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13:20  22 september  2020
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President Donald Trump 's threat to punish cities with ongoing protests, calling them " anarchist jurisdictions" and threatening to pull federal funding He 's threatening to withhold federal funds if they don't act. The directive -- which is thin on details and comes amid a push in the President's campaign

Cuomo says: Trump 'better have an army' to protect him if he comes to NYC. Trump on Wednesday signed a five-page memo ordering all federal agencies to send reports to the White House Office “My Administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into

La police de Portland en action lors d’une manifestation contre le racisme et la violence policière, début septembre. © Allison Dinner / AFP Portland police in action during a protest against racism and police violence in early September.

For the Trump administration, authorities in New York, Seattle and Portland have allowed "anarchy, violence and destruction" to develop. To punish them, she wants to reduce the federal aid granted to them.

The US Department of Justice has just pinned the municipalities of New York, Portland (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington State) that it has described, Monday, September 21, "anarchist cities" . The Attorney General (the Minister of Justice) William P. Barr accuses them in particular of obstructing the action of their own police forces and thus endangering "innocent citizens" who ask only for to parade in peace.

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'My administration will do everything in its power to prevent weak mayors and lawless cities from taking federal dollars,' US president says.

The Trump administration has labeled New York City and several other American cities where there has been protest and unrest over policing anarchist jurisdictions and threatened to remove funding for the "Policing is a power by the constitution that is left to the states ," Cuomo said in a conference call.

#BREAKING : US Department of Justice designates #NYC as an anarchist jurisdiction https://t.co/n4YfZpxZZR

- NBC New York (@NBCNewYork) September 21, 2020

What are their complaints ?

All three cities are blacklisted for refusing intervention by federal law enforcement units . A measure defended by Donald Trump who also said he was ready to deploy active troops in the streets of cities affected by the unrest. In addition, Portland and Seattle are blacklisted for failing to curb the excesses that occurred on the sidelines of the demonstrations linked to the death of George Floyd , this African-American killed by the Minneapolis police during his arrest. , May 25.

In the case of Seattle, it is mostly about the "autonomous zone" (the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone") established in a district of the city for several weeks and from which the police had withdrawn. But this perimeter was evacuated in early July by the police who regained control of the place, after several incidents including two murderers.

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The US Department of Justice on Monday designated three cities as “ anarchist jurisdictions”, where it says elected officials Trump also sent federal agents to cities including Portland, where clashes with protesters attracted huge controversy. Trump has attempted to convince voters the protests are

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — The Donald Trump administration on Monday declared the cities of New York, Seattle and Portland, Oregon as jurisdictions "permitting anarchy," threatening to withhold federal aid over civil unrest. The move from the Republican president came as he tries to bolster the

As for Portland, the Trump administration denounces the "chaos" born of daily demonstrations, on the sidelines of which degradations have taken place. The Ministry of Justice highlights "100 nights of vandalism, chaos and even murder" .

New York is criticized for not having pursued certain demonstrators arrested during the spring marches, as well as the increase in the number of shootings in the city in recent months, especially in July (+ 177% compared to July 2019). The City is also pinned for having cut in the budget of the NYPD (the New York Police Department).

Cut funds

This announcement by Justice follows the publication of a presidential memorandum of September 2 which advocates a “revision of the federal funding of states and cities that allow the development of anarchy, violence and destruction in US cities ”. This note specifically gives as an example four American cities including Washington D.C. and the three cities pinned Monday by the Department of Justice.

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@realDonaldTrump. 45th President of the United States of America. Pelosi wants to take 30 Billion Dollars away from our great Farmers. He voted FOR the Iraq War, he supported the defense sequester that gutted our military, he opposed the mission to take out Osama MORE: Wray adds that investigations into "violent anarchist extremists who self-identify with the antifa movement" are "just

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — The Donald Trump administration on Monday declared the cities of New York, Seattle and Portland, Oregon as jurisdictions "permitting anarchy," threatening to withhold federal aid over civil unrest. The move from the Republican president came as he tries to bolster the

"We cannot waste public funds when the safety of citizens is at stake," said US Justice Minister William P. Barr, revealing the measure taken against the three rebel towns (d (other cities could be added to the rebel trio) but without specifically announcing budget cuts.

Raising shields

"All this is deeply political and contrary to the Constitution", reacted the mayors of the three cities concerned, in a joint statement, accusing the Trump administration of "to flee its responsibilities and to blame its wrongs on d 'others to hide his shortcomings' .

In 2019, New York City received $ 8.4 billion in federal funding, or 9.1% of its budget. A considerable sum but which is not determined by the federal administration but by Congress.

We must therefore see in Monday evening's announcement a new attempt by the Trump administration and the White House to exacerbate the antagonisms between conservatives and progressives, and a political maneuver to weaken the Democratic camp before of the presidential election of November .

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