World Coronavirus pandemic won't have a 'fairy tale ending' even with a vaccine, ex-CDC director warns

05:25  22 september  2020
05:25  22 september  2020 Source:   foxnews.com

Trump’s attempts to corrupt the CDC, explained

  Trump’s attempts to corrupt the CDC, explained Trump has undermined the government entity tasked with protecting us from a pandemic.The CDC is supposed the be the country’s top agency in the fight against diseases — it’s in the organization’s name. But as news reports have made clear over the past several months, the Trump administration has repeatedly interfered with the CDC’s work, hindering its ability to respond to the ongoing pandemic.

Former CDC director : COVID pandemic has no fairy tale ending . Dr. Tom Frieden discusses the spike in coronavirus cases in Europe. Coronavirus vaccine won ' t change intial winter surge: ihme. "What we have to do is chip away at the risk and be ready to adapt," Frieden

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world, a lot of hope is being placed in finding an effective and safe vaccine against Covid-19. He told CNBC Tuesday that we should manage our expectations when it comes to finding a vaccine .

Tom Frieden wearing a suit and tie: Dr. Tom Frieden discusses the spike in coronavirus cases in Europe. © Provided by FOX News Dr. Tom Frieden discusses the spike in coronavirus cases in Europe.

The coronavirus is still out there "and any time we are not careful, it can come back to bite us," former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden warned Monday on "Your World".

Frieden told host Neil Cavuto that although the United States is not among the countries considering a second lockdown to contain a recent increase in cases, Americans must act responsibly and understand that "there is no fairy tale ending for the pandemic -- not even a vaccine when we have one."

'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections

  'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections Boris Johnson is considering the introduction of new national restrictions - possibly as soon as next week - as the prime minister races to try and get a handle on the spread of coronavirus. With COVID-19 cases now doubling every seven to eight days, the government is looking at introducing nationwide restrictions for a short period to try to "short-circuit" the virus and slow the spread of the disease. Government figures stressed the plans being drawn up stopped short of a full national lockdown, as seen in the spring, when the country was told to "stay at home".

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield warned Congress The U.S. has recorded by far the highest number of coronavirus cases worldwide, with more than Before the coronavirus pandemic , IFC Films had never played its titles at a drive-in movie theater

“For many diseases , data from the outpatient setting can provide an early warning to emergency departments and hospital intensive care units of what is to come,” said lead author Dr Coronavirus pandemic won ' t have a ' fairy tale ending ' even with a vaccine , ex - CDC director warns .


"What we have to do is chip away at the risk and be ready to adapt," Frieden said. "That means making sure that we follow [those] three W's: wear a mask, watch your distance, wash your hands ... all of these things together chip away at that risk and enable us to get our activities back sooner and to keep them back.

"If we just rush back in," Frieden added, "we have to rush back out again and that is what you are seeing in some places around the world and around the U.S."

Frieden then floated the possibility of a winter surge in cases, telling host Neil Cavuto that the rate of positive tests could increase as temperatures drop.

"We may see more disease there, maybe," Frieden said. "We don’t know. What we do know is that we have a lot of control. How much COVID spreads depends on us. It depends on how long you spend indoors in poorly ventilated places with people who have been in places with a lot of COVID and aren't wearing masks."


"If you take all of those risk factors and one by one you chip away at them, wear a mask, limit your time indoors near a lot of people…. You could make a big difference," he said.

What Biden can do to fix Trump’s Covid-19 mess .
Covid-19 will be Biden’s first big challenge if he wins. Here’s what experts say he should do.Biden’s immediate job would be fixing the mess left behind by his predecessor — one that’s left America with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world and, as of September, more daily Covid-19 deaths than all but two developed countries.

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