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11:06  13 october  2020
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Church leaders and the church ’s image are. This is why I’m feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time about the future of people of faith in America. While these recent moments are fundamentally baby steps in a much longer journey for the church to reclaim some of the trust it has lost over the

In 2015, they made up 23 percent. The Importance of This Phenomenon. Christianity Today published an article citing six primary reasons that millennials leave the church . The author said that millennials feel the church is isolated from the world, exclusive in nature, and inhospitable to those

Millennials, the much-maligned generation derided for their love of avocados and sense of entitlement, may be about to get their first saint. Last Saturday, in the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi, technological whiz kid Carlo Acutis was beatified. The young man, who used the internet to spread his faith, died of leukemia in 2006 at the tender age of 15. Beatification is the final step before canonization, or sainthood.

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Carlo was born in London in May 1991 to Italian Catholic parents but moved to Italy as an infant and spent most of his life in Milan. From a young age Carlo exhibited a great interest in technology and reportedly taught himself to code when he was very young. His mother, Antonia Salzano, described him as a “computer genius” to Vatican News. Though he was fond of Halo, Super Mario, and Pokémon, Carlo did not use the internet just “to chat or have fun” and, instead, maintained websites for local Catholic organizations and created other sites documenting appearances by the Virgin Mary and Eucharistic miracles.

Emily in Paris Is an Irresistible Fantasy

  Emily in Paris Is an Irresistible Fantasy In Darren Star’s latest series, the Sex and the City creator imagines an alternate universe where good intentions and accomplishing the bare minimum is enough. That’s a resonant fantasy in a time when, for many Millennials, life feels out of balance and modest pleasures—say, taking a walk around the block for a “commute” or participating in a Zoom happy hour to “see” friends—have become quotidian.

Millennials are at it again . What are they doing this time? Simply put, they’re staying single. They're not getting married and they’re doing it in record

All the churches espouse a “come as you are, all are welcome” ethos but still take very seriously the word of the Bible and the primacy of Jesus Christ as How are you able to be a young Christian in the freewheeling millennial world? Surround yourself with other Christians. If you take one coal out of the

In real life, Carlo was equally pious and altruistic. He attempted to say the rosary and attend mass daily and even asked his mother if he should become a priest. He was involved in charity work and, according to his mother, used his own savings to buy sleeping bags for the homeless and help those who were down on their luck. Among many other things, he volunteered at a local soup kitchen. By all accounts his behavior was utterly saintly. His mother has said that he has a natural predisposition for the sacred.

While there are some younger modern saints, he is thought to be the youngest contemporary person to be beatified and would certainly be the first millennial to be recognized as a saint by the church. His beatification was announced in June, following a formal investigation into the miraculous recovery of a 7-year-old boy in Brazil. The child had been suffering from a rare pancreatic disorder when he came across a T-shirt of Acutis and prayed to him for healing. The cure was verified by the Church as his first “miracle from heaven” in February, and his feast day is Oct. 12, the anniversary of his death. Technically, in order for him to progress to sainthood, Acutis would need a second miracle, but Pope Francis has been known to waive the requirement.

Tasmanian chapter of Concerned Catholics says church must change or face empty pews

  Tasmanian chapter of Concerned Catholics says church must change or face empty pews Tasmania's Catholic Church is being challenged by a new group from within to be more transparent, accountable and relevant — with the recent fallout over a priest's appointment cited as an example of parishioners not being listened to.Catholics in Tasmania are joining forces with a national lobby group within the Church to push for change and to "bring it into the 21st century".

An Italian teenager who used the internet to spread his faith is on a path to becoming the Catholic Church 's first millennial saint . Acutis was placed on the path to sainthood after the Vatican ruled he had miraculously saved another boy's life. The Church claimed he interceded from heaven in 2013 to

The Church is losing touch with Generation Y. If they lose us, what hope do they have with The singing I found inclusive and inspiring. Sure, some of the hymns made me cringe, but so does the The Church can represent community and wisdom again if only we would take the time to pause

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There is no denying Carlo’s piety or character, both of which will have been rigorously investigated by the Church, but it is also worth recognizing the ways in which his beatification speaks to the needs of a 21st-century denomination struggling to attract young congregants in Europe and North America. Enzo Fortunato, church spokesperson and director of the press office of the sacred Convent of Assissi, said that Acutis represents a new form of Christian evangelism; “Young people,” he said “might have been tired of a pastoral ministry that’s maybe a bit out of step with the times, despite all its efforts.”

His technological savvy and millennial skill set did not mean that Acutis fell victim to the usual temptations of scrolling the ’gram and coveting the lives of highly filtered influencers. Speaking last year, Pope Francis said that Acutis, “saw that many young people, wanting to be different, really end up being like everyone else, running after whatever the powerful set before them with the mechanisms of consumerism and distraction.” Consumerism and disengagement from the problems afflicting the world are problems that Pope Francis has repeatedly denounced since becoming Pope in 2013. But, as Cardinal Agostino Vallini said at the ceremony on Saturday, Acutis steered clear of the temptations and “used the internet in the service of the Gospel, to reach as many people as possible.”

How Churches Are Failing Black Parishioners

  How Churches Are Failing Black Parishioners Pastors’ silence on racism and COVID-19 may already be leading to an exodus of Black church members.Leaving one’s church represents a personal loss for the individual, but the institution also suffers when parishioners decide to take their valuable perspectives away from the flock. It’s still too early to quantify exactly how many Black churchgoers nationwide have made such a decision, or how many might still leave their church if their concerns aren’t addressed. The parishioners who spoke with me, however, had very similar stories, pointing to a potential trend.

Millennials Leaving the Church - Classic - Kat L. Armstrong, Nika Spaulding, Sam Eaton, an - Продолжительность: 46:58 Dallas Theological Seminary 7 816 просмотров. Another church going Millennial who doesn’t know the gospel. - Продолжительность: 3:53 Wretched 39 658 просмотров.

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This is not the first time that the canonization process has reflected larger political and cultural shifts in the Church. In the 15th century, as Christopher MacEvitt, a professor at Dartmouth, has written, a group of five Franciscan martyrs were canonized in order to rally Christians to the anti-Ottoman cause. In 2004 John Paul II canonized Gianna Beretta Molla, a pediatrician lauded for choosing to carry her child to term despite being diagnosed with uterine cancer. She died a week after giving birth and became an instant icon in pro-life circles. Broadly speaking, the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges the existence of many anonymous saints whose cases were never formally investigated or verified, but are recognized as saints in heaven. Molla, the Franciscans, and Acutis deserve canonization, but their recognition as such by the Church reflects both their popularity and the ecclesiastical concerns of their times.

For a Church often accused of being outdated and out-of-touch with today’s youth, Carlo represents a very modern form of Catholic piety. The marriage of tradition and technology was very much a part of the beatification ceremony on Saturday. Acutis’ heart, now a relic, was processed into the church by his parents. Relics, which may seem outdated and downright grisly to some, have been venerated by Catholics for over 1,000 years. Those looking for something more tweetable should be reassured that if and when he acquires sainthood, Carlo is likely to be the first patron saint of the internet.

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