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07:55  18 october  2020
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Voters in Guinea will head to the polls on Sunday to elect the country’s next president , in a tense election that comes after months of deadly unrest. Nearly five million voters are eligible to cast ballots in the presidential contest that pits incumbent Alpha Conde against 11 challengers, most notably

PARIS -- Amid heightened security, French voters began casting ballots for their next president Sunday in a first-round poll that’s being seen as a Voters are choosing between 11 presidential candidates in the most unpredictable contest in generations. The current president , Socialist

Préparatifs du vote à Matoto (Conakry) pour le double scrutin du 22 mars en Guinée. © C. Valade / RFI Preparations for the vote in Matoto (Conakry) for the double ballot on March 22 in Guinea.

Twelve candidates are in the running, including outgoing president Alpha Condé, who is seeking a contested third term, and his main opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo. The key elements of this election.

With our correspondent in Conakry, Moctar Bah

Even if the vote takes place throughout the country, from 8 am to 6 pm, many Guineans in the diaspora will not be able to speak. They will vote in only eleven embassies and consulates in Africa, according to a source at the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni). This will not be the case in Senegal or even in Angola, two countries where many Guinean nationals reside.

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Elections in California, 2020. Election date: Nov. 3. Registration deadline(s): Oct. 20. Online registration: Yes. Same-day registration: Yes. Early voting starts: Varies locally. Absentee/mail voting deadline(s): Nov. 3 (postmarked); Nov. 6 (received). Voter ID: No ID.

Alternation or a third term for Alpha Condé?

The main stake of this election is the renewal of Alpha Condé for a third term, or the alternation at the head of the country. This battle, the head of state, who changed the Constitution during a controversial referendum to be able to stand for re-election, hopes to win in the first round, with a new "knockout", as he had theorized. in 2015.

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He will face eleven other candidates, including Cellou Dalein Diallo of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), his opponent for the third time, who campaigned on this slogan: "It is time".

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More than 22 million US voters have cast their ballots already in the US presidential election, the Associated Press news agency has reported. In a batch of QAnon-linked Republican congressional candidates on ballots across the US this general election season, experts see a product of increased

Next come, for the best known, Ousmane Kaba from PADES, Ousmane Doré, Kabélé Camara or even Abé Sylla, and two women, Makalé Camara and Makalé Traoré. All ready to challenge the "professor" for the supreme office.

Climate of mistrust

If the Ceni ensures that everything is ready for the vote, commissioners of the institution have expressed doubts about the credibility of the process and a climate of mistrust reigns in the headquarters of political parties.

A few hours before the opening of the polling stations, the different camps accuse each other of fueling the tension by intimidating their respective delegates.

Within the ranks of the UFDG, the main opposition party, they denounce "a unilateral organization" of the composition of polling stations with the provision of a single report for all candidates. "Everything is done to create discord," sighs its secretary general Aliou Condé.

Prison to president: The 82-year-old eyeing six more years

  Prison to president: The 82-year-old eyeing six more years Alpha Condé, who spent years in opposition, is seeking a controversial third term.If he fails to clinch outright victory with more than 50% of the vote, the president will probably have to face off against his leading opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, in a run-off that on past form that will probably spark violent confrontation on the streets of Conakry, the crowded capital city, crammed into a narrow peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic.

More than 192 million people were eligible to cast their ballot to select 20,000 local and national lawmakers Mr Widodo called for patience when he addressed his supporters. "We have seen the results of the quick Voters - including those in remote and far-flung parts of the vast country - had a

President Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, and Mr Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, have effectively moved their campaigns indoors, skipping the rallies and rope lines that are typically front and centre in an election season. In the coming months we'll find out who has won over

On the side of the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG), the party in power, we are on the other hand rather serene about the conduct of the voting operations. It is during the counting and centralization of the results that party spokeswoman Domani Doré fears tensions. "The opposition has already warned that it will proclaim its own results when only the Ceni has the right to do so," she worries. “No one can prevent citizens from communicating,” replies Aliou Condé.

These two main formations have planned to deploy delegates to each of the 425 prefecture polling stations. Their officials promise to be vigilant on the transparency of the ballot, as indicated in this report by our special correspondent Charlotte Idrac in Labé:

In a statement published on Saturday, Amnesty International calls on the authorities to

"to protect the security of all the population, while the electoral campaign was marked by violence and human rights violations ”.

An election after months of protest

With our special correspondent in Kankan, Bineta Diagne

October 2019. Trade unionists, young people and politicians decide to unite around the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC ). Their goal: to prevent the outgoing president, Alpha Condé, from modifying the Constitution in order to run for a third term.

Guineans elect president in test vote for democracy

  Guineans elect president in test vote for democracy Guineans cast ballots for a president Sunday, with the 82-year-old incumbent bidding for a third term despite mass protests against the move and concerns about democratic backsliding. Canvassing in the West African state ends Friday at midnight, capping a tense political campaign marked by insults traded between President Alpha Conde and his leading rival Cellou Dalein Diallo. The poll on Sunday also follows months of political unrest in Guinea, where mass protests against a Conde third term, from October last year, have left dozens of people dead in a security-forces crackdown.

Google helps Americans cast their vote by showing locations of polls and ballot drop boxes in The firm is set to block ads related to the US presidential election after polls close on November 3. Along with ads, the social media giant says it is removing posts that call for people to tune into the

Careful attention to polls is unwise, as polls only reflect the passive attitudes of voters . Politicians use polls to follow the crowd rather than to assert bold leadership. The largest expenditure in a campaign budget for the presidency or a statewide office today would almost certainly be.

The FNDC manages to mobilize many citizens. But these rallies ended in clashes with law enforcement and arrests. The FNDC then opts for “dead city days”. At the same time, the political dialogue is tense: based on the recommendations of a report by the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), the opposition questions the reliability of the file, which according to it includes anomalies . On March 22, the opposition called for a boycott of the referendum and legislative elections. Believing that the electoral process is not transparent, the international community does not send observers.

The "yes" in favor of a new Constitution finally wins with 91% of the votes against a background of violence: there are officially about thirty

dead in Forest Guinea. Then at the end of August, a dramatic turn of events: after heated internal debates,

the opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo entered the presidential race. The leader of the UFDG wants to "fight at the polls against a third term of the outgoing president". It thus breaks with the strategy of the FNDC, whose demonstrations are now struggling to mobilize. The ECOWAS, which finally supported the Electoral Commission in the overhaul of the file, considers that the latter is now of "satisfactory quality". Despite this, some members of the Ceni and the opposition continue to doubt the reliability of the electoral process.

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