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01:40  02 october  2020
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How Mali's coup affects the fight against jihadists

  How Mali's coup affects the fight against jihadists Thousands of UN, French and regional soldiers are in Mali fighting Islamist militants - what difference will the coup make?The final shape of Mali's promised transition to new elections is yet to be settled several weeks after soldiers seized power in Bamako, forcing President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta to resign, although former Defence Minister Ban Ndaw has been named as interim leader.

The consultations between Mali junta leaders and ECOWAS authorities "resulted in the signing of a framework agreement on Friday, April 6 2012 for the The junior officers who seized power last month have agreed with ECOWAS to give up power in return for an amnesty deal and a lifting of sanctions

A group of prominent Malian political figures made an announcement condemning the coup as "a step backwards", including presidential candidate Ibrahim at the meeting, calling for a return to civilian rule.[51] Following the meeting, ECOWAS placed peacekeeping troops on standby, hinting at possible

Des membres de la junte, le 22 septembre à Bamako. © MICHELE CATTANI / AFP Members of the junta, September 22 in Bamako.

The military junta which took power in Mali gives up a major prerogative devolved on their leader in the transition supposed to bring civilians back to the head of the country. This could lead to a lifting of sanctions by the Community of West African States.

The colonels who seized power in Mali on Thursday 1 October removed a major obstacle to the lifting of West African sanctions by renouncing a major prerogative devolved to their leader in the transition supposed to bring civilians back to the head of the country.

The soldiers who overthrew President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta on August 18 have given up on Colonel Assimi Goïta, who was appointed transitional vice-president on Friday, to replace the president in the transition which has just opened in the event of prevention of the latter, according to an official document released Thursday.

Malaysia's Anwar says has 'strong' support to form govt

  Malaysia's Anwar says has 'strong' support to form govt Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said Wednesday he had the "strong" backing of lawmakers and was seeking an audience with the king to form a new government. Speaking at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, veteran politician Anwar -- who has long sought to become prime minister -- said he now had the backing of enough MPs to form the government. "Conclusively we have a strong, formidable majority," he said."I'm not talking about four, five, six... not a small majority."He did not reveal how many lawmakers were backing him.

Mali Sanctions Committee. If a delisting request is made by the State that proposed the name in question for de-listing (or, if there are multiple designating States, the request is made jointly by all States concerned), then the name will be removed from the List after a fixed time period unless (a) all

Eventually Lamda conceded to most of the union’s demands and gave them what they wanted. Deadlocks and Mediators. Deadlock is a situation in which an agreement cannot be made : a situation in which ending a disagreement is impossible because neither side will give up something that it wants.

The junta here accedes to a primordial demand from the Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to lift the sanctions imposed on Mali on August 20, foremost among which is a commercial and financial embargo.

Economic slump

The representative of the ECOWAS in Mali, Hamidou Boly, indicated shortly before the officialization of this concession that the sanctions could be lifted quickly, because there were major actions of the junta in the direction of the Cedao.

Maybe in the hours or days to come, as soon as the charter is published, we will lift the sanctions, he told UN radio in Mali, Mikado FM.

The junta is worried about the effect of the sanctions on a country in the grip of a deep economic slump, in addition to the security and political crisis which raises fears for the stability of the country and, beyond, of the Sahel.

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Concessions are an integral part of every negotiation. Learn the 10 powerful concession strategies employed by successful/effective (win/win) As they prepare for a negotiation, successful/effective negotiators recognize the fact that negotiation is a dynamic process of give and take.

The soldiers whose putsch ended months of political protest fueled by the exasperation of Malians have pledged to return power to civilians after an 18-month transitional period.

"Recovery of the State"

They have drawn up a charter, a fundamental document which organizes the transition and which complements the existing Constitution, over which it prevails in the event of contradiction.

No final version of this charter had been published before Thursday, although it was used on Friday to found the inauguration of the president, Bah Ndaw, and the transitional vice-president, Colonel Goïta.

At least one unofficial version that the AFP viewed provided that the vice-president replaced the president if the latter was unable to attend.

This provision alarmed the ECOWAS, worried that the junta would use it to re-control a transition in which it already plays a preeminent role. She demanded its deletion and demanded the publication of the charter. This was published Thursday in the Official Journal.

ECOWAS likely to decide on lifting Mali sanctions Friday

  ECOWAS likely to decide on lifting Mali sanctions Friday The West African bloc ECOWAS will likely decide on Friday whether to lift potentially crippling sanctions imposed on Mali after last month's coup, its mediator said. West African leaders have heaped pressure on the ruling military junta to return power to civilians since the coup toppled president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on August 18.The mediator, Nigerian former president Goodluck Jonathan, called the 15-nation bloc's sanctions "unfortunate" during a visit to Mali's capital Bamako on Wednesday.

Sanctions . Restrictions on trade with a country in order to to try to influence its political development. Candidate. A person who is standing for election. A body of representatives that makes laws for a nation. Monarchy. A government ruled by a king or queen. Statesman.

"We are demanding that the sanctions be lifted because they are totally ineffective and they are dangerous for our economy," he told the Assembly. "I have seen our minister of agriculture standing in front of our farmers and say 'We have to lift the sanctions .'

The vice-president is in charge of defense and security matters, says article 7, without mentioning a replacement prerogative for the president.

The charter assigns as objectives for the transition the restoration of security throughout the territory, two-thirds of which are outside the control of the central power, the recovery of the state and the organization of general elections.

Immunity for putschists

The duration of the transition is set at 18 months, according to the text, which provides that the president and the vice-president will not be eligible for the presidential election and the legislative elections at the end of the transition.

The charter provides for the creation of a legislative body of 121 members.

It stipulates that the putschists of August 18 enjoy immunity and cannot be arrested for their involvement in these events.

With a retired colonel-major as transitional president, the head of the junta as vice-president, a number of soldiers expected to hold key positions in the government in gestation and representatives in the future legislative body, the junta retains considerable control over the transition.

This is not necessarily viewed with a negative light by Malians. They have greeted the putsch rather favorably, and some cite the time and authority necessary to create the conditions for recovery in a country on the brink of collapse.

ECOWAS, for its part, is worried about further instability in a Sahel already won over by jihadist propagation and the bad regional example set by a junta in power.

All the conditions of ECOWAS are not yet met. She also demanded the dissolution of the junta and the release of civilian and military personalities arrested during the putsch and still detained.

Mali frees over 100 jihadists seeking hostage swap .
Insurgency-hit Mali has freed over 100 alleged or convicted jihadists to secure the release of a top politician and a French charity worker, sources close to the talks said Monday. This is a rare mass release of prisoners in the fragile West African country, which is struggling with an eight-year-old Islamist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives. Soumaila Cisse, a former opposition leader and three-time presidential candidate, was abducted on March 25 while campaigning in his home region of Niafounke ahead of legislative elections.Sophie Petronin, a French charity worker, was abducted by gunmen on December 24, 2016, in the northern city of Gao.

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