World After saying yes to Trump in 2016, Iowa could say no to him in 2020

14:15  22 october  2020
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Last Exit From Autocracy

  Last Exit From Autocracy America survived one Trump term. It wouldn’t survive a second.If the answer is yes, be ready for more. Much more.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said , gleefully wringing every last drop of political advantage out of the Democratic blushes. "The reporting of the results and circumstances surrounding the 2020 Iowa Democratic Party caucuses were unacceptable," said Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy

The 2020 United States presidential election in Iowa was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 , as part of the 2020 United States elections in which all 50 states plus the District of Columbia participated.

  Après avoir dit oui à Trump en 2016, l'Iowa pourrait lui dire non en 2020 © Supplied by The Point

Michelle Smith lost her job when the Maytag washing machine factory in Newton closed a year ago fifteen years, in Iowa, leaving 2,000 employees on the floor. This Democrat sees in this the explanation of the success of Donald Trump in 2016: "People said to themselves + he's not a politician, he's a businessman: let's give him a chance to relaunch the economy".

Ms Smith, chairman of the Jasper County party branch, is now employed in a call center, but her situation has not improved since the New York billionaire took office.

"I don't have more money than four years ago, I can tell you that my health insurance costs even more", she explains.

Joni Ernst didn’t know the price of soybeans. Here’s why that could cost her.

  Joni Ernst didn’t know the price of soybeans. Here’s why that could cost her. How a debate misstep could impact a hotly contested Senate race.It started when Greenfield correctly answered a question about the “break-even” price of corn — it’s going for about $3.68 per bushel, she said, and at that price, there might be some farmers who are meeting their production costs. Then the moderator asked Ernst a similar question about the break-even price of soybeans. Ernst answered $5.50, well below the actual price of $10.05. She then complained to the moderator that Greenfield had not been posed the same question.

The 2020 Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses, the first nominating contests in the Democratic Party primaries for the 2020 presidential election, took place on February 3, 2020 .

Trump 's enemies got a huge tripwire tripped from two simultaneous FBI raids targeting the PrivatBank stolen money laundering trail in Cleveland & Miami. Trump then doesn't go back to the White House, turns out the staff came out to see him off before he left for Cleveland because nobody's going to be

State in full "evolution"

In this rural state of the American Midwest, the county of Jasper elected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but was easily convinced by Donald Trump: he won with 18 points d ahead of her rival Hillary Clinton .

Recent polls, however, show it neck and neck with former Vice President Joe Biden, and Iowa has joined the list of key states, likely to switch to one side or the other.

In Newton, voters flock to vote nearly two weeks before the November 3 deadline. The advance polls should reach records there according to the authorities.

After filing his ballot for Joe Biden, Craig Elthof, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, is hoping for a possible Democratic victory. “I think we've had a chance to see what four years of Trump are like. And his record is not good,” he said.

Iowa once embraced Trump, but could now help vote him out

  Iowa once embraced Trump, but could now help vote him out Though she's a Democrat, Michelle Smith understood Donald Trump's popularity in 2016 in her home state of Iowa. While the state has leaned strongly Republican in recent years, it is becoming more favorable to Democrats due to demographic changes, said Karen Kedrowski, a professor of political science at Iowa State University. "The population demographics are moving. The population is sorting and moving towards urban areas," she said."So all the fastest growing areas are in the Des Moines metropolitan area" and "suburban women are turning into being the crucial swing votes," Kedrowski added.

Trump also said he was not concerned about how his runner-up finish in Iowa could affect the brand he has promoted throughout his career and campaign: that of a winner. "I think my brand is doing great," Trump said in response to a question from CNN. And the optics of his Tuesday night rally in

(Below is a list of articles to date where potential fraud has been identified in the 2020 election and actions recommended to be taken to address issues known to date. The issues and recommendations are categorized by state with an overall section first identifying all the actions to be taken across the

Republican side, the bell is obviously different. "President Trump has done a good job on just about everything, like the economy. There's a little problem with the coronavirus, but I don't think Biden would have done any differently," said Keith Eckhart, a retiree who came to vote. early.

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, Jasper County Republican Party Chairman Thad Nearmyer is pushing for the revival.

"The economy is a huge, huge concern. We must reopen what was closed because of the virus", he explains, even if the coronavirus "has spread a bit lately" in the Iowa.

Mr. Nearmyer, who himself contracted Covid-19, thinks that we must now "go forward", a speech close to the president who announced that he was "immune" to Covid-19 after his recovery.

Iowa counts more than 1,000 contaminations per day for three million inhabitants.

Women of the suburbs

Iowa reports only six voters, out of the 270 needed to be elected, but the White House host made the trip to Des Moines last week to try to re-mobilize his base.

Music's most celebrated—and most notorious—managers

  Music's most celebrated—and most notorious—managers Managing a successful rock band or music act takes an eye for talent, thick skin, savvy business acumen, and a good deal of charisma. For the most part, music management has produced some truly gifted individuals, genuine people with their clients' best interests at heart. But the profession has also reared an ugly collection of scheming opportunists who care little for those they represent and are only interested in lining their own pockets. Click through the gallery and take a look at some music managers who have made the greatest impression—for better or worse!

Trump did not concede at all. He did not congratulate Joe Biden and he did not say he would leave Feenstra Republican Iowa . Ferguson Republican Georgia. Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania. If we do not see action from Trump in the next 72 hours, only then could we conclude he has likely thrown

She overheard him say he was not being charged. A vast majority of patriots left the Ellipse and went home after President Trump finished his speech. Trump hadn’t even finished his speech before a group was at the Capitol. The people that were listening to Trump weren’t even aware that the grouo

Faced with his followers, Donald Trump attempted a seduction operation with an electorate who shuns him and could make a difference: the women of the suburbs. "They want security, they don't want the value of their home to drop," he said.

According to a poll taken in September, Joe Biden would have a 20 point lead among women in Iowa.

The state, which has a strong Republican leaning in recent years, has become more pro-Democrats due to demographic shifts, according to Karen Kedrowski, professor of political science at the University of Iowa.

"All of the fastest growing areas are in the Des Moines metropolitan area. And that's where we see women living in the suburbs becoming decisive voices," she explains.

A defeat of Donald Trump in Iowa could also have consequences in the Senate , renewed by a third this year and where the Republicans have only three votes of majority.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst is thus ahead of her Democratic rival in the polls.

"I think his fate is linked to Donald Trump", analyzes Robert Leonard, reporter for a local radio station. "It is not the Republicans who will dismiss Joni Ernst. They like Joni Ernst. It is the independents who will vote according to their opinion of Mr. Trump," he said.

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The US election campaign, with four days to go .
President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden are to hit three states each, the Midwest takes center stage in the battle for the White House and Texas sees record early voting. - Trump also in the Midwest - Donald Trump will also be hitting the Midwest: not Iowa, but he will be steering a course through Michigan, which he won by a whisker in 2016. This year, polls show Biden ahead in this Rust Belt state, which has 16 electoral votes of the 270 needed to win the White House.

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