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01:17  26 may  2020
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China to impose 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley for the next five years amid global push for coronavirus investigation

  China to impose 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley for the next five years amid global push for coronavirus investigation The import tax will remain in place for five years, according to a statement from China's Ministry of Commerce.The import tax will remain in place for five years, and is expected to wipe out Australian sales into the lucrative market.

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Although we can have only one life on this Earth, this would mean that we can have more than one soul. The problem is, it takes a lot of work to acquire this second soul. Years and years of work, in fact.

  « Cheyrou a les épaules pour s'imposer à l'OL » © Provided by Sofoot

As expected, Bruno Cheyrou officially donned the costume of responsible for recruitment at OL, this Monday. At 42, the former midfielder has the mission to make Florian Maurice forget, by succeeding in winning behind the scenes of the Rhone club. Jean-Pierre Karaquillo, university professor, saw the student Cheyrou pass on the benches of the Center for Sports Law and Economics (CDES), in Limoges. By delving into his recent memories, he looks back on his formative years and the first decade of his retraining.

How did Bruno Cheyrou land at CDES Limoges in 2013?

I already remember that he was introduced to me by Eric Decroix ( now responsible for the women's section of Lorient, N.D.L.R. ), who had a very good opinion of him. He told me a lot about him for good, then Bruno came to see me in Limoges. He was naturally selected to join the 8th promotion of this master, in which we could also find soccer players like Édouard Cissé, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Ulrich Ramé ...

Diaby keeps PSG in the lead

 Diaby keeps PSG in the lead © Supplied by Sports.fr diaby_crop Now perfectly integrated into Leverkusen and a Bundesliga which allows him to express his full potential, Moussa Diaby is nonetheless very attached to his training club , the PSG. “Leverkusen is a big club, but you can't compare PSG and Leverkusen. PSG is one of the top 5 in the world. I knew that I was going to have a little more playing time at Leverkusen than at PSG and that I was going to be able to show my qualities.

After reading only a few chapters Miranda was on the Internet, sure that someone had already made Hamilton’s story into a musical. As it turned out, no one had , and so Miranda began his project. A year later Miranda preformed a rough version of the opening number at the White House.

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OL announces the arrival of Bruno Cheyrou at the head Recruitment

Concretely, how do you prepare for admission to the training of General Manager of professional clubs?

There are two stages. The first is to get a lot of information from the community about the person. In Bruno’s case, it wasn’t very complicated: we were able to interact with people like Pierre Dréossi, Xavier Thuilot, etc. We weren't going to take him for his playing career. Zinedine Zidane, we didn't take him for his name, we don't care. If I am told that this is a guy who has the melon, who takes himself for a star, it's no. This was not the case for Bruno. Then there is the meeting with Gérard Coudert, Jean-François Brocard or me. Without being clever, I am very animal, I smell people. You don't have to wait long to find out if the feeling is passing.

Thanks to Jo, Astrid Guyart makes your children discover sport

 Thanks to Jo, Astrid Guyart makes your children discover sport © Icon Sport / Anthony Dibon "Jo, it was a way of giving a gift to my grand-niece whose parents are also champions", explains Astrid Guyart. Little Jo lost his bag of marbles. The solution to recover it? Respond to the challenge of Nils, the new “owner” of the marbles, and put on the skates to climb on the ice… “Tout feu tout glace” was imagined by fencing champion, Astrid Guyart.

I will be 50 years old in 2030. : is am will be am being There aren’t many students in the class today. : much some many none Excuse me? Can I buy a few green apples please? : a few less a bit a little Sorry, we have no green apples.

(MEAN) He obviously _ himself in the foot. cannot stand being. If you work harder now, you won't have to do so much later. We decided to see the film as it had such good reviews.

And what did you feel when you met Bruno Cheyrou?

I felt it very, very well. First, Bruno is very friendly, he has empathy for people and he has a real charisma. In his relationship with the others, you quickly realize that he does not have the melon at all. There are 1998 world champions who were turned away because they lacked the necessary qualities. It takes skill and interpersonal skills. Bruno was already checking all the boxes.

At the time, he left his first experience in the FC Nantes recruitment cell. Do you talk about it with him?

"He very quickly realized that he could not work with Kita father and son at FC Nantes. " He had barely finished his career when he was already working on recruitment in Nantes, it is true. We talked about it a bit. In fact, he quickly realized that he couldn't work with Kita father and son there. He had no power, he couldn't express his abilities. Bruno has a lot of skills, a great knowledge and an indisputable managerial soul.

Washington places 33 new Chinese companies and institutions on its blacklist

 Washington places 33 new Chinese companies and institutions on its blacklist © Provided by La Tribune This blacklisting is the latest measure taken by the government of Donald Trump against entities linked to the Chinese military sector The department Commerce said on Friday it had added 33 Chinese companies and institutions to its blacklist, accusing them of contributing to human rights abuses. The move also addresses concerns related to national security, which include weapons of mass destruction and other military activities, said the Commerce Department.

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How would you describe student Bruno Cheyrou?

For this diploma, our promotion never exceeds 20 students ( they were 18 in that of Cheyrou in 2013-2015, N.D.L.R. ). He was someone who integrated perfectly into the group and who loved to participate. “In a group, it is enlightening and it exudes a natural charisma. " You should know that we do not give lectures, it would not be interesting, there are a lot of interactions during our sessions, and Bruno was not the last to come forward. In his promotion, we can compare him to Ramé, it is not at all the same temperament: Ulrich is very introverted, discreet, Bruno is just the opposite. In a group, he is enlightening and gives off a natural charisma. He was clearly one of the people who carried the group and beware, I’m not saying he was the only one. I especially remember that he loved to exchange and that he was very curious.

You seem seduced, but it must have some faults.

Don't count on me for that ( Laughs. ) I especially think that he is someone very open to the world. He also has this primordial quality: he knows very well how to seduce his interlocutor by his postures and his way of expressing himself.

"Even Nicolas Sarkozy knew nothing": Rachida Dati tells about her "forced" marriage

 © Europe 1 Guest of the program "There is not only one life in life", the former minister, mayor from the 7th arrondissement and candidate for mayor of Paris, Rachida Dati, shared, on Europe 1, a painful episode from her past. A "forced" marriage which she had imposed on herself, and which it took three years to obtain the annulment, with the help of eminent political figures, like Simone Veil.

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At the end of 2017, he went on to a second diploma by completing the UEFA Executive Master’s for international players funded by the European body in partnership with the Limoges CDES. An additional step in his learning.

Bruno wanted to give itself international advantages. “He could be found alongside Raí, Éric Abidal, Christian Karembeu, Patrick Müller and of course Juninho. He was able to expand his network. » After his managerial training, he joined the first class of this new course reserved for people from professional football. He could be found alongside Raí, Éric Abidal, Christian Karembeu, Patrick Müller and of course Juninho. It was an opportunity for him to meet new people and above all to expand his network, which is very clever.

How do students validate their diplomas in these courses? Is there a specific final test?

In the case of the MIP, they have a kind of memory / file to produce, then to present to an international jury. But there are about thirty of them in these promotions, I think it's a lot. It is different for internal training, in small groups. With us, in manager training, they have two files to do each year and a club project to present to a jury of three or four members during a defense lasting approximately 1:30.

Leave Toulouse in L1!

Do you remember the club project presented by Bruno Cheyrou at the time?

China's national security law will 'erode Hong Kong's autonomy'

  China's national security law will 'erode Hong Kong's autonomy' Australia has joined the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to express concern over China's decision to impose a national security law in Hong Kong. The legislation designed to prevent terrorism activities and foreign interference came into law in Beijing last night.Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne joined her counterparts to sign a statement which argued the legislation would erode Hong Kong's autonomy and undermine the One Country, Two Systems framework.

Not at all ( He thinks. ) Ah, yes! I'm not sure, but it seems to me that he had done something very solid on Nantes or PSG, I do not mean nonsense. I remember that it was extremely rigorous, meticulous, very structured. I did a lot of doctoral teaching, and when I see presentations like that of Bruno or other students at CDES, it's much better. What they present to us as projects at the end of their training is fabulous.

In the aftermath of UEFA MIP, on 14 November 2017, he became the new sports director of the women's section of PSG.

This is the opportunity to get started! You should never miss the opportunity to set foot in the stirrup, it was the perfect time for him. I always repeat the same thing when asked for advice: " You mustn't hesitate, my boy!" "Bruno is smart enough to win everywhere.

Are you surprised to see him take the head of the recruiting unit at OL three years later?

Oh no, I'm absolutely not surprised. He has the shoulders to win in Lyon, I would even say that he is made for that. I often have it on the phone, like many other people who have used the CDES. I know that he was very tempted by the prospect of holding a position of responsibility at OL. It’s normal that it tickles him since the spotlight is on many people of the same profile.

Bruno Cheyrou joins Olympique Lyonnais as Recruitment Manager. He will support @ Juninhope08 and Gérard Houllier in his new missions within OL. https://t.co/iJIy2HZVjl

- Olympique Lyonnais (@OL) May 25, 2020

One can imagine that having rubbed shoulders with Juninho during his second training could have helped him to get this job.

It's a possibility, but I know Juninho very little, so I couldn't really tell you what their relationship is. I just have the impression that it is not very expansive. To stay with the Brazilians, I would rather have compared Bruno to Raí: they have the same brilliance.

He will have to work with big names: Jean-Michel Aulas, Gérard Houllier, Juninho. The cohabitation between these personalities could sometimes be delicate.

I don't worry about that, Bruno is subtle enough to know how far he can go. “In Lyon, Bruno will get his messages across intelligently, while being careful to stay in his place. He knows very well that he will not be able to play it head on with a leader like Aulas, it's a waste of time. But I am sure that the President of Lyon will not work by imposing things, he delegates according to his confidence. Above all, I think Bruno will be able to get his messages across intelligently, while being careful to stay in his place. This is not at all a nag, OL leaders will quickly find out.

Hong Kong: China under strong American and international pressure .
© © Tyrone Siu, Reuters A protester arrested by riot police during a demonstration against the controversial national anthem law in Hong Kong, China , May 27, 2020. From the position of US President Donald Trump to an informal discussion before the UN Security Council, international pressure is mounting on Beijing and its controversial security law imposed on Hong Kong. China faces, Friday, May 29, an international outcry, because of its desire to impose its national security law on Hong Kong .

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