World Trump says coronavirus 'peak in death rate' likely in 2 weeks, extends social-distancing guidelines through April 30

02:26  30 march  2020
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'Smackdown' In an Empty Arena Is Peak Social Distancing

  'Smackdown' In an Empty Arena Is Peak Social Distancing If a tree falls in the forest

Speaking at a contentious White House coronavirus news briefing on Sunday, President Trump declared that "the peak in death rate " in the coronavirus pandemic "is likely to hit in two weeks ," and said the federal government will be extending its social - distancing guidelines through April 30 .

Trump Says He’s Extending Distancing Guidelines to April 30 . President Donald Trump said his administration expects the peak of deaths in the U.S. coronavirus outbreak to be reached in about two weeks , and that he would extend guidelines for Americans to distance themselves from one

Speaking at a contentious White House coronavirus news briefing on Sunday that involved testy standoffs with several reporters, President Trump declared that "the peak in death rate" in the coronavirus pandemic "is likely to hit in two weeks," and said the federal government will be extending its social-distancing guidelines through April 30.

"The modelling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks. I will say it again. The peak, the highest point of death rates, remember this, is likely to hit in two weeks... Therefore, we will be extending our guidelines to April 30, to slow the spread," the president said in the White House Rose Garden.

What happened at Bondi beach was 'not okay': Govt to crackdown on crowds to stop coronavirus spread

  What happened at Bondi beach was 'not okay': Govt to crackdown on crowds to stop coronavirus spread Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned the government will be forced to enact “draconian measures” to curb the spread of coronavirus as the national cabinet advises all non-essential travel in Australia should be immediately cancelled. Delivering an update on the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Morrison warned that Australians needed to take social distancing measures more seriously. “After consulting with premiers and chief ministers overnight, we have decided that we are moving immediately to recommend against all non-essential travel in Australia,” he said.

President Donald Trump has extended social distancing guidelines to April 30 to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “The modeling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks . I will say it again.

President Donald Trump extended social distancing guidelines on Sunday night and said the coronavirus outbreak in the US is likely to peak in two weeks . Trump delivered his remarks during a White House press briefing. Trump also touted a June 1 deadline as to when the country will be "well

Saying his earlier hope that the country could reopen by Easter was "just an aspiration," Trump added: "We can expect that by June 1, we will be well on our way to recovery" and that "a lot of great things will be happening."

When asked about worst-case scenarios if the country remains closed indefinitely, the president responded, "You're gonna have large numbers of suicides -- tremendous [numbers of] suicides... You will see drugs being used like nobody has ever used them before, and people are going to be dying all over the place."

On a positive note, Trump went on to note that "two of the country's largest health insurers -- Humana and Signa -- have announced that they will waive copays, coinsurance, and deductibles for coronavirus treatments."

How social distancing can halt the spread of coronavirus

  How social distancing can halt the spread of coronavirus For several weeks health authorities and state and federal governments have been urging Australians to practice social distancing. But many Australians still out-and-about appear not to understand just how they could be responsible for the infections of hundreds of people.COVID-19 is highly contagious, even if the infected person does not display any symptoms.A person infected with coronavirus will pass the disease on to an average of two to three people every five days.If those infected people do likewise, 406 people will be infected within 30 days.

President Trump on Sunday announced that federal social - distancing guidelines would be extended to April 30 in an effort to curb the coronavirus The US has more than 130,000 cases of COVID-19 and at least 2,300 deaths — and the death toll is expected to peak in two weeks , Trump said .

guidance-to- 30 - april - says - peak - deaths - likely -to-hit-us- in - two - weeks /. 21:15 GMT ‘As The President Fiddles, People Are Dying’: Pelosi Slams Trump Response to Coronavirus Outbreak. Your account has been deleted! You can restore your account within 30 days by following the link sent

a man wearing a suit and tie looking at the camera: Former New York Assistant Attorney General Chris Staszak joins Arthel Neville to discuss the legality of mandatory statewide quarantine. © FoxNews.com Former New York Assistant Attorney General Chris Staszak joins Arthel Neville to discuss the legality of mandatory statewide quarantine. In response to a question at the briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, reiterated his estimate from earlier in the day that it remained possible that 100,000 to 200,000 people could die in the United States. "What we’re trying to do is not let that happen," he said, calling the extension of social-distancing guidelines "a wise and prudent decision." Over 2,300 people with the virus already have died in the U.S.

"Models are good, but models often generate the kind of anxious question you asked," Fauci said, when a reporter asked how bad the situation could become. "A model is as good as the assumptions you put into the model, and very often, many of these assumptions are based on a complexity of issues that aren't necessarily the same... from one country to another."

Rate of coronavirus infection slows in NSW as authorities urge public to maintain social distancing

  Rate of coronavirus infection slows in NSW as authorities urge public to maintain social distancing The NSW Health Minister has repeated pleas for the public to stick to social distancing measures as the number of new infections in the state drops to 174 in the last 24 hours, down from 212 the previous day. The number of new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours in New South Wales has risen by 174, down considerably on the previous day's increase of 212 cases. The total number of confirmed cases is now at 1,791, with 24 people being treated in intensive care. The drop in the rate of infections saw NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard repeat pleas for the public to stick to social distancing rules.

the coronavirus social distancing guidelines issued by the White House task force through the Trump , speaking to reporters in the White House Rose Garden, said that in recent days the task deaths in two weeks , and that he did not want to prematurely end the social distancing on April 12

Donald Trump speaks during a briefing on the administration's response to the coronavirus in Washington. Asked about closing the borders, Trump said he has not yet made a decision, but it is something the administration is “thinking” about.

Fauci said the April 30 extension came after he, Dr. Deborah Birx and other members of the task force had made the recommendation.

Trump said he'd seen early estimates that 2.2 million people could have died if the government had done nothing in a worst-case scenario, so "if we can hold that down to 100,000" or less, it would be a "good job."

Separately, Trump openly questioned why the demand for surgical masks has skyrocketed in New York City and elsewhere, urging assembled reporters that they "oughtta look into it" because "something's going on."

The head-turning moment came just hours after Trump touted the sky-high ratings for the events on social media, and shortly after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged his constituents not to "look back" on his prior statements downplaying the coronavirus.

"How do you go from 10 to 20 to 30,000, to 300,000 [masks] -- even though this is different," Trump asked. "Something is going on, and you ought to look into it as reporters. Where are the masks going? Are they going out the back door? How do you go from 10,000 to 300,000? And, we have that in a lot of different places. So, somebody should probably look into that. I just don’t see from a practical standpoint how that's possible to go from that to that, and we have that happening in numerous places."

Backflip over rules that kept couples apart

  Backflip over rules that kept couples apart Victoria has backflipped on harsh social distancing rules that originally prevented individuals from visiting their partners if they live separately. Premier Daniel Andrews had declared couples who did not live together should not be socialising  as this did not fall under the 'essential' activities. The new measure, crudely dubbed the 'bonk ban', could have seen couples fined up to $20,000 for flouting the rules.But hours later Victorian Chief Health Officer Prof Brett Sutton said there would be an exemption for couples living apart.

Keep social distancing , but – even if all states were to enact and sustain those mandates within the next week – peak demand on health "Demand for health services rapidly increases in the last week of March and first two weeks of April and then slowly declines through the rest of April and May

The coronavirus social distancing limit is four times too short, Massachusetts Institute of Powis also announced that keeping Covid-19 deaths in the UK below 20,000 would be a 'good result'. Government advisers said stricter social distancing policies may have to be rolled out next month if

Pressed on the matter later at the briefing, Trump called on New Yorkers to "check" Gov. Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio, both Democrats, about the changing mask numbers. "People should check them, because there's something going on." He asserted that it could be "something worse than hoarding."

Pictures: Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world

Furious nurses staged protests outside of Jacobi Hospital’s emergency room in the Bronx over the weekend, claiming there was a dangerous shortage of masks and gloves there. Sean Petty, a pediatric nurse at the hospital, told the New York Post: 'We need billions of N95 masks. This policy that was put out by the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is killing nurses. We already lost our first nurse in New York City. We’re gonna lose more.”

Trump remarked that "many of the states are stocked up" on various critical supplies including ventilators -- although, he added, "some don't admit it." Later, Trump suggested that "there's a question as to hoarding of ventilators" in which some hospitals may be keeping the devices in case of a major problem in the future.

Also at the briefing, Trump shot back after PBS News' Yamiche Alcindor -- who previously has asked numerous questions about whether an unnamed administration official really used the term "Kung Flu" --  began with another critical query about Trump's comments to Fox News on New York's ventilators.

"Why don't you people act a little more positively -- it's always get-you, get-you," Trump said. "Be nice. Don't be threatening. Be nice."

Minutes later, Trump tusseled with a CNN reporter who alleged the president had definitively said he wouldn't call governors who weren't appreciative of his coronavirus efforts. Trump shot back that Washington state's governor, Jay Inslee, was a "nasty" person, and reiterated that Vice President Mike Pence would remain open communications even with hostile governors.

"Your statement is a lie," Trump said flatly. Trump also slammed the reporter for omitting a portion of Trump's quote in which Trump said governors and local officials should be appreciative of the broader federal disaster relief effort.

"We lift up their ratings, because their ratings are very low," Trump said, explaining why CNN had sent a reporter to the briefing even though the network has expressed open disdain for the president, and even stopped airing portions of the briefings.

For the most part, however, the president largely sounded positive notes as to practical developments over the past 24 hours of the crisis.

In addition to the waived copays, Trump touted "some interesting" therapeutics that "will be announced over the next few weeks." He said he has been working on getting a system that could sterilize health-care workers' masks up to 20 times more quickly approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Trump went on to praise the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] for turning New York City's Javits Center into a makeshift emergency hospital.

"It's an incredible, complex, top-of-the-line hospital. Everyone's trying to figure out how they did it," Trump said, noting that he was also unsure. "And, I was a good builder."

The president maintained distance from other speakers at the briefing, and referenced social-distancing guidelines as soon as he took to the podium.

"Appreciate everybody being here -- beautiful day in the Rose Garden," Trump remarked. "Tremendous distance between chairs."

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Coronavirus: The assessment in Germany amounts to 61,913 cases and 583 deaths .
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