World Anne Jüngermann wants to join the Hertha BSC Presidium: Alone among men

14:30  23 october  2020
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Guendouzi positive for Covid-19

 Guendouzi positive for Covid-19 © Hertha Berlin Panoramic The Hertha Berlin player was in the French hopefuls team in recent days. Mattéo Guendouzi tested positive for Covid-19 upon his return to Berlin. The player, who was with the French hopefuls team, has not been in contact with his Hertha teammates, nor with the staff. He has no symptoms and is doing well. The former Lorient, on loan from Arsenal at the very end of the transfer window, will have to wait to make his Bundesliga debut. He will remain isolated for 10 days.

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Professional football is still almost exclusively a male bastion. At Hertha BSC, a woman is running for election for the presidium on Sunday.

Anne Jüngermann kandidiert an diesem Sonntag für das Präsidium von Hertha BSC. © Photo: Promo Anne Jüngermann is running for the Presidium of Hertha BSC this Sunday.

The prospects for Sunday are comparatively good. With sunshine and temperatures of up to 18 degrees, it is definitely better than would be expected for the end of October. At the end of October it can get quite uncomfortable in the draughty Olympic Stadium. This also occurred to Anne Jüngermann when she heard that the General Assembly of Hertha BSC is being held as an open-air event for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. But then she thought: "That would be cool if you were voted in the east curve."

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Exactly where she has been following the games of the Berlin Bundesliga club for almost two decades.

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Anne Jüngermann , 34 years old, content manager in an advertising agency, married and mother of a two year old son, is running for Hertha's presidium this Sunday. Before, when she was still at school, she helped out in the U18 team in her free time, went to Berlin schools with Herthinho, Hertha's mascot, looked after the children or helped out at fan parties. When she thinks about the fact that she could soon be a member of the club's presidium, that seems a bit surreal: “Little Anne from the curve - awesome.”

New money distribution: First division Augsburg also signs paper

 New money distribution: First division Augsburg also signs paper According to kicker information, a total of 14 clubs in the Bundesliga and 2nd league have signed the paper, in which an alliance of Arminia Bielefeld, Mainz 05, VfB Stuttgart and Jahn Regensburg gives the DFL Presidium Proposals for a balanced distribution of media funds from the 2021/22 season were presented. In addition to the aforementioned Bundesliga trio, there is a fourth representative from the first floor.

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The fact that Jüngermann comes from the east curve is more than a designation of origin. Above all, it describes your attitude towards Hertha BSC . Jüngermann has been a fan of the club since she was in a football stadium for the first time in April 2002 and saw Hertha's 2-0 win over Schalke 04. “That was so great, I really fell in love right away,” she says. In the same year, her parents gave her Hertha membership as a Christmas present, and when she talks about it, it sounds like she has never received a nicer Christmas present in her life.

Renate Döhmer is no longer running for Hertha's Presidium

In addition to the President and his deputy, seven ordinary members belong to Hertha's Presidium. Eleven candidates apply. - Young man is the only woman. She could replace Renate Döhmer, who had been on the executive committee since 2004 - as the only woman.

Be it media, politics, business, science: In many areas of society, more and more important positions are now being filled by women. However, professional football has remained largely unaffected by this development. It would be wrong to say that professional football is a male-dominated system. Professional football is still and almost exclusively a male system.

Preetz believes in the quality of the squad despite upheaval

 Preetz believes in the quality of the squad despite upheaval Managing Director Michael Preetz believes in the quality of the team of the Bundesliga soccer team Hertha BSC Berlin despite the upheaval in the summer. © Jan-Philipp Burmann / Hertha BSC via City-Press GmbH / dpa Michael Preetz, Managing Director Sports, Communication / Media at Hertha BSC, speaks on the podium. "We have seen ups and downs this season, certainly more poor performances than positive performances," he said before the game against RB Leipzig.

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Anyone who struggles through the organizational charts of the Bundesliga clubs has to search for a long time before they even find a woman. There are exactly four in the presidia, boards and management boards of the 18 clubs - with Renate Döhmer, who is now not running for Hertha BSC again. Four out of one hundred and thirteen: Bärbel Milsch is a member of the Executive Board of Rasenballsport Leipzig as Legal Director, Anne-Kathrin Laufmann has been a youth officer on the SV Werder Bremen Presidium and Christina Rühl-Hamers has been CFO at Schalke 04 since the beginning of the month.

That a woman, how Rühl-Hamers is involved in the operational business of a Bundesliga club is even rarer than it is rare. Often it is like the German Football Association, where the only woman on the presidium, Hannelore Ratzeburg, is responsible for women's and girls' football. At Hertha, too, women's football was previously a women's affair. Maintaining the cooperation with the women's second division club 1. FC Lübars was one of Renate Döhmer's tasks.

Anne Jüngermann volunteered to oversee press work for Lübars as a student, was the stadium announcer and was responsible for the stadium magazine. It was a pity that Hertha ended the cooperation after seven years. To date, the club does not have a women's football department. In the men's Bundesliga, is usually only the case at Mainz 05 and Schalke 04, after Borussia Dortmund recently announced that they would be reporting a women's team for the league. Jüngermann would also like to have a women's team at Hertha, "but I'm afraid that will take some time". Jüngermann wants a women's team at Hertha BSC

New players and the coronavirus: Hertha BSC's debts at a new high

 New players and the coronavirus: Hertha BSC's debts at a new high Hertha BSC has invested heavily in the team, and the coronavirus pandemic has also led to a drop in income. This is reflected in the balance sheet. © Photo: imago images / Matthias Koch Uncomfortable times. Because of Corona, the financial situation is not easy for Hertha's managing director Ingo Schiller (left). The millions of Invester Lars Windhorst are very helpful. Ingo Schiller last saw photos of full football stadiums.

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Marco Wurzbacher, member of the executive committee at Hertha, suggested Anne Jüngermann for election to the executive committee; he also asked her if she could imagine running. When Wurzbacher called her, Jüngermann was walking with her family on the Ku'damm. Shortly afterwards, Hertha's goalkeeper Rune Jarstein ran into her. At that moment it was clear to her that she was going to compete: “That is a sign.”

Wurzbacher explicitly told her that it would be a shame “if there were no more women in the presidium”. That could indeed play a role in the election on Sunday, although Jüngermann himself does not find this aspect decisive. “I don't want to be elected as a woman,” she says. "I'm not power-hungry either. I want to help Hertha. ”

When she was introduced to the supervisory board, Jüngermann made a personable and self-confident impression. Nevertheless, it is difficult for her to assess her chances of actually being elected to the presidium. It did not campaign on its own behalf and does not have a stable network within the membership. Anne Jüngermann says: “I hope that my speech works.”

Authorities: No corona infections detectable at Hertha and Union home games .
Not only the Bundesliga, but the entire sport will be (renewed) ghost games from next week at the latest, although the responsible authorities in Berlin, for example, not a single corona Can prove infection around the home games of Hertha BSC and 1. FC Union. © imago images Without again in the future: The audience has to stay at home in November.

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