World Armed forces must 'fundamentally change' to counter new threats

02:15  01 october  2020
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  Who is a terrorist, actually? The problem with labeling your least-favorite protest group as “terrorists.”Their opinions are backed up by statements from the police and Trump administration officials and pictures of burning cities. The terrorism label, for them, is a way of distinguishing who is in the wrong. Brian Jenkins, a leading scholar of terrorism, observed in 1981, “Terrorism is what the bad guys do.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Monday that the island’s armed forces have a right to defend themselves and counter attack, citing The proposed Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act seeks to establish “limited authorization for the [US] president to use military force for the specific purpose of

In order to improve the quality of your army, you must pick the right kind of troops. Your options are to either have more men-at- arms forming together This will inform you about the total number of levies that can be summoned. You should keep a few men-at- arms units with the levies in order to counter

The mindset of the UK's armed forces must "fundamentally change" and troops must be prepared for "continuous operating" so that Britain isn't "overwhelmed" in what will become the biggest shake up of Britain's military in generations.

Nick Carter wearing a hat: General Sir Nicholas Carter says the armed forces need to 'fundamentally change' © Getty General Sir Nicholas Carter says the armed forces need to 'fundamentally change'

The proposal has been laid out by General Sir Nicholas Carter, the chief of the defence staff.

It is the latest in a series of briefings and speeches by senior military leaders, as the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office undergoes a massive security review.

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Compared with the global threats we face today, the entanglements of the past 10 years were, relatively speaking, fairly straightforward, and mainly the legacy of the counter -terrorism campaign launched in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001 known as the war on terror.

The Ghana Armed Forces is the unified armed force of Ghana, consisting of the Army, Navy, and Ghana Air Force . Engineer Corps In addition to the general eligibility, applicants must have a first Degree from a recognized University in any of the following

"Warfare is increasingly about a competition between hiding and finding," General Carter told the Policy Exchange Think Tank in London.

General Carter added that old, industrial technology will have to be phased out, so new digital capabilities can be introduced.

Citing China and Russia in particular, General Carter said adversaries are using "political warfare designed to undermine cohesion, to erode economic, political and social resilience, and to compete for strategic advantage in key regions of the world.

"Their goal is to win without going to war: to achieve their objectives by breaking our willpower, using attacks below the threshold that would prompt a war-fighting response.

"These attacks on our way of life from authoritarian rivals and extremist ideologies are remarkably difficult to defeat without undermining the very freedoms we want to protect.

U.S. Calls Video Showing China Bombing U.S. Air Force Base 'Attempt to Coerce, Intimidate'

  U.S. Calls Video Showing China Bombing U.S. Air Force Base 'Attempt to Coerce, Intimidate' "Maintaining the safety of our personnel and resources, as well as our allies and regional partners, is of the utmost importance and we remain committed to ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific for all nations," Pacific Air Forces told Newsweek.The People's Liberation Army Air Force released a dramatic promotion over the weekend showing off its H-6K strategic bomber, which was seen on social media site Sina Weibo conducting a simulated attack on an unnamed military base that appears identical to the Google Maps satellite image of the U.S. Air Force's Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The installation is critical for U.S.

A new study calls for radical changes to the structure and operation of the U.S. Navy's surface fleet. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy’s surface fleet is completely misaligned to meet the threats the military says it must counter in the 21st century, and it’s not correctly constructed to pursue its own

Armed Forces - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. В файле содержатся тексты про вооруженные силы РФ, Великобритании и США. Share or Embed Document. Sharing Options. Share on Facebook, opens a new window.

"In Ukraine and Syria, Russia has created battle laboratories from real life events to develop their tactics and battle harden a new generation of soldiers."

"China's new Strategic Support Force is designed to achieve dominance in the space and cyber domains.

"It commands satellite information attack and defence forces; electronic assault forces and internet assault forces; campaign information operations forces, which include conventional electronic warfare forces, anti-radiation assault forces, and battlefield cyber warfare forces."

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General Carter said that Britain's enemies have studied the "Western way of war" and identified vulnerabilities.

"They saw that air power could penetrate deep into hostile territory and learned that we preferred to fight and strike targets from afar.

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The Counter -Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) was established by the Secretary-General in 2005 and endorsed by the General Assembly through the United Nations Global Counter -Terrorism Strategy, which was adopted by consensus in 2006.

The Armed forces are well below their National target for new recruits and when researching it appears Capita (the private £500 million contract) that is used by the MOD have not increased the recruitment figures in fact the numbers are falling

"They saw that this enhanced our natural aversion to putting people in harm's way.

"They watched how casualties, financial cost and length of time swayed domestic and public opinion and the effect that had on the legitimacy assuring the use of armed force.

"So they learned how to improve their own resilience to absorb strikes; they developed anti access denial systems; they improved their maritime undersea capabilities; they developed long range missile systems; they integrated electronic warfare, swarms of drones with multiple fires and used these to defeat armour; they invested in space and cyber, recognising the importance we attach to global positioning and digitisation."

The "Integrated Review" is set to conclude in November.

Depending on the budget agreed by the Treasury, it is being seen as the most important security review since the Cold War.

The expectation is that it will result in a wide re-balancing of the UK's armed forces. Yesterday, the head of the army, General Mark Carleton-Smith, said he would expect his forces to have "a more persistent presence" in the Far East to counter the threat from China.

Speaking alongside General Carter at Policy Exchange, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned against rumours of equipment or personnel cuts.

"The problem with these reviews is they often boil down to numbers games and discussions about equipment bingo - who's going to buy what and what are we going to cut?

"And often we forget to realise that our main task is to meet the threat. But also, just as important in this review will be how will we conduct warfare? How will we conduct the process of challenging both the competition and our adversaries?"

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Canadian warship sails near Taiwan amid heightened China tensions .
Taiwan’s defence ministry said the Canadian warship sailed into Taiwan Strait from the South China Sea.China, which claims democratic Taiwan as its own territory, has stepped up its military activity around the island in the past few weeks, including sending fighter jets to cross the unofficial midway line buffer in the strait.

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