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20:21  28 september  2020
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Trump lost $100million over hotels during his presidency, report says

  Trump lost $100million over hotels during his presidency, report says President Trump lost an estimated $100million from the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. and Trump Doral Miami in Florida during his presidency, according to a Forbes reportBefore Donald J. Trump took an oath of office during his 2017 presidential inauguration, the New York native was a well-known businessman who found footing in the expansive real estate industry.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie smiling and looking at the camera: US President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing at the White House September 27, 2020, in Washington, DC. Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the election, according to a report by the New York Times. © BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images US President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing at the White House September 27, 2020, in Washington, DC. Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the election, according to a report by the New York Times.

Revelations about Donald Trump's alleged tax affairs have reawakened a debate over the president's personal fortune as well as putting his businesses under the spotlight once again.

The Election That Could Break America

  The Election That Could Break America If the vote is close, Donald Trump could easily throw the election into chaos and subvert the result. Who will stop him?There is a cohort of close observers of our presidential elections, scholars and lawyers and political strategists, who find themselves in the uneasy position of intelligence analysts in the months before 9/11. As November 3 approaches, their screens are blinking red, alight with warnings that the political system does not know how to absorb. They see the obvious signs that we all see, but they also know subtle things that most of us do not. Something dangerous has hove into view, and the nation is lurching into its path.

A New York Times investigation found that Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years and just $750 in federal income taxes in the two most recent years of the newspaper's probe—2016 and 2017.

The report suggested Trump's golf courses had lost massive amounts of money, which helped lower his tax bill.

The Times has not released the records it obtained in order to protect its sources.

And Trump and his campaign team dismissed the claims as "fake news" and "riddled with gross inaccuracies."

Trump is the first president since the 1970s not to make public his tax returns—a stance that has prompted legal challenges seeking to have them released.

However a ruling by the Supreme Court in July meant Trump's tax returns, banking records and other financial documents would remain undisclosed to the public, at least for now.

The many hotel quarantine failures

  The many hotel quarantine failures Good morning, early birds. Lawyers assisting Victoria's hotel quarantine inquiry have pointed to a multitude of failures with the government program, and the fallout from Donald Trump's publicly released tax returns has begun. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.Counsel assisting the inquiry questioned why department secretaries failed to pass on subsequent safety complaints and ADF offers to their relevant ministers, and argued that Rydges on Swanston had no specific measures in place to protect guards, hotel workers, guests or the broader community.

So what has Trump said about his—and his rivals'—tax returns in the past?

April 19, 2011

Back in 2011 when Trump was considered a future potential Republican presidential candidate, he suggested he might release his tax returns, tying it to a spurious birther claim that suggested Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. "Maybe I'm going to do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate," he said. "I'd love to give my tax returns. I may tie my tax returns into Obama's birth certificate."

April 13, 2012

Responding to information in a tax return released by Obama showing that in 2011 he paid $162,074 in federal taxes on a gross income of $789,674, the then businessman turned television personality wrote: "@BarackObama who wants to raise all our taxes, only pays 20.5% on $790k salary... Do as I say not as I do."

May 20, 2014

Before Trump was president, he pledged to release his tax returns. During an interview with Ireland AM, he said: "If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely."

Data v spin: The truth about Trump and the US economy

  Data v spin: The truth about Trump and the US economy Can Trump take credit for the economy’s pre-COVID-19 strength? And did his policies really lift all Americans?In a matter of weeks, tens of millions of Americans found themselves out of work as businesses in every sector shut their doors.

January 24, 2016

In an interview on NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Trump was asked about releasing his tax returns since his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton had provided every one of her tax returns since 1977. Trump replied: "Well, we're working on that now," he said. "I have very big returns, as you know, and I have everything all approved and very beautiful and we'll be working that over in the next period of time, Chuck. Absolutely."

February 11, 2016

"We'll get them out at some point, probably," Trump said when pressed on releasing tax returns to avoid the criticism faced by Mitt Romney in 2012, when the failed presidential candidate delayed publication of his filings.

February 25, 2016

Trump described his tax returns as "great" but insisted that had nothing to do with someone's personal wealth. "Tax returns have 0 to do w/ someone's net worth," he tweeted. "I have already filed my financial statements w/ FEC. They are great!" On the same day he tweeted a photo of him signing a document next to a pile of papers, commenting: "Signing a recent tax return- isn't this ridiculous?"

February 27, 2016

The president tweeted that an audit was preventing him from releasing his returns: "Tax experts throughout the media agree that no sane person would give their tax returns during an audit. After the audit, no problem!"

AOC Condemns U.S. System That Allows Trump, Amazon to Pay Almost No Taxes But Doesn't Fund Health Care For All

  AOC Condemns U.S. System That Allows Trump, Amazon to Pay Almost No Taxes But Doesn't Fund Health Care For All The congresswoman's criticism of the U.S. tax system came just days after a New York Times investigation said Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income tax the year he became president.The representative for New York's 14th District said she couldn't understand the people who both defend the country's tax system and question how changes to the health care system and other progressive initiatives could be funded.

May 11, 2016

In the months leading up to the election, he again vowed to release his tax returns, but only after the audit had concluded, tweeting: "In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!"

April 16, 2017

Only a few months into the presidency, and facing protests around the U.S. over the issue, Trump wrote: "I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College! [sic] Now Tax Returns are brought up again?"

November 7, 2018

Trump, again facing calls to make his tax returns public, suggested "people would not understand them" even if they were released. "It is big. And it is complex. And it is probably feet high."

April 10, 2019

In April 2019, the Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Richard Neal, attempted to force the release of Trump's tax returns. Trump responded in a White House briefing: "There is no law. As you know, I got elected last time with this same issue, and while I'm under audit, I won't do it..."

May 11, 2019

Trump again refused to release the tax returns while they remained under audit, but he had the foresight to tweet that the issue would become a part of the 2020 election campaign: "I won the 2016 Election partially based on no Tax Returns while I am under audit (which I still am), and the voters didn't care. Now the Radical Left Democrats want to again relitigate this matter. Make it a part of the 2020 Election!"

October 7, 2019

When a judge ordered Trump to hand over eight years of tax returns to New York investigators, the president tweeted: "The Radical Left Democrats have failed on all fronts, so now they are pushing local New York City and State Democrat prosecutors to go get President Trump. A thing like this has never happened to any President before. Not even close!"

Insults and interruptions mar first Trump-Biden debate

  Insults and interruptions mar first Trump-Biden debate Insults and interruptions mar first Trump-Biden debateCLEVELAND (Reuters) - President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden battled fiercely over Trump's record on the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare and the economy in a chaotic and bad-tempered first debate marked by personal insults and Trump's repeated interruptions.

July 9, 2020

After the Supreme Court ruled that his financial records could be studied by prosecutors in New York, he wrote: "The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration!"

September 27, 2020

Trump reacted angrily to the claims made in the Times report: "Actually I paid tax. And you'll see that as soon as my tax returns are - it's under audit, they've been under audit for a long time. The IRS [Internal Revenue Service] does not treat me well, they treat me like they treat the Tea Party... they treat me very, very badly. But they're under audit and when they're not I would be proud to show it."

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Video: President Trump dismisses a New York Times report alleging years of tax avoidance (CNBC)

The President’s Case for Tax Reform .
Trump’s $750 bill shows the need for a wealth tax and a stronger IRS.A bombshell New York Times investigation of nearly two decades of his tax returns showed that he paid zero federal income taxes in 10 of the years from 2000 to 2015, and just $750 in both 2016, the year of his first presidential campaign, and 2017, the first year he spent in the White House. Millions of Americans counted among the working poor, including some with earnings putting them just above the poverty line, paid more in annual federal income taxes.

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