World One year after the October revolt, what has changed in Iraq?

13:25  29 september  2020
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Iran victims of Iraq gas attack say horrors are a warning

  Iran victims of Iraq gas attack say horrors are a warning Thirty-three years have passed, but the survivors of an Iraqi poison gas attack on the Iranian town of Sardasht still suffer -- and fight for international recognition of the horrific massacre. So the survivors campaign for international recognition of what happened in Sardasht.  They want the town to become a "symbol" -- like Hiroshima has been since its destruction by a US atomic bomb -- that provides a warning to ensure "it does not happen again".

The October Revolution had followed and capitalized on the February Revolution earlier in the year . Some sources contend that as the leader of Tsentrobalt, Pavlo Dybenko played a crucial role in the revolt and that the ten warships that arrived at the city with ten thousand Baltic Fleet mariners were

Iraq has witnessed decades of destruction by foreign and local powers. Beginning in October of 2019, mass anti-government protests took place in many cities in Iraq , protesting in part Iran's influence in the country and largely supported by the clerics.

  Un an après la révolte d'octobre, qu'est-ce qui a changé en Irak? © Provided by Le Point

In October 2019, they demanded the fall of a system for them at the end of its rope. A year and nearly 600 dead later, the demonstrators have seen nothing change in Iraq, which is sinking into political and economic slump.

They came out on October 1, 2019 against corruption, politicians "sold" according to them to Iran or the United States, the absence of public services, youth unemployment ...

Even if Moustafa al- Kazimi replaced Adel Abdel Mahdi, whose government fell under the pressure of the unprecedented protest movement, no reform was initiated.

The fall in crude oil prices has further melted the public budget and no politician has been arrested for corruption, although a third of oil revenues, the country's only source of foreign exchange, have already gone there. Worse still, the murderers and kidnappers of activists have never been worried.

Belarus opposition to march after police crackdown

  Belarus opposition to march after police crackdown  

The Peasants' Revolt started in Essex on 30 May 1381, when a tax collector tried, for the third time in four years , to levy a poll tax. Richard II's war against France was going badly, the government's reputation was damaged, and the tax was 'the last straw'.

Peasants’ Revolt (1381), first great popular rebellion in English history. Its immediate cause was the imposition of the poll tax of 1381, which brought Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working

Daily and significant for months, the protests became rare after the assassination by the United States in January in Baghdad of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and ceased after the coronavirus epidemic. But they could resume.

Despite the end of the protest marked by bloody violence, the Kazimi government ensures that it has only one principal: the people. And returns the ball in the court of the deputies, the most hated politicians.

"The demonstrators demanded early elections and a new electoral law: this is what we are doing," Abdelhussein Hindawi, adviser to the Prime Minister for the elections, told AFP.

Early legislative elections have been announced for June 6, 2021 and the electoral law has been voted. But it remains to approve the electoral map and the type of ballot, which will determine the winners.

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The man once regarded as the world's most powerful banker has bluntly declared that the Iraq war was 'largely' about oil. Greenspan's damning comments about the war come as a survey of Iraqis , which was released last week, claims that up to 1 .2 million people may have died because of the conflict in

supported at first , suffered defeats, strikes in every social class, fighting cost a lot of money & worker wages stayed low, food shortage, upper & middle class supported but were critical of govt. What factors allowed the Bolsheviks to increase power in Russia? increase in number of Russians who supported

To go or to stay?

Above all, Mr. Kazimi may well repeat wanting to lead a "transitional government", deputies and rivals accuse him of preparing to compete in 2021.

"He is blocked because he must make a decision", summarizes Renad Mansour, of Chatham House. "Does he want to be Prime Minister for another four years and therefore play the politician game? Or change things right away?"

More prosaically, what the streets are asking for is electricity and jobs for young people - 60% of Iraqis - a third of whom are unemployed.

The government began by advocating austerity with "almost empty" coffers. But, like all his predecessors, he ended up hiring hundreds of civil servants, whose salaries were already the main public expense.

Since then, in front of each ministry, a few dozen unemployed graduates have been camping out, demanding a contract.

With a 2020 budget still not adopted, the government has promised a "white book" for before September, still not finalized according to officials.

Iran FM demands protection for diplomatic missions in Iraq

  Iran FM demands protection for diplomatic missions in Iraq Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif on Saturday called for the protection of diplomatic installations in Iraq as he hosted his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein in Tehran. Zarif, in an English-language tweet, said they discussed "attacks on Iranian diplomatic premises" in Iraq, adding that he had underlined to Hussein the "imperative of protection of diplomatic posts".The top diplomats also discussed the US killing in Baghdad of top Iranian commander General Qasem Soleimani in January, and bilateral cooperation between the two neighbours.

" First , armed groups attacked nearby," she explains in a tired voice as we sit on plastic matting, five young children nestled close to On a visit to northern Mali with the ICRC, it was startling to see how the consequences of climate change are woven through the fabric of lives in what has always been a

However, recent scholarship has shown that the Middle Eastern and North African Renaissance was a cultural reform program that was as "autogenetic" as it was Western He initiated the Arab Revolt in 1916 against the increasingly nationalistic Ottoman Empire during the course of the First World War.

Unable to cover his expenses or even to take out new loans, he is still caught by the throat as the poverty rate could double this year to reach 40%.

The coronavirus crisis (more than 9,000 deaths and 350,000 cases) has put the spotlight on hospitals without means or trained staff, which will soon have "lost all control", according to the Ministry of Health.

"Too sensitive"

In addition, insecurity is persistent with armed militias kidnapping anti-power or anti-Iran militants, despite the government's promise to disarm them. Several Europeans have been kidnapped this year.

"We know who are responsible and where they are, but we can neither arrest nor denounce them," said an official on condition of anonymity. "It's too sensitive".

Forced to come to terms with a mostly pro-Tehran Parliament and a street that shouts Iranian influence in Iraq, "Mr. Kazimi has one foot among the elite and another among the anti-establishment," decrypts Mr. Mansour, " and does not fully satisfy either side ".

And pushed by Washington, it does not stop threatening the authors of attacks, mainly with rockets against American interests. On Monday evening, one of these projectiles killed six members of a family living not far from the targeted airport. But only a few commanders of Hachd al-Chaabi, a coalition of pro-Iran paramilitaries integrated into the state, were dismissed.

In September, the government promised pensions to the families of "martyrs of the revolution". But so far not a penny has been paid.

Mr. Kazimi then announced the erection of statues in Baghdad and Nassiriya, strongholds of the protest.

"I do not remember that we asked for statues", laughs Ali, who had demonstrated in Baghdad.

For Mr. Mansour, "the Iraqi challenge cannot be taken up by a single man. And in such a violent context, it can even less be taken up by a follower of the policy of small steps".

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Iraq denounces ‘dangerous’ US embassy pullout threat .
US has made preparations to withdraw diplomats after warning Baghdad it could shut its embassy amid attacks.Fuad Hussein spoke at a news conference during a heated week sparked by the US warning it was taking measures to close its embassy in Baghdad.

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