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01:40  27 september  2020
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What happened to Breonna Taylor?

  What happened to Breonna Taylor? The 26-year-old was killed by police in her Louisville home, sparking protests and calls for justice.Her family sued the city for the death and reached a multi-million dollar settlement, which included several major police reforms. But they, alongside social justice advocates, are still demanding criminal charges for the three officers who fired the shots.

Cameron said Wednesday that one witness heard police announce themselves , but Crump told "CBS This "If Daniel Cameron only presented his perspective and didn't present the other 12 neighbors, he Attorneys say officers didn't ID themselves in Breonna Taylor raid . Police release nearly-blank

“ Breonna was a woman who was figuring everything out in her life, who had turned a corner,” said Sam Aguiar Ms. Taylor ’s relatives and their lawyers say that the police never identified themselves before entering — despite their claims. They also say that Mr. Walker was licensed to carry a gun.

a group of people posing for the camera: Courtesy of Attorney Ben Crump © Provided by The Daily Beast Courtesy of Attorney Ben Crump

This week, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron made the bombshell announcement that the cops who fatally shot Breonna Taylor would not be charged with killing her, calling their use of force in the March raid “justified to protect themselves.”

In that justification, he said that one witness corroborated the three officers’ insistence that they knocked and identified themselves at Taylor’s Louisville home while executing a search warrant in connection with a narcotics investigation. It contradicted claims from Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenny Walker, and 11 other residents, who said they didn’t hear the cops announce themselves. Instead, Walker thought he was being burglarized and fired a warning shot that triggered a tragic chain of events.

Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition Organizer Says 'She Deserved More Than This' After Grand Jury Verdict

  Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition Organizer Says 'She Deserved More Than This' After Grand Jury Verdict "She was not a threat to any of those officers, yet she paid for their negligence with her life," Loralei HoJay told "Newsweek."Queensland stadiums to welcome up to 2000 spectators

Breonna Taylor 's death, along with the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last spring, catalyzed the protest-driven movement to reform police organization Grand jury indicts former Louisville cop Brett Hankison in Breonna Taylor raid , but no charges related to her shooting death.

Who was Breonna Taylor ? Why were police at Breonna Taylor 's home? Taylor was not the main target of the narcotics investigation that prompted Louisville Metro Police officers to enter her home. Even with the no-knock warrant, Louisville police have said they identified themselves before using a

But, according to documents and audio obtained by VICE News on Saturday, that sole witness initially told investigators days after the March 13 raid that he didn’t actually hear officers Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove announce themselves.

The witness—identified by VICE as Aarin Sarpee but by other outlets and public records as Aaron Julue Sarpee—was picking up his daughter from a unit above Taylor’s when the raid took place.

It wasn’t until he was interviewed a second time, about two months after the raid by a sergeant in LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit, that Sarpee said he heard police say, “This is the cops.”

Officer Shot In Louisville Demonstration After Breonna Taylor Decision

  Officer Shot In Louisville Demonstration After Breonna Taylor Decision The shooting followed moments of civil unrest and arrests following the announcement of criminal indictments facing one of three officers involved in Taylor's death.Fallon Glick of WDRB News reported in a tweet Wednesday evening that MetroSafe, the local emergency services hotline, confirmed that a police officer was shot at Brook and Broadway. The intersection is just a few blocks away from where protesters had gathered outside of the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice, a court building.

The Louisville police officers involved in Breonna Taylor 's shooting death "knocked and announced " themselves Kentucky AG denies cops executed ‘no-knock warrant’ in Breonna Taylor case. Cameron urged the community to accept the decision and chided those who may “influence our

Breonna Taylor , a 26-year-old Black woman, was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove on March 13, 2020.

Sarpee’s flip-flop, the latest twist in a case that has made Taylor an icon in the Black Lives Matter movement, calls into question the strength of Cameron’s case and the grand jury report, which state officials are demanding be made public.

“I never had faith in Daniel Cameron to begin with, I knew he was too inexperienced with a job of this caliber. I knew he chose to be at the wrong side of the law,” Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother, said in a Friday statement. “My hope was that he knew he had the power to do the right thing, that he had the power to start the healing of this city, that he had the power to help mend over 400 years of oppression. What he helped me realize is that it will always be us against them. That we are never safe.”

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted only Hankison, though only for recklessly firing shots that endangered people in other units. Mattingly and Cosgrove—the cop who fired the shot that killed Taylor—weren’t charged.

Tucker Accuses BLM of Lying About Breonna Taylor’s Death, Gets Major Fact Wrong

  Tucker Accuses BLM of Lying About Breonna Taylor’s Death, Gets Major Fact Wrong Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacted Wednesday night to Louisville police officers dodging charges in the killing of Breonna Taylor by claiming Black Lives Matter had peddled a “lie” about the 26-year-old’s fatal shooting, all while falsely accusing Taylor’s boyfriend of being a drug dealer. With protests erupting in Louisville hours after a grand jury decided not to charge three cops with killing Taylor, Carlson recapped the decision while complaining about the way Taylor’s death had been portrayed by social justice activists and the press.

Protesters hit by vehicles at Breonna Taylor demonstrations in Buffalo, Denver. He was found guilty of capital murder for shooting a cop that busted in his door. Thing is, it was a wrong address raid . If you have grandfathers who were cops , talk to them. Hear their stories over the decades.

A witness to the shooting of the cops has come forward saying police used a flash-bang on the crowd, and another protestor came up behind him and A grand jury had decided not to bring charges against Louisville police for the killing of Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed after cops returned fire

Cameron’s charging recommendations were at least partly based on Sarpee’s testimony, since the attorney general said Wednesday that investigators had “an independent witness” corroborate the officer’s account.

“My office was not tasked with determining if this was a tragedy, as it was,” Cameron said Wednesday, admitting that it was unlikely more charges would be laid. “My job was to put emotions aside and investigate facts to see if state law was violated.”

Wednesday’s charges came more than six months after a “no-knock” warrant was issued for Taylor’s apartment as part of a controversial narcotics investigation into the 26-year-old’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.

According to VICE, LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit first contacted Sarpee a week after the shooting. The officers involved in Taylor’s warrant had previously said Sarpee was outside the apartment upstairs and got in an argument with Hankison as they were banging on Taylor’s door.

When Sgt. Jason Vance asked Sarpee if he heard anyone identify themselves as law enforcement, he answered: “No, nobody identified themselves.”

Rep. Attica Scott, Author of Breonna's Law, Arrested in Louisville During Protests

  Rep. Attica Scott, Author of Breonna's Law, Arrested in Louisville During Protests Representative Attica Scott authored Breonna's Law, which banned no-knock warrants in Louisville, Kentucky.Scott was arrested at First Unitarian Church in downtown Louisville. Although the city had been placed under a curfew which began at 9:00 p.m. EDT, churches were exempt from the deadline. Some protesters, including Scott, were arrested while trying to enter the church.

Breonna Taylor : 'A lot of people are let-down'BBC. A grand jury has charged a former police officer after a fatal raid killed a black woman Breonna Taylor . During his remarks in Frankfort, he warned protesters to remain peaceful in light of today's announcement or risk arrest and prosecution.

Breonna Taylor investigations are far from over as demands for transparency mount. Key to Walker's lawsuit is his assertion that he heard pounding at the door, but he didn't hear anyone identify himself as JUST WATCHED. Kentucky AG explains why no further charges in Breonna Taylor case.

At the end of the March 21 conversation, Vance told Sarpee investigators would be calling him again to conduct a formal interview. Investigation notes suggest attempts were made to contact Sarpee but he didn’t speak to the Public Integrity Unity again until May 15.

In a seven minute call, Sgt. Amanda Seelye pressed Sarpee on whether he knew the individuals entering Taylor’s home were officers and if he heard them announce themselves.

This time, Sarpee said he heard police identify themselves, a change that suddenly corroborated the testimonies of the officers at the scene.

“It’s been so long now,” Sarpee told Seelye on the call. “I recall some of it.”

Sarpee also told The New York Times that he saw the officers as he stepped out onto the exterior staircase of Taylor’s apartment unit with his 2-year-old. He said that before the officers ordered him to go back inside the apartment, he heard at least three loud knocks on Taylor’s door and heard at least one of the officers scream “Police!” Sarpee, however, insisted to the Times he only heard them say the statement once.

Despite Sarpee’s changing story, his claim to have heard police from the front of an apartment doesn’t offer complete clarity on whether Taylor and her boyfriend would have heard it from their bedroom towards the back of their unit.

Louisville Church Where Breonna Taylor Protesters Hid Surrounded by Police After 9 p.m. Curfew

  Louisville Church Where Breonna Taylor Protesters Hid Surrounded by Police After 9 p.m. Curfew Around 20 protesters were inside the First Unitarian Church of Louisville's sanctuary, and at least 50 protesters remained outside in its courtyard in an hour-long standoff with the Louisville Metro Police Department.Around 20 protesters were inside the First Unitarian Church of Louisville's sanctuary, and at least 50 protesters remained outside in its courtyard in an hour-long standoff with Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers, the Courier Journal reported.

Sarpee did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. VICE reported that the witness declined to speak with them, saying he had to speak with his lawyer first. The LMPD and Attorney General’s office also did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Hankison was fired in June for “extreme violations” of police protocol after “wantonly and blindly” firing 10 shots into Taylor’s apartment–including several shots through the patio door and window, and into a neighbor’s apartment—after Walker fired an initial shot. Mattingly, Cosgrove, and the detective who requested the warrant were put on administrative leave. Six more officers are reportedly under investigation for their role in the raid.

Earlier this month, the city of Louisville reached a $12 million settlement with Taylor’s family in their wrongful death lawsuit.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

A Timeline of What's Happened Since Breonna Taylor Was Killed by Police on March 13 .
The killing of Breonna Taylor in March has led to widespread Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the US and prompted the passage of "Breonna's Law" — local legislation in Louisville, KY, which bans no-knock warrants — as well as the hiring of a new interim Louisville police chief. On Sept. 23, outrage around the lack of justice in the case grew when Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron declined to press charges against any of the officers involved in her killing with her death. Instead, former detective Brett Hankison was indicted by a grand jury for three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree for firing 10 rounds into the apartment blindly.

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