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04:10  12 february  2020
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Antifa is planning a new round of nationwide riots on November 4 as part of a plot to start a “ civil war ” that will lead to the overthrow of the Trump administration. However, the activity of the group should cause even more alarm given the revelations of an undercover video by Steven Crowder and his team

June 29, 2018: California man accused of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children. June 19, 2018: New Yorker fact checker publicly (and falsely ) accuses a disabled war veteran who works for ICE of February 1, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group AntiFa assaults Trump supporters at Berkeley.

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In 2017, Antifa, a loose collection of left-leaning militant anti-fascist groups, was blamed by many for a series of violent threats mailed to a Virginia organisation that hosts Civil War reenactments, as well as a pipe bomb planted at one of its annual gatherings.

Now the FBI believes those threats likely didn’t come from members of Antifa at all, but instead from a member of the Civil War reenactment group itself.

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Antifa is planning a new round of nationwide riots on November 4 as part of a plot to start a “ civil war ” that will lead to the overthrow of the Trump Far-left militants plan to “gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country” in the hope of building momentum for civil unrest that

An Ohio Muslim man has been accused of plotting to spark a bloody civil war by provoking standoffs between American militia leaders and federal authorities, reports " They have alot [sic] of weak spots 2 really weak spots that would ignite the deadliest civil war on earth if the right spots are poked."

A search warrant application seeking phone records for Gerald Leonard Drake, a former volunteer at the nonprofit Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation in Middletown, Virginia, was unsealed today in federal court. The filing lays out evidence that Drake, a 61-year-old registered sex offender who has spent time in prison, tried to exact revenge on the reenactment organisation after it kicked him out of his unit. The document does not say which side Drake fought for during the reenactments, but email addresses for Drake listed in public records include variations on the word “confederate.”

Drake, it appears, attempted to leverage existing tensions between Antifa and the far-right. Members of Antifa will often show up at rallies held by far-right white supremacist groups and organizations defending so-called “Confederate heritage.” Skirmishes between the two sides sometimes break out at these competing rallies.

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The fact is, groups like Antifa need the threat of white supremacists in order to justify their existence. When they cannot find any Ku Klux Klan rallies to protest There is a way of escape from the coming civil war . To find out what it is, please watch Gerald Flurry’s Key of David broadcast “Charlottesville

Causes of false accusations of rape may fall into two categories: false memories (accidental self-deception) or lies (attempted deliberate Individuals suspected of making a false accusation of rape may be charged with the civil crime of "wasting police time" or the criminal charge of "Perverting the

a group of people riding on the back of a horse© Provided by Quartz

The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation every year reenacts the Battle of Cedar Creek, an 1864 fight that began with a sneak attack by Confederate troops, but ended with a Union victory. The mailed threats, and a pipe bomb found at Cedar Creek’s 2017 reenactment, prompted the foundation to cancel the annual event in 2018.

Reactions from the right to claims that these threats came from Antifa were vitriolic. Right-wing media outlets and message board postings blamed the situation on, variously, “lib terrorists,” “attention-seeking organizations and anarchists,” and “leftists.”

“If Civil War reenactments are somehow unacceptable because of people playing the roles of Confederate soldiers, how much further must this effort to erase history go?” said an article in the National Review. “Museums? Books? Movies or television shows?

“Its [sic] only a matter of time before the general population signals that its [sic] had enough and starts turning the tables on these violent fascist antifa fcks [sic],” said one commenter in an online firearms forum.

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Gaddafi forces have been accused by human-rights groups of shelling towns with heavy weapons, risking civilian lives indiscriminately. The men were accused of fighting against the rebels. A hospital doctor claimed that the black man was murdered and hung by an angry mob that had

Groups on 4Chan and Anonymous have also repeatedly waded into foreign wars, notably in Ukraine and Syria In response, antifa -affiliated outlets have doxxed people behind the fake sites, releasing names This new civil conflict in America is still in its early stages, and far from an existential crisis.

“You know this was coming, the left can’t get over their stunning loss,” said another, apparently referring to US president Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. “Anything that reminds them of their failures must be attacked a racist [sic].”

The first threat sent to the group was postmarked Sept. 21, 2017 and included an Antifa symbol printed on the outside of the envelope. It was addressed to “Cedar Creek Battlefield Event People.”

a close up of a map© Provided by Quartz

The letter read, in part:

“You need to cancel your coming up celebration of the Civil War on October 13, 14, 15, 2017…Many of us have dogs, so will bring dog feces to throw on people! We will also throw cups of human urine! We might resort to actually firing guns into the camps and at the re-enactors! We will put poison in the water, we will use noise to disrupt the battles and sleep! These events must stop! Our local organizer tells us he is ready to go! You have been warned, now if it is not called off, we will destroy you! You have less than 1 month to issue a cancellation notice, do it asap!”

Despite the threat, the reenactment went ahead as planned. On its second day, an unexploded pipe bomb was discovered on the grounds. No one claimed responsibility.

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Threatening government officials of the United States is a felony under federal law. Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under 18 U.S.C. § 871

Antifa , short for anti - fascists has declared war on every American conservative or liberal. They have branded anyone who disagrees with them and have vowed

  Antifa falsely accused of threatening Civil War group © Provided by Quartz

Another letter was sent the following summer, this time addressed to Joe D’Arezzo, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s president. The threat again included an Antifa symbol. The sender threatened to kill D’Arezzo’s mother with a car bomb if he didn’t cancel the 2018 reenactment.

“Don’t think metal detectors will help, we have plastic pipe bombs,” a portion of the threat said. “If you won’t stop this celebration of slavery than maybe we need to hurt the participants to stop it instead of just the visitors…We are the ones that did it to you last year, we used a bad bomb guy his mercury switch, and rocket launch wire didn’t work on the pipe bomb covered in nuts, just so you know we are real and returning.”

The foundation decided to cancel the 2018 event. D’Arezzo then resigned because, he said, the organisation wasn’t taking security seriously enough. His replacement, Jeanette Shaffer, then received another threat that read, in part: “If Jeannette Shaffer thinks she is safe, well she is right, but her children are not!”

As the FBI investigated the threats, certain details raised red flags. According to an FBI affidavit attached to the search warrant application, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation is a small organisation with just one full-time employee, 12 board members, and a “small number” of volunteers. The person sending the threats somehow knew a lot about the inner workings of the group, including specific operating procedures, plans, and names only an insider would know. The sender was also strangely fixated with a former Cedar Creek volunteer named Shawn Mowbray, who hadn’t worked there since 2014.

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Leading up to yesterday's Unite The Right 2 we have seen the media go bananas pushing anti -white racism, division , and glorifying antifa . The violence

What's False . The bill would not make it illegal to join Antifa (or any other group ), and the bill has not yet Nothing in the bill specifically precludes individuals from joining a group or movement related to The bill seeks to “provide penalty enhancements” for those who threaten or harm others while

“You also have a rat in your place, our information about everything you are or were doing came from him,” one of the threats said. “Yes, we like real information, but we also hate rats. You might want to get rid of him. Shawn Mowbray is your rat. We will continue to get information from our other friends.”

Investigators eventually learned that the group had removed Drake from his reenactment unit after a disagreement he had with Mowbray, who was a member of the same unit. Surveillance footage reviewed by the FBI placed Drake’s car at the scene where the pipe bomb was discovered in 2017. Law enforcement also obtained eight pages of diagrams Drake had drawn while in prison a decade earlier. They included detailed sketches of pipe bombs, a grenade, a propane bomb, a Coleman fuel bomb, and a CO2 cartridge bomb.

“The pipe bomb diagrams were similar to the pipe bomb discovered at the Cedar Creek Battle reenactment in 2017,” the FBI affidavit says.

The FBI also linked Drake to messages on Reddit that investigators said indicated a “negative attitude toward the [Cedar Creek] event, possibly due to the incident with Mowbray in 2014.” Other postings used language similar to that found in the mailed threats.

Drake was unable to be reached for comment. He does not have a lawyer listed in court filings.

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