World researchers from China are developing a super battery for e-cars that can be charged in a few minutes

10:30  21 october  2020
10:30  21 october  2020 Source:   businessinsider.de

A plan to radically reduce China’s emissions by 2050

  A plan to radically reduce China’s emissions by 2050 A new report is the latest sign that China is serious about decarbonizing.Going carbon neutral means that China would use clean energy sources and capture or offset any remaining emissions. By removing the same amount of carbon it’s emitting into the atmosphere, it would achieve “net-zero” carbon emissions.

Researchers from Tianjin University announced on March 28 that they believe they had developed ultra high energy fluorinated carbon materials that can be integrated as critical Perhaps some day you can own a mobile device with a battery that can last for weeks before you need to re- charge it.

The researchers took a conventional electrode made from lithium iron phosphate and altered its surface structure so that ions were released and Owners of electric cars would be free to drive long distances, safe in the knowledge that they could top up their battery in a few minutes at a service

When it comes to e-cars and their disadvantages, the short range and long charging time of the batteries are quickly referred to. A research team from the University of Science and Technology of China claims to have found a solution to the problem based on new findings and is on the way to discovering the "holy grail" of battery technology, as the British website "The Independent" reports.

The "holy grail" in this case is a special mixture of black phosphorus and graphite. According to the scientists, electric cars can travel up to 500 kilometers after a ten-minute charge.

The properties of black phosphorus had been known for a long time. This forms an atom-thick layer with channels the size of lithium ions, just like graphite, which has previously been used in electrodes in the common lithium-ion batteries in electric cars. However,

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Earlier this year, the company’s researchers announced that their latest generation of batteries could be charged to 75 percent in just five minutes —without sacrificing energy StoreDot, an Israeli energy storage company, is developing an EV battery that they expect will charge in under 10 minutes .

A battery that charges in MINUTES : Cambridge scientists have unlocked the secret to fast- charging devices. Although the new battery materials are still a way from being available in the latest smartphone, researchers suggested the new technique could eventually form the basis of a new

black phosphorus has more electrons, which in turn can react with more lithium ions and thus increase efficiency. So far, the substance could not be used due to chemical reactions on its surface.

Battery life also increased

The scientists have now created a mixture that should eliminate this problem. According to this, the mixture consists of 15 percent graphite. Most of the lithium storage is said to be exercised by the black phosphorus. The researchers also found that the special blend could significantly extend the life of the battery. After a ten-minute loading time, the material recovers 80 percent of its capacity, they say.

However, the technology still faces challenges. A commercial use is not yet likely because of the complicated and expensive production. However, the progress shows that the way to the super battery is open.

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