World Migration in Europe: "We can only move forward with a coordinated initiative"

21:25  22 september  2020
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Belarus opposition chief to meet EU ministers

  Belarus opposition chief to meet EU ministers  

In the European Agenda on Migration ,1 the Commission set out the key steps. As a result, the EU is now better equipped than ever before. There is action that we can and should take now. Different EU tools which have delivered real results in the Central Mediterranean could be rolled out on other routes.

How can we solve the migration crisis? Europe risks collapse as a result of the foolish and short-minded illusion that we can face this problem by raising walls, closing borders, setting thresholds Alexandra Stiglmayer is a senior analyst and secretary-general of the European Stability Initiative .

A Lesbos, le 12 septembre, dans un camp informel à la sortie de Mytilène où plus de 11 200 personnes vivent depuis la destruction par un incendie du camp de Moria. © Mathias BENGUIGUI In Lesbos, September 12, in an informal camp at the exit of Mytilene where more than 11,200 people have been living since the destruction by a fire in the Moria camp. Member of the House of Lords, Alfred Dubs has dedicated his life to defending refugees, particularly on family reunification. He is campaigning for the United Kingdom to continue negotiating with the EU on the migration issue that will be addressed tomorrow by the Twenty-Seven.

Alfred Dubs, 87, is a Labor member of the House of Lords, he too was a scared child, refugee. The Lord arrived in the United Kingdom in 1939, at the age of 6, having fled Nazism and what was still Czechoslovakia thanks to Operation Kindertransport, launched by Sir Nicholas Winton and ultimately supported by the UK authorities. The operation will save some 10,000 Jewish children. Alongside an intense political career, Lord Dubs has dedicated his life to advocating for the plight of refugees, especially children. He is the author of several amendments to British immigration laws to facilitate the reception of refugee children. Its latest amendment was rejected last June by Boris Johnson's government. At Liberation, he expressed his concern at the increasingly pronounced isolation of the United Kingdom on the migration issue and before the announcement of a new governance of migration in Europe.

Facebook took down a Chinese disinformation network that spread propaganda across Southeast Asia and the US

  Facebook took down a Chinese disinformation network that spread propaganda across Southeast Asia and the US Facebook said in a blog post Tuesday that it had removed two coordinated disinformation campaigns, one from China and another from the Philippines. The network focused mostly on regional political issues and "gained almost no following" in the US, according to Facebook. "The operation's success in audience building was mixed,"Graphika, a social media analysis firm that Facebook asked to examine the network, said in its report.

We pledge to work towards a safe and secure Europe : a Union where all citizens feel safe and can move freely, where our external borders are secured, with an efficient, responsible and sustainable migration policy, respecting international norms.

Europe 's Migration Crisis: A Status Report and the Way Forward . MPI Europe , in a research initiative that began in January 2014, is focusing on addressing the challenges confronting the EU asylum system and identifying practical ideas for the immediate and longer term to strengthen the

What do you think of the idea of ​​a new European migration pact?

I have always believed that there was a need for a concerted and liberal approach, approved by all. It has never been right to leave the burden of responsibility for refugees to certain countries, particularly Greece and Italy, due to their geographic location. Since the fire of Moria , I can see that more and more countries seem to be leaning in this direction and I welcome it. We can only move forward with a coordinated initiative. And I really want the UK to play a role in this approach. Obviously, we have to wait and see what will replace with the Dublin regulation. Will there be an element on family reunions? The Dublin regulation was far from perfect, it was above all very limited, but it had the merit of existing. If the EU replaces it with something better, more comprehensive and positive, then so much the better. But we must be vigilant. I visited the Moria camp several times, and given the conditions, it was obvious that it was a powder keg, a place with enormous potential for explosion. This fire may have helped focus the spirits. Germany, and also France, have offered to host refugees. But unfortunately the UK offered nothing.

EU to unveil long-delayed asylum plan to share responsibility

  EU to unveil long-delayed asylum plan to share responsibility Five years after Europe's migrant crisis, Brussels will propose on Wednesday that member states share the responsibility for asylum seekers under a "compulsory solidarity mechanism". The New Pact on Migration and Asylum will be unveiled by European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson and Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas. Johansson wants the 27 member states to commit to sharing the burden of handling asylum claims from migrants arriving on the bloc's shores."It's obvious to everybody that ad hoc solidarity or voluntary solidarity is not enough. That has been proven for many years now," she said. "It has to be mandatory.

The European migrant crisis, also known as the refugee crisis, was a period characterised by high numbers of people arriving in the European Union (EU)

The initiative is part of IOM’s Global Migration Film Festival Participatory Video Project to engage migrants and host communities in participatory It is within this context that this world migration report focuses on developments in migration over the last two-year period, with an emphasis on

Exactly, what do you think of the attitude of the British government?

I think with Boris Johnson today we have the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had in at least two hundred years. He does not understand the issues, he is purely ambitious, without any plans, he is incompetent and appalling. As for Home Secretary Priti Patel, we have had a series of ministers in this rather bad post, but she is the worst. I will be tabling a refugee amendment to the immigration law which will be considered next week. This amendment provides for the obligation to coordinate with our European partners to allow the reunification of refugee families. The idea is to leave the door ajar, despite Brexit. But I am not very optimistic. In fact, I am more pessimistic than I have ever been about the politics of this country.

Really? Yet you arrived in the UK at the age of 6 in terrible times ...

Exactly. At the time, the atmosphere was more positive, we were able to organize Operation Kindertransport. Brexit is a disaster. And there is no doubt that the atmosphere has been poisoned by the Brexit campaign. Boris Johnson's lies about the impending invasion of Europe by 80 million Turks and everything in between… It has caused considerable damage to public opinion. The way politics are developing in the UK right now is a shame, a complete disgrace. But I still believe that there is still, within public opinion, enough humanity to understand the situation of a refugee child, on condition that we explain, that we detail what are his living conditions. , whether in Calais or in a camp in Greece. I do not understand why the question of the family reunion of refugees was not included in the mandate of the discussions between the EU and the United Kingdom [the EU declined a proposal from the United Kingdom in this direction, judged too vague, editor's note].

Europe's migration headache 'is getting worse quickly', says Maltese foreign minister

  Europe's migration headache 'is getting worse quickly', says Maltese foreign minister Europe's plans to tackle the arrival of migrants and refugees risks being undermined by the economic effects of COVID-19, according to one of the nations most profoundly affected by migration. © Imagebridge Nine migrants drift in the English Channel The European Commission launched plans on Wednesday intended to share the burden of migration, with member states either agreeing to resettle those granted asylum or else pay to return migrants denied the right to stay in Europe. © Getty Evarist Bartolo says 'each country needs to do something' But the plan will face challenges.

European migration liaison officers will be seconded in EU Delegations in key third countries, in close cooperation with the Immigration Liaison Officers With a budget allocation of EUR 96.8 billion for the 2014-2020 period, EU external cooperation assistance, and in particular development cooperation

The European Investment Bank is the EU bank. As such we are in the business of promoting jobs and growth in the EU and also supporting the EU’s external policies. But unlocking and managing the potential of migration will require a much more coordinated policy response from EU governments.

If the British government had told the French authorities: “Are there unaccompanied children among the refugees around Calais? We are committed to welcoming them and we will work together to challenge the traffickers ”, that would have had a positive impact. But when you have a government that doesn't think through, understand and is obsessed with Brexit and lower immigration - of which refugees are only a small part ... At least, with previous Tory governments, there is had little room for discussion. But today, it is difficult to reason logically with individuals without logic. This situation is a tragedy.

How do you see the future relationship with the EU, especially with regard to refugees?

I don’t believe the UK government can stay this bad forever! We will not be able to continue like this for very long. We will have to find ways to extend a friendly hand to our closest neighbors. In principle, this should dictate our foreign policy. Even this government has to understand at some point that we have to cooperate. We have too many interests in common. In my less pessimistic moments, I tell myself that, inevitably, that moment will come. The only question is when.

A European odyssey: A portrait of Europe during the pandemic .
Two journalists travelled from the North Cape to Sicily to document a Europe divided by the coronavirus crisis.The ruins gape at us, overgrown by stinging nettles and littered with plastic bottles. Through the rubbish, we can see the village of makeshift tents, home to about 300 refugees and migrants.

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