World Money Talks: The small-business owners who just started another one

16:03  12 october  2020
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Federal Budget wish list is long for small businesses struggling with coronavirus

  Federal Budget wish list is long for small businesses struggling with coronavirus Shops without customers, tourist attractions without visitors and salons unable to operate — that's the reality for many businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. So what are they hoping for from Tuesday's Federal Budget.That's the reality for many businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Small business owners say the restrictive rules governing forgiveness of Paycheck Protection loans require them to either take on more debt or spend money in ways that don't benefit their business.

Let’s talk business ideas. However, once you’re reaping the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss and hustling your way into making significantly more money with your business ideas than you ever could at your day job, the hard work will have all been worth it.

Welcome to Money Talks, a series in which we interview people about their relationship with money, their relationship with each other, and how those relationships inform one another.

  Money Talks: The small-business owners who just started another one © Christina Animashaun for Vox / Getty Images

Lin Jerome and Alexandra Lourdes have been in the hospitality business for the past five years. The Las Vegas-based entrepreneurs met while they were both working at the University of Nevada Las Vegas — Alexandra was working in the provost’s office and running all of the major on-campus events, and Lin was the associate director of admissions for UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law — and after collaborating on a charity event to raise money for Make-A-Wish, realized that they worked very well together.

How tourist towns might survive the pandemic

  How tourist towns might survive the pandemic From Disneyland to Dollywood: Some businesses in former tourist hot spots are struggling, but others are seeing a boom in visitors.In the decades since, Anaheim and its shops and restaurants have generally benefited from this public-private partnership (although Disney has, on more than one occasion, sought to leverage its corporate power to negotiate deals with local politicians). The city has consistently broken visitor and spending records over the past six years, fueled by Disneyland’s ever-expanding magical empire, annual conventions like VidCon and Anime Expo, and live music and sporting events at the Honda Center.

Starting a business can require a lot of work, time and money . Follow this guide to get your business plan off on the right foot. Talk to any entrepreneur or small business owner and you'll quickly learn that starting a business requires Another option is to open a franchise of an established company.

I started this blog as a small business idea in 2019 to make money online. Just take Joe Rogan for example, who was paid 0 million to move his podcast exclusively to Spotify. You can pitch your design skills to small business owners or individuals to start your own business.

In 2015, Lin and Alexandra launched the Refined Agency, an interactive marketing company that worked closely with hospitality brands in Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Then they decided to employ their hospitality strategies themselves, for their own concepts and brands. The Refined Agency morphed into Refined Hospitality, a 42-employee business that brought in $1,244,756 in revenue in 2019.

Refined Hospitality is the driving force behind three Las Vegas concept restaurants: Café Lola, Saint Honoré, and the newly launched Pizza Anonymous, which was developed as a way to provide a unique speakeasy-style takeout pizza experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to being successful BIPOC small-business owners who are learning how to pivot during an unprecedented year, Lin and Alexandra are both moms — Lin, 39 years old, has a 16-month-old daughter; Alex, 36, has a 2-year-old daughter.

Hi, my name is Angie. I’m an undercover reporter

  Hi, my name is Angie. I’m an undercover reporter How I went under cover to expose high-ranking Cypriot politicians willing to help a convicted criminal get a passport.A year ago, I was sitting down to a late lunch by the waters of the Mediterranean in Ayia Napa, on the southern coast of Cyprus. Conversation and drinks flowed freely, as the waiter served up morsels of fresh lobster. Between bites, I did a quick tech check. The overworked battery pack was burning against my bare skin, an oddly reassuring sensation that the undercover cameras were still recording. It was hour five of day three.

Yet, some small businesses that did get loans called the rules too restrictive, saying that it would be more helpful if they could use the funds to retool And the cash ran out in 13 days, leaving many small business owners waiting in line and increasingly desperate. As the federal government prepares to

People who are careful with their money can thank their super-ego. Plasma donations help people who are fighting Leukemia and other immune disorders. This is a bit more complicated and involved than donating We created the SYOB course to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Lin: In 2017 we had the idea for our first concept, Café Lola. When we started the Refined Agency, we were always working out of coffee shops, and every coffee shop we would go to, we would find things that weren’t always up to — I wouldn’t say our standards, but they just didn’t have the things that we were looking for when we were working at these spaces. They were just drab, and they were uninspiring, and they didn’t have the items that we wanted to eat. Alex is gluten-free, and they didn’t have gluten-free pastries. So we had the idea for Café Lola, which we opened in 2018.

Alexandra: The main thing we want to do is give people an experience when they walk through the door. We learned that very quickly — that people don’t want to come in somewhere and not feel something special when they walk through the door. For Café Lola, we wanted to create a space where women would feel inspired when they came in. We’ve heard so many times that people don’t want to leave because they like sitting there and enjoying the aesthetic of the whole place, with flowers all over the wall and chandeliers.

How this free mentoring program is helping Victorian small business owners redo business plans and get a new perspective

  How this free mentoring program is helping Victorian small business owners redo business plans and get a new perspective More than 1,300 business owners have applied for the Victorian government's free small business mentoring program, with more than 200 already matched with mentors.Vitacca is the owner of Meditate Now, which she has been running since 2008 as a sole trader.

When we talk about water security, we are really talking about human rights, human dignity, and the development of all societies. G. People are beginning to realize that environmental problems are not just somebody else’s. This is especially true for kids who are learning the value of good habits.

Small business owners , desperate for help amid the economic meltdown wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, are eagerly awaiting the The bank had no information yet about how the program would work. Late Tuesday, the Treasury Department and the Small Business Administration released an

Lin: Every single concept that we’ve started thus far, we’ve kind of made it a business within a business. With the Refined Agency, we were working out of coffee shops initially, and then our company grew to eight employees and we needed to have an office. So we rented office space, and we said to ourselves, “You know, we’re paying so much in rent right now, it would be great to have a space where we could use a space as an office but still make revenue as well.” When we had the idea for Café Lola, we said, “This would be great to have the café downstairs and have The Refined Agency offices upstairs.” We knew we could pay the rent with the Refined Agency, and any revenue that the coffee shop would bring in would be additional.

For Saint Honoré, the idea was that we wanted to start making our own pastries for Café Lola. We were thinking of getting a commissary kitchen, but we came across this doughnut shop that the previous tenants had left. So we said, “Okay, why can’t we make the pastries in the back and then create a doughnut shop to get additional revenue from the front?”

Hughesdale salon owners slapped with $10,000 fine after opening

  Hughesdale salon owners slapped with $10,000 fine after opening A couple running a salon and barber in Melbourne's south-east say they have crowd-funded financial backing to fight a $10,000 fine for opening their businesses on Saturday against stage four lockdown rules. In the second prominent example this week, Adam and Weave Barber and Salon in Hughesdale opened its doors to customers for haircuts on Saturday morning with the owners citing "financial ruin" if they were to remain closed any longer.Police were waiting outside Jomana Najem and Rojih Alhallak's business at 8.

Every business owner is a citizen first , and it’s important that if you qualify for a stimulus payment you should do what you can to get this shot in the arm , financially speaking Next, business owners who received their PPP now have eight weeks to spend the money on payroll and specific expenses, but if

Start Your Business Business Ideas. Teens Blame Lacking Money Knowledge on Parents. By Business News Daily Editor, Expert Updated: May 1 , 2020. Among teens for whom budgeting was a concern, learning how to save and how to budget were their biggest priorities.

When we started thinking about Pizza Anonymous, [we thought], we had this doughnut shop, we close it every day at 3 pm, why not use the space in the evening and come up with another concept? From a business standpoint, we’re always trying to utilize our spaces and our products twofold.

At first, the coronavirus was a shock for us. On the East Coast, everything was happening so rapidly but it hadn’t really made its way out West yet. We were kind of hearing the news, and when things were starting to get shut down we didn’t really understand the impact it would have on Las Vegas. We didn’t know how it would affect our community. Then, overnight, we woke up, and it was, “as of 5 pm today you are curbside only,” and that’s it.

For me, it was a huge shock at first. One, because we have this global pandemic, which, you know, worrying about health and safety and us being new moms and having these young children, and me having my 70-year-old mom who lives with us, and having all of that go through your head on top of owning all of these businesses and having all of these employees and what do we do? I just shut down for a minute because I was scared.

But we’ve always just figured things out, so we pivoted rather quickly. The weekend before [the shutdown], we did have some insight into what was happening, so Alex and I came up with these to-go boxes and started uploading them into our point-of-sale system and asking ourselves how we were going to market them.

The colossal increase in property tax over the past ten years

 The colossal increase in property tax over the past ten years © Provided by Le Point property tax, owner, municipal elections For the happy owners, the deadline is approaching: the property tax will be levied on October 26? and it should be saltier than last year. Like every year for ten years. Indeed, the observatory of the National Union of Real Estate Owners (UNPI) unveiled to Parisien the figures of the local owners' tax and surprise, it increased by 31.4% in France , between 2009 and 2019. In total, 17.5 million French households own their main resid

Alexandra: We switched Café Lola to curbside, but Saint Honoré we just shut down completely. The amount of staff required to open our business is a lot, for doughnuts, especially because we’re doing everything from scratch. To have someone come in at 3 am to make donuts when we’re not sure if anyone is going to come in [to buy them] was a little risky. We said, “We’re going to have to close Saint Honoré because we don’t know if anyone’s even going to come out of their house.”

I came up with these fun birthday boxes for people who were celebrating at home. They were cute pink boxes with specialty items from Café Lola, but I would make them inside Saint Honoré. Cupcakes, our baked doughnuts, cake pops, and some chocolate truffles. We have this really awesome machine that can print customized logos and names and everything, so I printed “Happy Birthday” on the cupcakes and took a picture of them and posted it and it went crazy. I never would have imagined that kind of support. Honestly, I think it was a lot of the community helping us, but people we didn’t even know were asking for these boxes.

I couldn’t do it all myself, so I asked one of our staff members back. Sometimes we would have, like, 20 boxes to do in the morning. We were actually making more money than we did as a doughnut shop. I never thought it would happen like that.

Then I needed two staff members to help make the boxes, and we expanded from birthday boxes into Mommy and Me, Princess Tea — Café Lola has these princess teas, and I know people were missing them — I did a unicorn box, a lot of different fun things so people could still feel a bit of Café Lola at home.

Origin Energy chairman dismisses Beetaloo Basin Indigenous elder's opposition to fracking during AGM

  Origin Energy chairman dismisses Beetaloo Basin Indigenous elder's opposition to fracking during AGM Asked why Origin Energy is pushing ahead with exploration fracking in the Beetaloo Basin against the wishes of some Indigenous elders, the gas company's chair says it only needs to consult the traditional owners of land where work is occurring and "they actually want us to come".The company is exploring in the Beetaloo Basin south of Darwin, with the Federal Government naming it a key project in the nation's "gas-led recovery" from the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Lin: We wanted to make everyone comfortable with their new world and their new surroundings and the new way of doing things, but still have the things that they enjoy. Just a way to bring joy to everyone in this unbelievably stressful time. For Las Vegas it was stressful times 10 because our city is centered around tourism and hospitality. If you could have seen the Las Vegas Strip during that time, when nothing was open, to go down there and be able to hear a pin drop on Las Vegas Boulevard was unbelievably frightening. We just wanted to bring a little joy to everyone.

Alex: After a while, it started getting to the point where people didn’t want to be at home anymore — so we learned how to keep everyone safe in our environments. Everyone wore masks, everyone wore gloves, everyone sanitized their hands when they walked in; we’re not accepting cash anymore, we were taking every single precaution possible. We were like, “How can we still give back to the community by being open?” We had 10 calls a day asking for the doughnuts. People wanted us to be open. So Lin and I had a meeting and decided to open again, with all of our precautions and limited menu items. We could see that people really wanted to support us, especially because we were being so open and honest about what we were doing.

Lin: The other thing we decided to do during the pandemic was to market like nothing happened. We’re still going to post three times a day, we’re going to still do stories, we’re going to still do photos, we’re going to still do videos, we’re going to market like we never even closed. A lot of other businesses just kind of went silent for eight weeks, which, just doing some research and going back to pandemics in the past or the Great Depression, the businesses that made it through those times were the ones that went on like nothing happened.

That’s where Pizza Anonymous came from. Before the pandemic even happened, my husband Steve — he’s Italian, his mom is from Southern Italy, so he grew up making pizzas with his family every Sunday. He likes to make family meals for the staff, so he made pizzas one day [pre-pandemic], and everyone loved them. When the pandemic happened, I was wracking my brain to think of other ideas that we could utilize our spaces and make additional revenue. I literally sat up for two nights straight, so stressed out, and then I woke Steve up and said, “What if we did pizzas out of Café Lola?” He said, “No, let’s do them out of Saint Honoré.”

Greater Manchester leaders told 'door is open' for further talks on Tier 3 support

  Greater Manchester leaders told 'door is open' for further talks on Tier 3 support Local leaders in Greater Manchester have been told that the "door is open" for further talks, despite the prime minister imposing Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions on the region. Boris Johnson announced that tougher COVID-19 restrictions will be introduced in Greater Manchester from Friday.Moving into Tier 3 means pubs and bars in Greater Manchester will be closed, unless they serve substantial meals, while betting shops, casinos, bingo halls, adult gaming centres and soft play areas will also shut.

Alex: We were, like, what if we did it like a secret? What if we didn’t even tell people it was us? We were going back and forth on the idea of, like, hiding the owners and all of that. That’s how the Pizza Anonymous name came up. We were going to launch it delivery-only, so people didn’t even know where it was, but we thought, “No, our following is so loyal, we need to share who we are.”

We’re a dough shop — we make beignets, we make our doughnuts — so we had all of the items we needed to make pizza. We got what we needed for the toppings from Café Lola, because at Café Lola we serve meat and cheese boards. All of the high-quality ingredients we were putting on the meat and cheese boards went on our pizzas. The only thing we had to bring in was cauliflower, because I wanted to make a gluten-free option. We make our cauliflower crust from scratch, and people say it’s the best they’ve ever had.

Lin: On July 31, we launched Pizza Anonymous out of Saint Honoré. We were sold out before we even opened. We shared clues on Instagram to “where could this location possibly be, look for the pizza slice on the door.” It was really, really cool. The first day, we were sitting up in the office, and I opened my email and we had 20 orders. I didn’t even know if we could fulfill them all, because the whole premise was “we make a limited number of pies, and when we sell out, we sell out.” We had sold out before 5 pm and we had people lined up in front waiting to come in.

The concept took off so well that we decided we wanted to launch it in Henderson, too. So on September 5, which is National Cheese Pizza Day, we launched Pizza Anonymous 2 out of Café Lola Henderson.

Alexandra: The startup costs were very low. One of the main reasons we did this was to give our staff more hours, because we were closed. We were able to bring back the other half of our staff, and they’re working the nights at Saint Honoré, and they’re super grateful.

Lin: Some of our Café Lola staff are also able to pick up additional hours. It really has become a way for all of the staff members in the Refined Hospitality group to have additional hours and work on this new concept. Pizza Anonymous has also brought in additional revenue for us, which has been extremely helpful because Covid, for everyone, kind of depleted — the percentages we were down, it’s frightening.

We were lucky enough to get Paycheck Protection Program funding in the second round. For businesses, that was so crucial.

Alex: We wouldn’t have been open without that.

Lin: I tell people, “Revenue went down 80 percent, but all the bills remained the same.” Landlords still need to be paid. There are still sales taxes that needed to be paid from previous quarters. None of the bills stopped, but the revenue stopped. Without PPP funding, there is no way we would be opening today. With all the marketing and sales you could have possibly done, the bills are still exorbitant.

Alex: We’re forced to be at 50 percent capacity, but the bills are still 100 percent.

Lin: We’re still busy. With Café Lola, we have people waiting to get in on the weekends, and if we could be at 100 percent capacity we wouldn’t have to do that. People still want to sit and eat at Café Lola, we just can’t accommodate them.

With Covid, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but we’re confident that we’ll eventually one day get back to where we were. But we’re behind. Everyone is behind right now.

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Greater Manchester leaders told 'door is open' for further talks on Tier 3 support .
Local leaders in Greater Manchester have been told that the "door is open" for further talks, despite the prime minister imposing Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions on the region. Boris Johnson announced that tougher COVID-19 restrictions will be introduced in Greater Manchester from Friday.Moving into Tier 3 means pubs and bars in Greater Manchester will be closed, unless they serve substantial meals, while betting shops, casinos, bingo halls, adult gaming centres and soft play areas will also shut.

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