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19:10  18 september  2020
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Lancashire expected to be placed under tighter lockdown measures

  Lancashire expected to be placed under tighter lockdown measures Lancashire is to be the latest part of the UK to face strict coronavirus lockdown rules - with drastic new curbs being introduced this weekend, Sky News understands. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told senior MPs from the county that he will announce the clampdown in the morning and the rules will come into force on Saturday.The coronavirus restrictions, similar to those being introduced in North East England, will cover the whole of Lancashire with the exception of two thirds of the seaside resort of Blackpool.

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Drink on an empty stomach: These drinks make you more beautiful and healthier

Your alarm clock has just rung. You don't want to exist at all, let alone drink on an empty stomach or follow any other health tip that someone wants to sell to you? Willpower is required here because: If you can overcome the apathy and bad mood that characterize every Breakfast before 7 a.m., your Body will be grateful to you throughout the day. Why the first sip we drink in the morning is so important

Drinking on an empty stomach

prepares you for the whole day. The first sip you take at this point will determine how your body will act for the rest of the day and, accordingly, will affect how you feel and how you look. Drinking on an empty stomach is therefore good and important. But what exactly should we drink? The experts at Huffpost UK have explained it. (Also interesting:

'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections

  'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections Boris Johnson is considering the introduction of new national restrictions - possibly as soon as next week - as the prime minister races to try and get a handle on the spread of coronavirus. With COVID-19 cases now doubling every seven to eight days, the government is looking at introducing nationwide restrictions for a short period to try to "short-circuit" the virus and slow the spread of the disease. Government figures stressed the plans being drawn up stopped short of a full national lockdown, as seen in the spring, when the country was told to "stay at home".

These 5 foods you shouldn't eat on an empty stomach

) What to drink on an empty stomach The simplest recommendation of all is obvious: water. No matter whether from the tap, from the refrigerator, hot, cold, still or sparkling - whatever you want. Choose the easiest way for you to drink the water.

If water in itself is not enough for you, you can always try an infusion or add lemon juice to taste. But: No, it is not true that you protect your health more with lemon or green tea than with water alone.

fruit juices are also a good option, as long as they are 100 percent juice. They may not have the fiber of a piece of fruit, but they do have vitamin C and many other necessary trace elements. Coffee is of course allowed - but preferably only after you have drunk some water. (Also read:

Fewer virus cases keep Melbourne on track

  Fewer virus cases keep Melbourne on track Victoria's daily infection rate is on track towards the planned easing of coronavirus restrictions come September 28, with more anti-lockdown protests expected.The state recorded 21 new cases in the 24 hours to Saturday morning, its lowest figure since June 24.

6 Expert Tips: How To Boost Your Fat Burning

) What Not To Drink On An Empty Stomach If you want to drink on an empty stomach, avoid detox drinks (our bodies already have mechanisms to detox yourself), fads like “bulletproof coffee” (coffee with butter) and especially industrial beverages. If the first thing you drink in the morning is high in sugar, it is important to regulate the amount of sugar you consume for the rest of the day.

Energy drinks are prohibited. Their high caffeine content will make it impossible for you to have half a cup of coffee afterwards without putting a strain on your body. Plus, the drop in energy around 11 a.m. will hit you even harder.

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COVID-19 takes a toll on public transport, speed camera revenue in Qld .
The lockdown in March dragged annual revenue down as people stayed home and avoided public transport.Queensland's public transport network recorded a drop in patronage of almost 20 per cent over the past year, costing more than $71 million in fare revenue.

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