World Hong Kong marks China anniversary as Beijing tightens grip

04:15  01 october  2020
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At the UN, China’s Xi showed he understands the system better than Trump

  At the UN, China’s Xi showed he understands the system better than Trump The US is ceding leverage, which is giving China the influence it craves.China’s President Xi Jinping, who spoke shortly afterward, did not mention the United States directly. Instead, he talked about Beijing’s commitment to global cooperation and the humanitarian response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Residents of Hong Kong , deeply concerned by Beijing 's new security law, seek safety and freedom in nearby Taiwan. A vendor crafts statues of Hong “The Chinese Communist Party should honor the Sino-British Joint Declaration if they want to be a player in the international community,” said Winnie

In all, the Hong Kong police arrested more than 360 people on Wednesday, including students in their teens and early 20s, most on suspicion of unauthorized assembly. Antigovernment protests have roiled this semiautonomous Chinese city for months, but the anger remains palpable.

Thousands of riot police were stationed across Hong Kong on Thursday to stamp out any large democracy rallies as the restless financial hub marked China's National Day under the shadow of a growing crackdown on dissent.

a group of people in uniform: A police source told AFP that 6,000 police officers had been drafted in to stop any protests © DALE DE LA REY A police source told AFP that 6,000 police officers had been drafted in to stop any protests

The People's Republic of China celebrates its founding on October 1 with a holiday and carefully choreographed festivities.

Alibaba fintech arm eyes record IPO with Hong Kong-Shanghai listing

  Alibaba fintech arm eyes record IPO with Hong Kong-Shanghai listing The financial arm of Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba is planning the biggest IPO in history, raising as much as $35 billion in a joint listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai, a report said Thursday. And in a sign of Ant Group's confidence in the share sale, it will not seek cornerstone investors -- large institutions that agree to hold the stock for an extended time to provide confidence and stability in new listings. The company is looking to raise the cash -- which would be far higher than the $29 billion chalked up by Saudi Aramco in December -- in a split float between the two Chinese cities, said Bloomberg News, citing unnamed sources.

Now, Beijing is bypassing the Hong Kong government, and the legislation is instead being pushed by China ’s rubber-stamp legislature, the National People’s Congress. But Beijing had been signaling for months that it would move against the intensifying protests. A Chinese Communist Party leadership

A number of moves by China have led some to proclaim ‘the death of Hong Kong ’ as Beijing Sonny Lu, a political commentator and professor at Hong Kong University, believes the Chinese People scatter rose petals on a statue of Mother Teresa marking her 110th birth anniversary in Ahmedabad.

But in Hong Kong, it has become a day of grievance for those worried about authoritarian Beijing's encroachment on freedoms.

Helicopters flying the Chinese and Hong Kong flags buzzed the harbour as city leader Carrie Lam and senior mainland officials attended a ceremony in an exhibition centre ringed by police and security barriers.

Trade to human rights: Trajectory of Trump’s China policy

  Trade to human rights: Trajectory of Trump’s China policy Trump doubles down on punishing Beijing economically over Uighurs, while Biden’s China policy remains unclear.Nowhere is that more apparent than in his administration’s myriad confrontations with China.

A Hong Kong -based spokeswoman at CLSA declined to comment. Citic has brought in at least six mainland executives to replace old CLSA hands Sun, who was named deputy head of fixed income, currencies and commodities for Citic last year, departs as the Chinese brokerage tightens control

HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker has privately warned the British government that the bank could face reprisals from Beijing if Huawei, the Chinese tech giant "Neither China nor Hong Kong owe HSBC anything. Its business in China could be replaced overnight by banks from China or other countries."

Last year the 70th anniversary brought fierce clashes between protesters and police during seven straight months of democracy demonstrations that swept Hong Kong.

Authorities denied permission for a protest march this year, citing security concerns and an anti-coronavirus ban on more than four people gathering in public.

A police source told AFP that 6,000 police officers had been drafted in to stop any protests -- double the contingency usually placed on reserve for days when the force expects demonstrations to occur.

On messaging forums used by protesters some have called for evening flash-mob rallies since the official march was banned. But it is unclear whether any mass gatherings will materialise.

Close to the exhibition centre where the ceremony was taking place, four members of the opposition League of Social Democrats shouted slogans such as "End one party rule", surrounded by some 40 police officers.

Australian journalist says COVID has been 'massive win' for China

  Australian journalist says COVID has been 'massive win' for China Bill Birtles had worked in Beijing since 2015 as the ABC's China correspondent before he was rushed back home on September 8 following the advice of the Australian government. Michael Smith, the Australian Financial Review's China correspondent, returned home at the same time alongside Mr Birtles.Speaking in a webinar for the Lowy Institute on Friday, Mr Birtles said the global pandemic had been a 'massive win' for Chinese President Xi Jinping and the communist party.Despite much of the blame for the virus being put on China, the country has almost eliminated domestic transmission among its 1.

Beijing are keen to tighten their grip on Hong Kong which is why the Chinese government are set to impose a national security law on the district. Last year there was protests and civil unrest in the territory as the Beijing administration were trying to put Hong Kong further under its influence.

After steadily eroding Hong Kong ’s political freedoms, Beijing signaled that the national security law will be a new tool that allows it to directly tackle the Chinese loyalists in the Hong Kong government are tightening their grip in Hong Kong as well, with videos of Hong Kong lawmakers being carried

Police officers were seen searching cars at a major harbour tunnel on Thursday morning and maintained a high presence throughout the city.

This week police said they had arrested five people on suspicion of inciting others to protest and commit violent acts.

"If you break the law, police will bring you to justice no matter what remote corner of the Earth you flee to," police chief Chris Tang said.

- New security law -

The rally application was made by the Civil Human Rights Front -- a coalition that organised record-breaking democracy marches last year.

The group is calling for the release of 12 Hong Kongers in mainland Chinese custody who were caught last month trying to flee protest-linked prosecutions.

Those 12 were trying to escape to Taiwan by boat but were intercepted by the Chinese coastguard and have since disappeared into the mainland's opaque judicial system.

For most of this year, protest has been all but impossible in Hong Kong.

On the rare occasions when demonstrations do bubble up, riot police and plain-clothes officers within the crowds move quickly -- on one day last month nearly 300 people were arrested.

Families fear for Hong Kong fugitives in China custody

  Families fear for Hong Kong fugitives in China custody On the night he made a failed attempt to flee to Taiwan by speedboat, 16-year-old Hong Konger Hoang received a phone call, signalling it was time to leave at once. Hoang was facing a charge of attempted arson for allegedly throwing petrol bombs.  AFP is withholding his full name because of his age. He has a troubled relationship with his family and was taken in by a network of politically sympathetic locals while he awaited trial in Hong Kong."When we first met, he barely talked," recalled Diana, who housed Hoang for three months and was with him during what ended up being his final night in the city.

BEIJING — China tightened controls over dissidents while pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and elsewhere sought ways to mark the 31st anniversary However, China has long detested the vigil, the only such activity allowed on Chinese territory to commemorate victims of the crackdown, which

HONG KONG —For decades, Hong Kong ’s press freedoms have made it a hub for Western media organizations covering Asia. Beijing ’s new national-security law is causing many newsrooms to rethink the city’s status as a haven for journalists. On Tuesday, the New York Times said that it was

Over the last 16 months more than 10,000 have been detained during protests, and the courts are crammed with trials. Many prominent protest leaders are being prosecuted.

"Even if they try to arrest us, prosecute us and lock us up in prison, there is no reason for us to surrender," the city's most high-profile activist, Joshua Wong, told reporters on Wednesday as he appeared for a court hearing for one of three prosecutions he faces.

The crackdown has been aided by a sweeping national security law that China imposed on the city in June.

The broadly worded legislation criminalised expressing certain opinions, deepened the political chill seeping into the city and allowed mainland China's security apparatus to operate openly in Hong Kong for the first time.

It has led to sanctions by the United States and condemnation by many other Western nations.

But Beijing and Hong Kong authorities say it is needed to restore stability.

"The national security law will absolutely stop rabble-rousers in Hong Kong from having their capricious way," the Liaison Office, which represents China's government in Hong Kong, said on Tuesday.

"We firmly support the city's government and police in enforcing the law decisively to ensure that the vast majority of residents enjoy a joyful and harmonious festival."


Hong Kong defends teacher’s firing for ‘independence’ lesson .
Teacher’s union denounces education bureau’s move to de-register teacher; Carrie Lam vows to get rid of ‘bad apples’.Hong Kong’s education bureau said in a statement it cancelled the teacher’s registration “in order to protect students’ interest and safeguard teachers’ professionalism and public trust in the teaching profession”.

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