World Google's smart displays offer new functions (not only) for home office users.

16:40  20 october  2020
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Search On: Google improves search engine through AI models

 Search On: Google improves search engine through AI models A long time ago, Google announced a function in Google Maps that is supposed to show overcrowded local transport and squares. The group has now integrated these into the route planner and has quintupled global coverage. More outdoor areas have been added. The presentation names beaches, parks, petrol stations and shops as examples. Google Maps shows security rules due to Corona.

Smarter , not harder. Smart Display campaigns automatically optimize within days. Your campaign automatically selects the best combination of assets While targeting within Smart Display campaigns is automated, Google Ads offers additional controls to help you manage where your ads appear.

The Lenovo Smart Display is designed to work in landscape mode. However, portrait mode is supported for video calling only . The experience with the Google Assistant on your Lenovo Smart Display is the same as with other products that have the Google Assistant built in, like small speakers.

Google is giving its assistant-controlled smart displays an optical and functional update. This not only makes operation more flexible, but also more visually appealing.

Google spendiert seinen Smart-Displays ein neues visuelles Konzept und einige neue Funktionen. © t3n Google has given its smart displays a new visual concept and some new functions.

In competition with the intelligent displays of the Amazon Echo series , Google is now opting for an optical modernization, paired with a significant functional expansion. Especially for people who have private and professional Google accounts, the benefit increases considerably.

Design adapts to the course of the day

On the visual design side, Google adapts its displays to current trends (see also: Smart Displays from Google and Lenovo with Google Assistant in the test). In the future, they will have a dark mode that can be activated automatically during the day if desired. In addition, a new start screen displays collections of functions that depend on the time of day.

Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren find a common enemy: Google

  Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren find a common enemy: Google The Massachusetts senator wants the attorney general to resign. She also wants him to sue Google.But that’s what Google has done. President Trump’s attorney general and personal fixer has filed an antitrust suit against the trillion-dollar internet titan. And the Massachusetts senator, who despises everything about the Trump administration and has called on Barr to resign, is cheering him on. Sort of.

Google ' s smart displays bring the power of search home . Read full article. Daniel Howley. Lenovo’ s Smart Display is the first of four new Google Assistant powered smart screens. CVS stores offer a range of home healthcare and hygiene products, along with basic groceries, pharmacy services, and

You still get Google ' s smart - home control panels and recipe guides, plus the Lenovo display has a smart camera for video calls and a physical shutter to Direct dial (US, UK, and Canada, outgoing calls only ), video calls with Google Duo. Smart kitchen features. Step-by-step recipe assistance with

For example, the morning display would show the essential information for the coming day, such as the first meeting, the most important news or the day's weather forecast. Over the course of the day, the recommendations displayed adapt to the likely changing needs of the user.

In the evening, the display prominently offers relaxation media, such as the sound of a rain shower. This should help you get to sleep more easily. In the morning, a slowly brightening display should provide the sunrise effect, which in turn wants to ensure a gentle awakening.

Tabs with collections of functions make operation easier.

In addition to the time-of-day-dependent screens, Google is introducing another display called “Discover” that contains content that the user might also be interested in. If the interest is proven often enough, the content could find a more prominent place in the time-of-day ads. The Discover tab also provides tips on how to use the display.

US slaps Google with antitrust suit, eyes possible breakup

  US slaps Google with antitrust suit, eyes possible breakup The US government filed a blockbuster lawsuit Tuesday accusing Google of maintaining an "illegal monopoly" in online search and advertising in the country's biggest antitrust case in decades -- and opening the door to a potential breakup of the Silicon Valley titan. The politically-charged case, which could take years to play out, draws new battle lines between the US government and Big Tech with potentially major implications for the sector. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said the case filed with Republican state attorneys general from 11 states takes aim at Google's dominance of the online ecosystem.

The 0 Google Home Max puts Google ' s smarts into a speaker designed to deliver premium sound. Google can then offer personalized answers if you ask about your commute to work or your schedule for the day. All of Google ' s smart speakers, smart displays , Chromecast streamers and

The Lenovo Smart Display was actually the first smart display to debut with Google Assistant built-in and it's still one of the best. You still get Google ' s smart - home control panels and recipe guides, plus the Lenovo display has a camera for video calls and a physical shutter to cover it if you want privacy.

In the future, smart displays will group access to various streaming platforms under “Media”. Here you can start podcasts or music from Spotify or watch videos from Disney Plus, Netflix or Youtube.

Google also combines all control options for the smart home in a separate tab. From here, lamps can be switched on and off, surveillance cameras activated and all other Google-integrated components used.

More useful in the home office

Smart displays are also becoming more useful for the current scenario of home office users. It starts with the fact that Google will transparently integrate private and professional accounts and enable their seamless use.

video conferences can be conducted using a smart display. Google already supports Duo and Meet, but will also offer the popular Zoom at short notice. Google brings all communication options together in a separate tab.

DOJ Says Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Has 'Nothing to Do' With President

  DOJ Says Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Has 'Nothing to Do' With President The lawsuit filed Tuesday morning against Google has nothing to do with President Donald Trump, said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.While on a call with reporters, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen was asked about the timing of the lawsuit's filing and if the DOJ had any discussions with Trump before the case was brought.

Google Home may not be perfect, but it’ s sure to get better over time as Google continues to work on its AI voice assistant technology, Google Assistant, and we’ll be updating our review regularly as new functionality continues to be added.

Overall, Google ' s smart displays still handle multitasking and cooking better than the Echo Show. Plug in the Lenovo Smart Display and it prompts you to go through the setup process using the Once you're set up, you'll need to start most functions with a voice command, but you can also touch

In the future, the smart display will be able to do more than just record and show the image within a video conference. In Meet, for example, the camera ensures that users are always centered, even when they are moving around the room. You can also customize how a conference is shown on the smart display. Individual participants can be focused or the classic four-way grid can be displayed. It should also be possible to enlarge individual participants on the screen via pinch and zoom in the course of the year.

t3n says:

With the function update, Google wants to set itself apart from Amazon. This works particularly well with those users who are already firmly anchored in the Google cosmos, possibly with multiple accounts. The concept only makes sense where users have smart displays in several rooms. I would really like the new conference facilities, but I would have little use for sleep sounds and sunrise alarm clocks in my study.

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