World 'Unsolved Mysteries': Netflix Releases Jennifer Fairgate Evidence On Reddit

12:26  21 october  2020
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This subreddit is about unsolved mysteries . Whenever possible, actual redditors have participated in For every mystery , there is someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is reading reddit . Megathread: unsolved mysteries ( netflix ) episodes discussion

After the FBI reopened the mysterious case of Alonzo Brooks thanks to the recent revival of Unsolved Mysteries , the Netflix is now looking to help armchair The move by Netflix plays on how the Internet has picked up on how Unsolved Mysteries has always looked to fans to help solve cases, through

Unsolved Mysteries is back on Netflix for Volume 2, six new cases ready for intrepid true crime fans to try and solve. One case that has particularly drawn viewers' attention from the new batch of episodes, however, is "Death in Oslo," the story of an unknown woman found dead in a Norway hotel room of a possible suicide. To help solve the case, Netflix has dropped a batch of the evidence in the case onto Reddit.

Netflix has released crime scene photos from the © Netflix Netflix has released crime scene photos from the "Jennifer Fairgate" case onto Netflix.

A little recap of the case, detailed in Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, Episode 2: In 1995, a body was found in room 2805 of the Oslo Plaza Hotel with a gunshot wound to the head. She had signed into the hotel under a false name (Jennifer Fairgate), and the police could not find her true identity.

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The platform has provided viewers with never-before-seen footage about the deaths featured in the docuseries.

The mysterious case of Jennifer Fergate was recently reopened and as such, Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang did [a A subreddit dedicated to the world's unresolved mysteries . Her order also included another person named "Lois Fairgate ". For unknown reasons, she was not asked to provide

Though ruled a suicide, authorities noted a few strange things about the crime scene. For example, labels had been taken out of her clothes, and the way she was holding the gun was unusual, and the weapon had had its serial number removed. These facts, and the fact that we know almost nothing about this woman, has led to many theories abounding.

Many publications (including Newsweek) have detailed the theory that she might have been working on some sort of covert operation, or may have been part of some secret sexual liaison gone very wrong. With quarter of a century passed since Fairgate's body was found, however, we are still no closer to finding out who she was.

Unsolved Mysteries, however, is looking for viewers of the show to help identify the woman by releasing a series of crime scene photos from the case onto Reddit, where there is a thriving community of true crime fans who love to discuss theories about the cases of the show.

'Unsolved Mysteries' Volume 2: Every Theory About Jennifer Fairgate's Death Being a 'Covert Operation'

  'Unsolved Mysteries' Volume 2: Every Theory About Jennifer Fairgate's Death Being a 'Covert Operation' Even though the hotel room was checked in under Jennifer Fairgate's name, there was no ID or passport, credit card, wallet or keys found at the scene of the crime.On the third day of Jennifer Fairgate's stay, when she was supposed to check out, a security guard went to her room to check on her. They heard a gunshot from inside the hotel room, and found the door double locked. The employee then left the room unguarded for 15 minutes to get the police. When the door was opened, a woman was found dead, laying on the bed. She held a gun in her hand with a wound in her head.

get reddit premium. Unsolved _ Mysteries . My thoughts and Questions regarding the 'Missing Person Fliers' concerning the disappearance of REY RIVERA; Netflix Unsolved Murders and Unsolved Mysteries (self. Unsolved _ Mysteries ).

Netflix 's ' Unsolved Mysteries ' sixth episode 'Missing Witness' sparked new theories about Lena Chapin's disappearance and her father's murder. See All Of Netflix ’s ‘ Unsolved Mysteries ’ Fan Theories And New Evidence About Lena Chapin.

To see this evidence, viewers can head over to the Unsolved Mysteries subreddit. There, the moderators have pinned a message reading: "Hi guys! Netflix here again. We've updated our public evidence drive with new information and new case files for each episode in Season Two of Unsolved Mysteries."

Clicking on the Google Drive link below this, users will be taken to files of evidence from each episode of the Netflix show so far.

Among the evidence in the "Death in Oslo" file is the woman's clothes, watch and bag, plus sketches of her face that the show's makers are hoping will lead to someone recognizing who she is. Also included are images of the hotel room, including where the bullet casings were found, plus an image of the unfinished last meal that "Jennifer Fairgate" ate.

Speaking of the case to Newsweek, Unsolved Mysteries boss Terry Dunn Meurer said: "We have an unexplained death and actually an unidentified person in the Death in Oslo case. That is kind of two mysteries in one because we do not know how exactly she died, and we do not know who she is."

The "Death in Oslo" case is not the only one that Netflix has put evidence for onto the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit page. Amateur detectives can also see the security footage of John Wheeler in the lead up to his death, for example, plus the mysteries note left by the subject by the first episode of the Netflix show, Rey Rivera, as well as evidence from the other 10 cases so far.

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming now on Netflix.

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