World National 2: "The Lusitanos are like my home," says Aderito Moreira

02:05  23 may  2020
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DRC: the NDC-Renovated received "support from several armies in the region" (GEC)

 DRC: the NDC-Renovated received © Antoine Sanfuentes / NBC NewsWire / Getty North Kivu in the DRC, Masisi territory (illustration image). In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country's largest armed group is called the NDC-Rénové. It is led by Guidon Shimiray, a war chief under United Nations sanctions. According to the Congo Study Group, a research center at New York University, the group has received continued support from the Congolese army.

In interviews Miranda says that he had always taken it as a given that hip-hop is the music of the revolution. Because of its energy, its empowering narrative, it seemed like the perfect pick for “Hamilton”.

The Lake District is a popular National Park. More and more people enjoy its fantastic scenery each Growing up with Joey. I enjoy thinking of my childhood. But when I think of my home town where I Have you ever said that? Some occupations are so unpleasant that most people would never be (A)

After having managed to raise and then maintain the Goblins Paris in National 2, Aderito Moreira is back at Lusitanos Saint-Maur as general manager.

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With a total of 12 climbs (6 with the Lusitanos Saint-Maur, 4 with the UJA, 1 with the Créteil reserve and the Gobelins Paris), Aderito Moreira, 55, is the coach the most successful in Ile-de-France. He returned to the Lusitanos, a club where he played and where he already made two passes on the bench (2002-2005 and 2011-2015) as general manager.

Why this return to the Lusitanos?

ADERITO MOREIRA. I am very happy. I knew very well that I was going to come back to this club one day. It almost happened two years ago. Lusitanos is like my home. I had concrete projects in France and abroad. I refused them because today everything was there for me to come back. It is the choice of the heart but also of the ambition.

Controversial destruction of the old National Theater of Albania

 Controversial destruction of the old National Theater of Albania The old National Theater of Albania was finally destroyed on Sunday morning despite opposition from artists who wanted the rehabilitation of the historic building constructed in Tirana during the Italian occupation during the Second World War.

He said there would now be an “obligation” to avoid any movement “in and out of the territory, and also within” the locked-down areas. He said the police would stop travelers to check on their reasons for leaving the locked-down areas. Funerals and cultural events are all banned under the measures.

Student: (pause 40 seconds ) Recycling of garbagge and water pollution are the greatest problems. Voronezh is an industrial city, so there're many plants and factories which emmit toxic gases. Obviously, if we don't take any actions now, the possibility of enviromental catastrophy in our region will be very

What will be your objectives?

I have already had wonderful moments at the Lusitanos. There is a real desire to climb the ladder. I'm talking about the desire to succeed, not necessarily financial means. Here it’s a little bit apart. There has always been enthusiasm and enthusiasm around the Lusitanos. I want to recreate this climate of confidence at all levels of the club. The ambition is there but perhaps there was a need for a boost.

How will you organize yourself concretely?

With the president and the leaders, everything is clear. It’s up to me to decide if I want to sit on the bench or in the stands with them. I'm going to manage the whole club. It’s a role I’ve always dreamed of. I'm going to set up a coach, a staff around me. I want us all to be in the same frame of mind. I have ideas, I give myself two or three weeks to finalize all this.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly offers to meet WA Premier Mark McGowan amid coronavirus border closure feud

  Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly offers to meet WA Premier Mark McGowan amid coronavirus border closure feud Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly says he is ready to meet the WA Premier "any time" after Mark McGowan said he did not know who he was amid an ongoing feud between state premiers over border closures. Professor Kelly was asked whether he thought, given Mr McGowan's comments, state premiers were taking on board the advice of the national health body put together to advise leaders during the coronavirus pandemic."So, just to let Mr McGowan know, I'm a proud West Australian," he said with a smile."I grew up in that state, so I hope I'll be claimed.

t is pronounced more like ‘d’ than ‘t’, with the tip of the tongue slightly further back from the teeth. wh counts as a consonant; the standard modern pronunciation is close to the ‘f’ sound. In some districts it is more like an ‘h’; in others more like a ‘w’ without the ‘h’

Student: (pause 40 seconds ) To my mind, you can't say thay you've been to Russia if you don't visit the Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. The Hermitage in Saint Petersburfg also seems to be good. However, Mariinsky Theatre is a must for every tourist to my mind mainly because Russian

In terms of the workforce, where are you at?

This season there were 17 federal contracts. We will inevitably have less, given the economic situation. We have 4 players under contract for next season: Barrada, Boudjemaa, Beziouen and Dasse. I want to meet all the players so that they can express their feelings about this season and their wishes. Afterwards, I will make my decisions. Of course, I would be very happy if I am given 1 M € to form a team (laughs)… But I am passionate, I tell myself that there are so many good little players everywhere. My pride is to make them progress and take them to the highest level like a Fortes (ex-Reims, L1) or a Furtado (ex-Orleans, Albacete).

How do you explain that you have succeeded wherever you have gone?

What I want is to have fun like I have done for all these years. The players have always given it back to me. I take, I reflect and I do not know by what magic they adhere ... There is a permanent exchange between us. I like asking them to help me find solutions. The player must know why he is doing this or that exercise, what it can do for him and, most importantly, that he has a good time in training.

After such a course, why don't you still have the diploma to train in National 2?

I know it surprises a lot of people. It’s a complex subject. Places are expensive. I just regret that from the moment you have results, you are not given the opportunity to continue to pass your diplomas. Apart from having an exemption if you go up and stay in the same club. I took risks, I had a business and I stopped everything to devote myself solely to football. This is what feeds my family. I'm doing my VAE (Validation of prior learning) and my file for DEF (diploma in football coaching) is gone. We'll see ...

National Cabinet to replace Council of Australian Governments .
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the National Cabinet, which was created to mount a more effective response against the coronavirus, will replace the old Council of Australian Governments (COAG). He said the National Cabinet would be driven by a "singular agenda" which would be to "create more jobs". Leaders will meet each fortnight going forward and will eventually transition to monthly meetings once the pandemic is over. State leaders remain at odds over whether to reopen borders, but Scott Morrison says that won't be a barrier to a Trans-Tasman travel bubble.

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