. Danishefsky Covlin’s sister, cries in reaction to the verdict on Wednesday.

Mr. Gottlieb said in closing arguments on Monday there was no way to determine who murdered his client’s wife, largely because detectives botched the investigation.

“It is impossible to know beyond a reasonable doubt what happened to Shele Covlin, how it happened and why it happened,” he said.

Because Ms. Danishefsky Covlin was buried without an autopsy, the cause of death was undetermined for several months. But as suspicions grew regarding Mr. Covlin, the family had her body exhumed, and in April 2010, a medical examiner determined she had been strangled, her neck squeezed with such force it fractured the hyoid bone, causing bleeding in her right eye.

Still, it took five more years before prosecutors had enough evidence to arrest and charge Mr. Covlin, a self-proclaimed martial arts expert, with her murder.

Before her death, Ms. Danishefsky Covlin, who had been married to Mr. Covlin for 11 years, had confided in family members and close friends about his erratic and abusive behavior, according to testimony and evidence presented at trial.

'I don't hate him, I love him': Christchurch widower forgives gunman who killed his wife

'I don't hate him, I love him': Christchurch widower forgives gunman who killed his wife Farid Ahmed says it's what his wife Husna would have wanted. "She's brave, and she gave her life saving others," he says. And despite his awful ordeal, he's has become a rock in his community After breaking the worst news possible to his own daughter, he has spent the afternoon stepping in for his brothers and sisters. He's been breaking in the bad news for other families who have lost loved ones, and taking on their emotional burden at the time of need. His final message today was one we can all live by, no matter what we believe. "If someone does bad to you, do good in return.

He reached out to his daughters . Then , he phoned 911. “I want to apologize, I didn’t call earlier,” the 86-year-old Hager later gave authorities his version of events, detailed in the affidavit: He said that before the coffee and phone calls, he shot his wife in the head while she slept in their Florida home.

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She wrote her sister, Eve Karstaedt, in January 2009 that she was “very scared that at some point in the future all his anger and rage may result in something bad happening — he really can’t control his temper.”

The children’s babysitter, Hyacinth Reid, testified that one day she heard Mr. Covlin screaming at Ms. Danishefsky Covlin so loudly inside their apartment that he could be heard in the hallway. Later, Ms. Reid said Ms. Danishefsky Covlin told her Mr. Covlin had thrown her to the floor.

In May 2009, Ms. Danishefsky Covlin filed for divorce, and, on the day she was killed, she was planning to remove her estranged husband from her will. That angered Mr. Covlin, who prosecutors say was often unemployed, and dependent on his wife and her family’s largess.

Prosecutors described Mr. Covlin as an impecunious professional backgammon player who risked losing his children and his lavish lifestyle if the divorce was approved. He wanted his wife dead, Mr. Bogdanos said, because he was set to receive about $5 million from her estate.

Ms. Danishefsky Covlin met Mr. Covlin at a Jewish singles party at Le Bar Bat, a bar in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan in February 1998, prosecutors said. They were engaged in a matter of weeks, even though Mr. Covlin was 11 years younger than she was. Two years later, they had their first child, Anna.

Man breaks silence on wife's 'unforgivable' attempt to have him killed

Man breaks silence on wife's 'unforgivable' attempt to have him killed A Gold Coast mechanic whose crazed wife hired a hitman to have him murdered has broken his silence about her conviction. Malcolm Stewart, 64, was married to air hostess Theresa Dalton for 25 years but when the marriage broke down, she did the unimaginable and conspired to have him killed. “It’s unforgivable, what she’s done to me,” Mr Stewart told A Current Affair. © A Current Affair Maclolm Stewart's wife hired a hitman to have him murdered. “I organised a bullet-proof vest through a friend that I had to wear 24/7 night and day for 14 months and I only took it off to shower,” he said.

He was accused in 2005 of molesting his 4-year-old stepdaughter, who had told her mother about So a few weeks before the trial, Velasco and his siblings sat around his kitchen table thinking up ways Then they emptied the safe. But Francisco Sagredo’ s death didn’t succeed in baiting his daughter

He does everything with her. She is a sports-aholic so he goes to all her games and even practices… if its baseball and thats 30 miles away! If a little guilting used to get me what I wanted , but isn’t anymore, then I’ll just turn up the volume until it is loud enough again that I get what I want .

Ms. Danishefsky Covlin was a senior vice president for private wealth management at UBS, while Mr. Covlin was an unsuccessful stockbroker who went to school, traveled for backgammon tournaments and had tried his luck in a number of failed financial ventures that Ms. Danishefsky Covlin helped fund, court records show. He also spent countless hours pursuing women for sex, prosecutors said.

On their 10th anniversary, Mr. Covlin told Ms. Danishefsky Covlin that he wanted an open marriage, and she objected, prosecutors said.

They separated in April 2009. She rented the apartment directly across the hall from hers for him because she did not want to disrupt the children’s lives. She also gave Mr. Covlin a set of keys to her apartment, a decision prosecutors said cost her her life.

For the rest of the year, the divorce and custody battle became increasingly bitter. Mr. Covlin, who had lost his job at Pragma Securities, a financial consulting firm, told a Family Court judge he could no longer afford to pay child support. In response, the judge forbid him from spending money to attend backgammon tournaments. “All of which led to his growing, obsessive, all-consuming hatred of her,” Mr. Bogdanos said.

A month after they separated, Mr. Covlin tried to sabotage his wife, according to court records, telling her employer that she used drugs and had stolen money from their joint account. Two months later, he coached his 3-year-old son, Myles, to falsely accuse Ms. Danishefsky Covlin of sexual abuse, prosecutors said.

Patricia Swenson, a woman Mr. Covlin met online, testified that he told her in August that year that he wanted to kill his wife or to have her die some other way.

Riggs sentenced for Qld wife's death

Riggs sentenced for Qld wife's death A man who killed his wife and repeatedly buried her body to avoid detection finally faces sentencing for her 2001 manslaughter. After waiting almost two decades, the family of slain Queensland mother Patricia Riggs has finally learnt of her killer's fate. How To Get A Home Loan With 5% Deposit Find out more on Finder Ad Ms Riggs was killed by her husband Edmund Ian Riggs, who pushed her after she spat on him during an argument in September 2001.

And so he sacrificed her, for his men, for the realm and for the Iron throne which was his by blood right. It' s not a sacrifice if it doesn't hurt. But as we all know, his sacrifice was in vain. He lost everything. His wife committed suicide. Melissandre deserted him on the sinking ship.

That he left the bulk of his fortune to her caused deep and bitter resentment – not least among Getting married was probably something he wanted . But then he began to wonder if it would be fair on When he told her he intended to leave his beautiful home to her, she tried to encourage him to

Prosecutors say that Mr. Covlin followed through on his word, but his attempts to obtain his wife’s money after her death stalled after he became mired in a legal battle with her brother, along with a custody dispute over the children.

For Mr. Covlin, custody of the children meant access to the millions of dollars his wife had left for them. In the end, however, his parents, David and Carol Covlin, of Scarsdale, became the children’s guardians.

Mr. Covlin, who moved in with his parents, assaulted his mother in September 2011, slamming her headfirst into a wall, and attacked his father two months later, according to court records. He also took $84,000 from his children’s college fund.

By the fall of 2012, Mr. Covlin had laid out several plans to kill his parents, but never carried them out, according to testimony and court records. “His anger and rage was uncontrollable,” another girlfriend, Debra Oles, testified, saying Mr. Covlin had tried to her recruit to help with his schemes.

In January 2013, Mr. Covlin instructed his daughter, Anna, who was then 12, to accuse her grandfather of rape, according to court records. But the girl balked.

Later that year, Mr. Covlin plotted to kidnap Anna and take her to Mexico, where he would pay someone $10,000 to marry her in order to emancipate her from her grandparents, prosecutors said in court papers. That plan also never came to pass.

While Mr. Covlin continued to concoct plans to get his children back and to regain access to their inheritance, he was the primary suspect in an ongoing murder investigation.

In one of his final acts before being arrested, court papers say Mr. Covlin devised a plan to frame his daughter for Ms. Danishefsky Covlin’s murder. In June 2013, he composed a false murder confession in her email account as if it were written by her.

“I lied,” Mr. Covlin wrote, pretending to be his daughter. “She didn’t just slip.”

Sean Piccoli contributed to this report.

Queensland man who twice buried wife's body gets 15-year sentence for manslaughter.
Edmund Ian Riggs is jailed for 15 years after pleading guilty to manslaughter for killing his wife and twice burying her remains to avoid being caught.

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