World Ségur de la santé: caregivers send their "manifesto" and their proposals to Macron

14:05  25 may  2020
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Hospital reform: Macron makes his mea culpa and recognizes a "mistake in the strategy"

 Hospital reform: Macron makes his mea culpa and recognizes a © Copyright 2020, L'Obs On a visit to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, the head of state said wanting to "put an end" to the "impoverishment" of the nursing staff. "Yes, we are going to invest," he promised. An observation in the form of a mea culpa. Visiting this Friday, May 15 at the Paris Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, the President of the Republic admitted a "mistake" on the reform of the health system started two years ago.

Macron - who is midway through a schedule of official visits to various European capitals - has suffered a number of setbacks since being elected, including tough debates in parliament over labour reform, a standoff with the military and cuts to housing assistance.

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  Ségur de la santé : les soignants adressent leur « manifeste » et leurs propositions à Macron © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

Upgrading careers for caregivers, equal access to care for all, catching up for psychiatry, reform of the health insurance, recasting of medical studies ... are on the program of a "caregivers manifesto" proposed on Sunday, on the eve of the opening of consultations for the "Ségur de la santé".

This set of extremely detailed proposals, concerning all fields of public health, is published in the daily "Liberation".

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It is signed by personalities on the front line in defense of the public hospital, including members of the Inter-Hospital collectives (Antoine Pélissolo, François Salachas, André Grimaldi) or Inter-Emergencies (Hugo Huon), the sociologist Dominique Méda or the former director of Public Health France, François Bourdillon.

"We probably made a mistake in the strategy": Emmanuel Macron's mea culpa on the public hospital

 The reform of the health system announced in 2018 "did not make enough sense", recognized the head of the State during a visit to the Parisian hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière. Emmanuel Macron accelerates the start of the "massive plan" in favor of the hospital promised on March 25 in Mulhouse.

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It is accompanied by an open letter to Emmanuel Macron, recalling the concern expressed for months or even years "as for the extremely worrying evolution of the health system ... without response to the height of the problems raised".

On the front page of "Libé". The caregivers' call: “Mr. President, your words are no longer enough”… https://t.co/VSrSy9aC9d

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“And what we all feared has happened: a cataclysm. The Covid epidemic has swept across the nation, placing the fragile, destitute, boneless public hospital on the front line, "they said.

Ségur de la santé: "There is a strong risk of radicalization of the movement"

"We must hold on, but the exhausted combatants will desert if the" massive plan "that you announced, Mr. President, is not the height of the challenges ”, conclude the signatories, while the“ Ségur de la santé ”opens on Monday, a seven-week concertation aimed at improving care for the sick and the working conditions of carers.

Macron assures it: there has never been a rupture of masks

 Macron assures it: there has never been a rupture of masks © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Asked about “communication errors around the shortage of masks” of protection against coronavirus, Emmanuel Macron said Monday May 18 on BFMTV that there had been no "supply disruption". "I think a lot has been said on this subject, I came back to it, the government ... We don't have this ... Things have been said. Things have been managed. We have not known the situation ... ", said the head of state at first, visibly struggling to finish his sentences.

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Some British papers all but implored the heir to take de facto control. Far from steadying the crown, as Prime Minister Tony Blair did when the queen misjudged the public mood after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, today’s politicians are drawing her into their own frantic machinations.

Series of proposals

This letter is accompanied by a series of proposals, the first aimed at “defining in law” five public health services: “health insurance, care and prevention, health security and public health, education and continuing education, research. "

The text also proposes to" fund inalienable Social Security ", which would assume 100%" a wide basket of prevention, care and services ", advocating universal access to care by ending social inequalities and territorial.

"Ségur de la santé": the 5 points that could change the French hospital

At the hospital, he asked for a catch-up plan for psychiatry, more emergency downstream beds, staff quotas, limitation fee-for-service or user participation in governance.

Other proposals: a revaluation of the careers of the health professions and research, a transformation of medical studies which would include the humanities, or even "an industrial public policy of health and medicine to produce at cost prices, at the level of France and European countries ”, essential medicines and equipment.

Drawing on the lessons from the Covid-19 epidemic, the text also proposes to "secure security stocks for at least six months and impose an annual report and vote by Parliament on the state of strategic stocks".

"Ségur de la santé": New series of demonstrations outside hospitals .
Several hundred people, including nurses, doctors and nursing assistants, gathered in front of Robert-Debré hospital for a "casserolade" » © ALAIN JOCARD / AFP In Paris, several hundred people, including nurses, doctors and nursing assistants in white coats, gathered in front of the Robert-Debré hospital.

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