World Mali: more than 100 jihadists freed for a possible exchange

13:40  05 october  2020
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Bah Ndaw sworn in as Mali’s transitional president following coup

  Bah Ndaw sworn in as Mali’s transitional president following coup Veteran soldier tasked with leading country to elections within 18 months; coup leader Assimi Goita to serve as deputy.Coup leader Colonel Assimi Goita was also sworn in as the vice president of the transition during a ceremony on Friday held in the capital, Bamako.

A second batch of jihadists has been freed in Mali , sources said Tuesday, boosting speculation that a French charity worker and Malian politician held by the More than 100 suspected or convicted rebels were released at the weekend, an official in charge of the negotiations said on Monday.

Foreign fighters from europe and jihadists from mali . Among these dozens of mercenary jihadists from Turkey who infiltrated the illegal immigrants: it is not known for personal initiative or for a precise strategy of the Turkish secret services that coordinate them.

Video: "Syrian jihadist fighters" present in Karabakh, indicates Macron (Le Figaro)

Capture d'écran du 13 juin 2018 de l'otage française Sophie Pétronin, enlevé le 24 décembre 2016 à Gao, dans le centre du Mali © - Capture d ' June 13, 2018 screen of French hostage Sophie Pétronin, kidnapped on December 24, 2016 in Gao, central Mali

More than a hundred convicted or suspected jihadists were released in Mali over the weekend in the framework of negotiations for the release of a Malian persnnalité and a French woman supposed to be in the hands of the jihadists, we learned on Monday from sources close to the negotiations.

Releases of this magnitude are very rare in Mali. Sophie Pétronin and Soumaïla Cissé, the two hostages whose release hangs in the balance according to these sources, are the last French hostage detained around the world for one and a political figure of national stature in Mali for the other.

Mali. The junta makes a sizeable concession for a lifting of sanctions

 Mali. The junta makes a sizeable concession for a lifting of sanctions © MICHELE CATTANI / AFP Members of the junta, September 22 in Bamako. The military junta which took power in Mali gives up a major prerogative devolved on their leader in the transition supposed to bring civilians back to the head of the country. This could lead to a lifting of sanctions by the Community of West African States.

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Suspected jihadists crying "Allahu Akbar" stormed a tourist resort popular with foreigners on the edge of the Malian capital At least "32 hostages" were freed , Mali 's army said in a statement, adding that one of the More than 100 civilians dead in 'gruesome' Nigeria attack blamed on Islamic jihadists .

Le leader malien d'opposition Soumaïla Cissé lomrs d'une manifestation à Bamako le 15 septembre 2018 © MICHELE CATTANI The Malian opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé during a demonstration in Bamako on September 15, 2018

"As part of negotiations to obtain the release of Soumaïla Cissé and Sophie Pétronin, more than a hundred prisoners jihadists were released this weekend on Malian territory, "one of the mediation officials told AFP on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

Manifestation à Bamako le 2 juillet 2020 pour la libération de Soumaïla Cissé, enlevé le 25 mars précédent dans le centre du Mali © MICHELE CATTANI Demonstration in Bamako on July 2, 2020 for the release of Soumaïla Cissé, kidnapped on March 25 in central Mali

A Malian security service official confirmed this information. The prisoners were released in the sector of Niono (center) and in the region of Tessalit (north) to where they were taken by plane, he said.

Mali frees over 100 jihadists seeking hostage swap

  Mali frees over 100 jihadists seeking hostage swap Insurgency-hit Mali freed over 100 alleged or convicted jihadists over the weekend in a bid to secure the release of a top politician and French charity worker, an official in charge of the negotiations told AFP on Monday. The rare mass release of prisoners, confirmed by a member of the security services, comes as an eight-year Islamist insurgency, that has claimed thousands of lives, continues to threaten the fragile West African country. © STRINGER Swathes of the sprawling country remain outside government control Soumaila Cisse, a 70-year-old former opposition leader and three-time presidential candidate, was abducted on March 25 while campaigning in his

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A new outbreak of violence, which reportedly occurred in Mali , has resulted in scores of Tuareg civilians being murdered by suspected jihadists .

An elected official from Tessalit anonymously confirmed to AFP the arrival by plane of "a large number of jihadist prisoners" on Sunday and their release.

Sophie Pétronin, a French humanitarian, was kidnapped on December 24, 2016 by armed men in Gao (northern Mali), where she had lived for many years and headed a children's aid organization.

The last video where she appeared was received in mid-June 2018. She seemed very tired, her face emaciated, and appealed to French President Emmanuel Macron. In another video in November 2018, where she did not appear, her captors claimed that her health had deteriorated.

Soumaïla Cissé, former leader of the parliamentary opposition and second three times in the presidential election, was kidnapped on March 25 while he was campaigning for the legislative elections in the region of Timbuktu (north-west).

In the absence of formal proof, suspicion hangs over the jihadist group of Amadou Koufa, active in central Mali and affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Mali: ECOWAS lifts the sanctions imposed since the coup of August 18

 Mali: ECOWAS lifts the sanctions imposed since the coup of August 18 © REUTERS / Luc Gnago View of Bamako, the capital of Mali, August 9, 2018. The embargo is over which weighed on Mali since the coup d'état of August 18 against President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. The community of West African states has therefore announced the lifting of sanctions. With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel The declaration of the heads of state and government of the Economic Community of West African States on Mali was made public this Tuesday in the late morning.

Conflict among drug traffickers in northern Mali generates levels of violence unparalleled in the region and hinders the implementation of the 2015 inter- Malian peace agreements. Fully eradicating the problem is unrealistic in the short term

A group of jihadists close to Al-Qaeda has emerged as the West's most formidable enemy in the Sahel, taking over from the Islamic State as the region's major threat.

- Dialogue or not -

This was an unprecedented kidnapping of a national personality of this stature, even in a country and a security context where many kidnappings were perpetrated for various reasons.

His fate was one of the rallying cries of the protest for several months against former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

The release of these jihadists comes as Mali has come under new authority, with the military coup which overthrew President Keïta on August 18.

The military have just started a transition that is supposed to bring civilians back to power after 18 months. They retain a strong grip on the direction of the country.

Mali has been plunged into a deep security crisis since the separatist and jihadist insurgencies that left the north in 2012.

A peace agreement was signed with the separatists. But the actions of jihadist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State organization have spread to central Mali, as well as to neighboring countries, despite the deployment of French and international forces.

Mali, poor and landlocked, is also bloodied by intercommunal violence.

The violence has caused thousands of military and civilian deaths. Two thirds of the territory escape the control of the central power.

Former President Keïta had long officially refused dialogue with the jihadists before breaking this dogma in February by saying he was ready to speak to some of them. However, previously unacknowledged contacts have existed for the release of hostages or the negotiation of a ceasefire.

The military junta has not closed the door to discussions. She vowed to seek the release of Soumaïla Cissé.

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Release of Sophie Pétronin: four questions on the jihadists released and their group .
© AFP / GONZALO FUENTES Sophie Pétronin was detained for four years by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims. After the release of Sophie Pétronin after four years of captivity, many questions arise about the negotiations that led to this happy ending. Because in order to achieve its goal and obtain the release of politician Soumaïla Cissé - Bamako's number one objective - the Malian authorities have agreed to release many prisoners.

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