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19:30  19 september  2020
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Mitch Ready to Steamroll Dems on Ginsburg Replacement

  Mitch Ready to Steamroll Dems on Ginsburg Replacement On Feb. 13, 2016, then-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in a ranch bedroom in Texas. It was 268 days before the November election and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was quick to quip that there would not be a replacement until the next president was chosen. On Friday evening, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of complications from cancer 46 days before the presidential election. But McConnell has already made it clear that he sees no reason to wait for voters to weigh in on who should pick her replacement.

What McConnell did in 2016 was an assertion of brute power , and what he proposes in 2020 is another assertion of brute power . And so the question arises: Does McConnell in fact have the power he asserts? The answer may be no, for four reasons .

4 Reasons to Doubt Mitch McConnell ’ s Power . For once, he may be on the wrong side of a power dynamic. I don’t feel that any of his four reasons is strong enough to dissuade McConnell from replacing RBG Now. i think Trump is so afraid of losing this election that he is going to use every

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To use power, you must have it.

On the night of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that a Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg would receive a vote on the floor of the Senate.

That announcement promised a use of power without hesitation or compunction, an abrupt reversal of the supposed rule that blocked an Obama nomination nine months before the 2016 election. This supposed rule would seem much better justified in 2020 than 2016. This time, the vacancy has occurred only 46 days before an election. This time, the party of the president making the nomination seems likely to lose, not win. This time, the Senate majority to approve the nomination may lose too.

McConnell says US Senate would hold vote on Ginsburg replacement

  McConnell says US Senate would hold vote on Ginsburg replacement US Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell vowed Friday to hold a vote on a nominee that President Donald Trump names to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg, despite the looming November election. Her death sets up a mammoth battle for the seat she left behind, with Trump potentially moving to nominate a a new justice just weeks before the November 3 vote, and challenger Joe Biden demanding the election be held first, and the winner to pick Ginsburg's successor.

McConnell needs to go nuclear. Mutually Assured Destruction nuclear on witnesses -- the Bidens or bust. That four Republican Senators may succumb to these tactics speaks volumes about the weakness of Republicans. I do not recall what you have said but have no reason to doubt you.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right) is joined by Sen. This wasn’t, McConnell insisted at the time, what it looked like — denying Obama his constitutional power to fill a vacancy McConnell and Trump — soon to be helped, no doubt , by the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court — are now in an

But of course, the real rule in 2016 was "the good old rule ... the simple plan, that they should take who have the power, and they should keep who can." What McConnell did in 2016 was an assertion of brute power, and what he proposes in 2020 is another assertion of brute power. And so the question arises: Does McConnell in fact have the power he asserts?

The answer may be no, for four reasons.

Does McConnell really command a Senate majority?

The polls do not favor Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, or Thom Tillis—senators from Maine, Colorado, and North Carolina up for reelection this cycle. Yet these competitors may not be ready to attend their own funerals. They may regard voting against McConnell's Court grab as a heaven-sent chance to prove their independence from an unpopular president—and to thereby save their own seats.

Schumer: “Nothing is off the table” in Supreme Court nomination fight

  Schumer: “Nothing is off the table” in Supreme Court nomination fight Democrats signal they won’t rule out court-packing or other significant changes.Democrats have not yet settled on one particular strategy to counter the Republican agenda, but they’re signaling that they’re not ruling out aggressive responses like rebalancing the Court through court-packing or seeking unconventional ways to delay the nomination.

Senator Mitch McConnell during a weekly senate luncheon press conference in March.Credit Tom Four years later, it is becoming increasingly clear that Mitch McConnell is creating a legacy for First, there was Mr. McConnell ’ s vigorous defense, going back to the early 1990 s , of the role of big money

Those, like Mitch McConnell , who break institutional norms for selfish or partisan gains are bequeathing future generations a weakened democracy. Decades from now, McConnell will still be shaping the nation through judges he rammed through the Senate. But McConnell ’ s long game is

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has also made skeptical noises, and even Lindsey Graham of South Carolina may flinch. He faces an unexpectedly tough race this year, and he is extra-emphatically on the record vowing not to support a Supreme Court confirmation vote in the later part of a presidential year.

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(Martha McSally of Arizona, however, is likely a safe vote for McConnell. The deadest of the Senate's dead ducks surely must be focused on retaining national Republican support for her post-Senate career. Mitt Romney of Utah is a more open question: His strong sense of fairness will push him against confirmation; his consistent support for conservative judges will pull him in favor.)

McConnell cannot afford more than three defections in the face of what will certainly be united Democratic opposition to any last-minute Trump nominee.

Trump to name Supreme Court nominee 'by week's end'

  Trump to name Supreme Court nominee 'by week's end' The president's plans have sparked a fierce political battle weeks ahead of the US election.The plan has launched a high-stakes battle with far-reaching political consequences ahead of the election.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went public with what has long been suspected: He has no plans to leave the Senate even if his Which means that for Democrats to win back the majority, they need to net three seats (if Joe Biden wins the White House) or four seats (if President

Is Mitch McConnell betraying President Trump by advising Republican Senate candidates to 2 - Power - his extended tenure in the senate has got him at the top of the political power structure. What is Mitch McConnell ’ s real reasoning for not bringing bills to the floor of the Senate to reopen

Does McConnell really have a nominee to advance?

Any last-minute Trump nominee will face a gantlet of opposition in the Senate, a firestorm of opposition in the country, and probably a lifetime of suspicion from the majority of the country.

Can McConnell and Trump find an appointee willing to risk all that for the chance—but not the guarantee—of a Supreme Court seat? Specifically, can they find a woman willing to do it? The optics of replacing Ginsburg with a man may be too ugly even for the Trump administration. And if they can find a woman, can they find a woman sufficiently moderate-seeming to provide cover to anxious senators? The task may prove harder than immediately assumed.

Will Trump balk?

Until now, judicial-nomination fights have mobilized Republicans and conservatives more than Democrats and liberals. The fight McConnell proposes may upset that pattern. Trump's hopes for reelection depend on suppressing votes and discouraging participation. The last thing he needs is a highly dramatic battle that could mobilize Democrats in states including Arizona and North Carolina—even Georgia and Texas.

Lindsey Graham Says Senate Should 'Proceed Expeditiously' in Filling RBG's Supreme Court Seat

  Lindsey Graham Says Senate Should 'Proceed Expeditiously' in Filling RBG's Supreme Court Seat "I therefore think it is important that we proceed expeditiously to process any nomination made by President Trump to fill this vacancy," Senator Lindsey Graham wrote.With a majority of U.S. Supreme Court seats already held by conservatives, Ginsburg's passing gives the Trump administration an opportunity to appoint another conservative justice. Some Democrats have said that the seat should not be filled until after the November election. In 2018, Graham said that if an opening on the court came open during President Donald Trump's last year in office after primary elections had already begun, that the nomination process would not occur until after the election.

When Mitch McConnell , majority leader of the U. S . Senate, accused those questioning the nomination of Brett And McConnell made it clear that moral fitness does not matter to him and, presumably, to the majority he No doubt , Obama and his people were pretty arrogant about having defeated Sen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky. Trump is charged with abusing his presidential power by asking Ukraine' s leader to help investigate Biden at the The legal team argued Trump had legitimate reasons to be suspicious of the younger Biden' s business dealings and concerned about

The smart play for Trump is to postpone the nomination to reduce the risk of Democratic mobilization, and to warn Republicans of the risks should he lose. Trump’s people do not usually execute the smart play. They are often the victims of the hyper-ideological media they consume, which deceive them about what actually is the smart play. This time, though, they may just be desperate enough to break long-standing pattern and try something different.

Will the conservative legal establishment play ball?

The judicial status quo enormously favors conservatives. Even should Democrats win big in November, it will take many years for them to catch up to the huge Republican lead in judicial appointments. By then, who knows, the GOP may have retaken the Senate, and of course it may well find a way to hold on in 2020.

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But a last-minute overreach by McConnell could seem so illegitimate to Democrats as to justify radical countermoves should they win in November: increasing the number of appellate judges and Supreme Court justices; conceivably even opening impeachment hearings against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

McConnell may want the win badly enough to dismiss those risks. But many conservative-leaning lawyers in the country may be more cautious. And their voices will get a hearing in a contentious nomination fight—not only by the national media, but by some of the less Trump-y Republican senators. This could be enough to slow down a process that has no time to spare.


Mitch McConnell has gotten his way so often that it's hard to imagine he might ever lose. But the political balance of power is shifting this fall, and for once, McConnell may be on the wrong side of a power dynamic.

Trump rebuffed over comments he might not honor vote .
Top Republicans and Democrats pushed back hard Thursday against President Donald Trump's suggestion he might not accept defeat in the November election, with some comparing him to corrupt dictators. A day after the US leader refused to clearly guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, Republican Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell felt it necessary to assure American voters that the winner of the November 3 election would take office as planned in January.

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