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12:45  20 october  2020
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If We Don't Win in Pennsylvania, 'We Are So Screwed,' Biden Insider Says

  If We Don't Win in Pennsylvania, 'We Are So Screwed,' Biden Insider Says With less than a month to go until Election Day, both presidential campaigns are amping up efforts in what appears to be the most important battleground state. Newsweek takes an inside look at the strategies of both candidates—and the impact of legal challenges on the voting process.What convinced "Basement Biden," as Trump mockingly refers to his opponent, to so dramatically reverse course—ironically, just before the president was forced by his COVID-19 diagnosis to pull back from the campaign trail?

Polls show Biden is currently faring worse than Clinton' s final performance with black voters. In particular, he is struggling to gain the support of younger And they were more motivated than men to do whatever it takes to force Trump out of office - even if they weren't enthused by the Democratic

Graphic video shows Ahmaud Arbery, of Georgia, being shot by Brunswick residents Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael. The men claim they thought he was a burglar while his family say he was out jogging.

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American-flag bunting frames Headliners Barbershop in Detroit. Out front, four barber’s chairs, spaced six feet apart, form a straight line. In one of them, Garlin Gilchrist, the lieutenant governor of Michigan, sits up, then leans on the right armrest, turning to Senator Kamala Harris, who occupies the seat next to him. “All of us know somebody who has been affected or who has died,” he tells the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. “That’s happened to me 23 times since this pandemic hit. Twenty-three goodbyes.” Harris nods along.

Through his black mask, Gilchrist tells the smattering of Black men from the area who have joined the “Shop Talk” event, the Biden campaign’s series of conversations focused on Black voters, that all of this was preventable. Since the pandemic began, more than 7,000 Michiganders have lost their lives to the coronavirus. “Not a single one of them had to die. Their death was a policy failure—a policy failure that started with a failure in the White House,” he says.

What was Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine?

  What was Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine? What is the background to the claims made by President Trump about Ukraine and the Bidens?The issue has resurfaced following a New York Post article focused on an alleged email in which an adviser from a Ukrainian energy company apparently thanked Hunter Biden for inviting him to meet his father.

Hunter Biden and Archer, in particular, formed significant and consistent financial relationships with the corrupt oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky during their time Hunter Biden and Archer received million for being on Burisma’ s board. They and other Biden family members also received millions of dollars

Surrounded by the media yes- men , Biden went ahead with the whole “character” and “soul of America” approach, which highlighted his and his party’ s weaknesses, not strengths! The Democrats’ biggest problem is massive cognitive dissonance. They claim to be the revolutionary party of progress

Although Black women have often been called “the backbone of the Democratic Party,” Black men have not been reliably Democratic in such large numbers. During the 2016 election, 98 percent of Black women who voted cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, whereas 81 percent of Black men did. Fourteen percent of Black men voted for Donald Trump. The Biden campaign knew, going into the race, that it would need to maintain that support Clinton received. But merely matching Clinton’s numbers would not be enough—it needed to build upon them. The campaign recognized that its success or failure in energizing Black men could dictate whether America had four more years of the Trump administration. As millions of voters have begun mailing in their ballots and voting in person, the Biden campaign is racing to make its final pitches to the electorate, including Black men. It has held virtual conversations with prominent Black mayors, dispatched Magic Johnson to Detroit, and blanketed television and radio with ads designed to reach Black men and avoid a repeat of 2016.

Roaring or yawning? Incredible sleepy wildlife moments

  Roaring or yawning? Incredible sleepy wildlife moments Yawning occurs in just about every vertebrate animal. And yawning in many animals, including birds, is frequently associated with drowsiness. But not exclusively. For example, while most species of birds open their beaks in a fair impression of a mammalian yawn, no one has yet proven whether or not this "jaw stretching" also regularly includes the inhalation and exhalation of air. Some species of penguin employ yawning as part as part of their courtship ritual. And for other noisy and gregarious birds like parrots, yawning serves as a social signal. With primates, yawning is a sign of sleepiness. But a yawn can also convey complex social messages, for example, to demonstrate friendliness and aggression. Furthermore, yawning can be contagious. In humans, yawning is demonstrably contagious, as it is easily triggered by seeing, hearing, reading, or simply thinking about another individual yawning. Similarly, with primates, and especially monkeys, yawning is contagious between individuals. Anyone who owns a pet dog will know that canines often yawn after seeing people yawn. Cats also demonstrate this kind of empathy towards their owners. Cats and dogs, however, also advertise their need for sleep, and will yawn simply because they are genuinely tired and in need of rest. In the animal kingdom, many animals yawn, even creatures as diverse as fish and reptiles. Indeed, some snakes yawn after a good meal (in fact, it’s a way of realigning their jaws after eating).

Joe Biden ' s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families. In this time of crisis, Joe Biden has a plan to create millions of good-paying jobs and to build back better an economy that works for everyone.

Joe Biden . Highlights. Photo. CreditJason Henry for The New York Times. Biden Picks Former F.D.A. Chief to Lead Federal Vaccine Efforts. Dr. David Kessler, who helped speed the development and approval of AIDS drugs in the 1990 s , will become the top science official for the initiative the

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Four years ago, at a rally an hour and a half northwest of Detroit, Donald Trump asked what came to be an infamous question. “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth are unemployed,” he said, referring to Black voters. “What the hell do you have to lose?” He boasted to the audience in Dimondale, a city that is 93 percent white, that after four years, he would win 95 percent of the Black vote in the country. But four years later, one of every 1,000 Black Americans has died during a pandemic that has disproportionately affected them, and the Black unemployment rate is more than 50 percent higher than it was at the end of the Obama administration. Still, the Biden campaign is not resting on that fact alone to get Black men to turn out in three weeks.

A lot of Black men “were Trump-curious in 2016, and they thought that he was some great businessman and prosperity would rain down from his administration,” Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, one of the Biden-campaign co-chairs, told me recently. But although Black voters helped catapult the Biden campaign in the Democratic primary, several polls among Black men have remained consistent with the last election. In one September survey of likely voters, Black women, again, overwhelmingly support the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, but roughly 17 percent of Black men say they plan to support the president. Still, Richmond told me, the campaign believes it can outperform those expectations by “talking straight to Black men about the things they’re concerned about.”

Mysterious emails and convenient leaks: The Trump campaign’s Hunter Biden attacks, explained

  Mysterious emails and convenient leaks: The Trump campaign’s Hunter Biden attacks, explained All of a sudden, people have come out of the woodwork saying they have Hunter Biden emails.The contents of what was purportedly Hunter’s laptop were first provided to the New York Post last week by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. A computer repair store owner claimed the laptop was left at his store, but questions have been raised about whether that story is accurate and whether all the information allegedly on the laptop is authentic.

Nonetheless, the way Biden worded the comments hurt some black voters, who have carried the Democratic Party for decades and handed Biden Many of the reactions to Biden ' s comments were measured, advocating that the former VP should do more to assure the black community he isn't

In 1982 Biden , who had a great relationship with federal law enforcement, used his influence to have the FBI and IRS arrest Jill Biden ’ s ex husband William W. Stevenson and charge him not for non-payment of taxes, but for putting the taxes in a regular account and not a SPECIAL ACCOUNT.

Video: Voter to Biden: Besides ‘you ain’t Black’...'what do you have to say to young, Black voters?' (NBC News)

The campaign’s strategy is similar to the one it employed during the Democratic primary, Trey Baker, the Biden campaign’s national director for African American engagement, told me. “The primary is like a series of local elections,” he said. “It’s like you’re running for mayor in every town across the country.” The relationships with local activists, barbers, pastors, and other leaders are where those elections are won. Biden’s team has carried the relationships it built during such retail campaigning in the primary to its largely virtual homestretch. The boost Biden received from Black voters in South Carolina rescued his primary campaign, and their support across the rest of the South sustained it. The campaign hopes they will buoy him in November, as well. But the Biden campaign struggled with young Black voters during the primary. (In one February Morning Consult poll, 46 percent of Black voters under the age of 45 said they would have preferred Senator Bernie Sanders.)

Trump confronts Biden on son's business dealings in final presidential debate

  Trump confronts Biden on son's business dealings in final presidential debate Trump confronts Biden on son's business dealings in final presidential debateTrump, Biden clash over Hunter Biden business dealings at final presidential debate

In late September, Vince Evans, who directed Biden’s southern political strategy during the primary campaign and now works as Harris’s political director, went home to Florida and saw firsthand the lack of enthusiasm some young Black men had for the former vice president. “He wasn’t sure he was going to vote, but I eventually got him there,” Evans told me of one of his cousins. “But he talked about the two things that were top of mind for him—and the other young men in my family—and it was: What can we do to once and for all deal with systemic racism in this country? And job security.” According to a July survey conducted by American University in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, Black Americans under the age of 30 were more likely to fear police brutality, and less likely to trust that Democrats would do what is in the best interest of the Black community. These are the voters the Trump campaign, a Channel 4 News investigation in the United Kingdom revealed, tried to deter from voting in 2016—and the ones it hopes will stay home in this cycle as well.

The margins matter when it comes to Black support. Some voters might be encouraged to vote for Biden because he’s not Trump. As the media obsessed over how Black voters would swing in 2004, one voter told the Chicago Tribune, “I’m not excited about Kerry, but he’s the other guy; he’s the alternative to Bush.” (Kerry won 88 percent of Black votes that year.) Four years later, a record 95 percent of Black voters supported Barack Obama’s historic candidacy. But in 2016, Hillary Clinton was not able to hold on to the coalition Obama built. Even so, she matched Kerry’s numbers, earning 88 percent of the Black vote. As Theodore R. Johnson wrote in The New York Times Magazine last month, “an enduring unity at the ballot box is not confirmation that Black voters hold the same views on every contested issue, but rather that they hold the same view on the one most consequential issue: racial equality.” But will enough Black voters show up to carry Biden?

The absurd controversy over Joe Biden’s “transition away from the oil industry”

  The absurd controversy over Joe Biden’s “transition away from the oil industry” Trump wants to make the shift to clean energy sound abrupt and scary.Trump himself put it in the most dramatic terms:

Though white college-educated women might be the bloc most likely to swing this election, the Biden campaign doesn’t want to take any chances. Back outside of Headliners, Gilchrist made clear Michigan’s responsibility in electing Trump. “This is the state Trump won by the slimmest margin of any state: 10,704 votes. A number that is seared into my mind for the rest of eternity,” he said. “But I challenge you that there are 11,000 Black men in Michigan that can turn that around.”

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On September 29, seven days after Gilchrist and Harris spoke at the barbershop, Biden and Trump met on stage in Cleveland for the first Democratic debate. Trump bulldozed the conversation. He talked over the moderator, Chris Wallace. He interrupted Biden. But the steady hum of crosstalk subsided for a moment as Wallace briefly regained control. “Why should voters trust you rather than your opponent to deal with the race issues facing this country?” he asked both candidates. Biden alluded to America’s unfulfilled promises—the equality guaranteed by the Constitution that has not been made available to all Americans. Trump knocked Biden for his work on the 1994 Crime Bill, which has dogged his candidacy, before pivoting to a muddy response about his support among law enforcement.

But Richmond—and the Biden campaign—want to expand the conversation beyond that question. “There are a number of things that highlight the urgency of this election. One is the racial awakening. But if we’re talking about Black males, that’s nothing new,” Richmond told me. Systemic racism is nothing new when you’ve lived it. “We didn’t need eight minutes and 46 seconds of a police officer on George Floyd’s neck to know what was happening.” The 41 percent of Black businesses that have closed as a result of the pandemic, the 60 percent of Black households facing “serious financial problems,” and the abysmal Black unemployment rate after four years of the Trump administration offer a clear divide between Biden and the president, Richmond argued. “We all know who Donald Trump is. The real question is who we want to be.”

Joe Biden: From tragedy to verge of triumph in storied political career .
He has suffered profound personal tragedy and seen his earlier political ambitions thwarted, but veteran Democrat Joe Biden hopes his pledge to unify Americans will deliver him the presidency after nearly half a century in Washington. Rarely has the profile of opposing presidential nominees differed so sharply as in the 2020 race, which pits the empathetic Biden, with decades of leadership and a blue-collar upbringing, against brawling President Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who insists he remains the outsider.

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