World An island built from coral: How Indonesia’s Bajau made a home

08:21  24 october  2020
08:21  24 october  2020 Source:   aljazeera.com

England's three-tier system comes into force, but PM warned measures don't go far enough

  England's three-tier system comes into force, but PM warned measures don't go far enough England's new three-tier system for localised coronavirus restrictions has come into force today - but the prime minister is already under growing pressure to take even further action. From midnight, the country was split into three COVID-19 alert levels - "medium", "high" and "very high".Liverpool City Region is in the top tier, with bars and pubs forced to shut if they cannot operate as restaurants. Residents have also been banned from socialising with other households both indoors and in private gardens.

In this documentary we travel to Indonesia , the Sulawesi island , there we know the Toraja and Bajau , two ethnic groups who have a very particular culture and We dive into the wonderful world that lies behind the coral reef that runs through large part of the Indonesian archipelago.

A quick-thinking girl saved a canoe from sinking after it flooded using only her legs and an incredible sense of balance.

Bungin Island, Sumbawa, Indonesia – Scattered across many of the islands and coastal communities in Southeast Asia, the Bajau, numbering about one million people, are the world’s largest remaining group of sea nomads. But their culture is under threat.

In the Sulu Sea between Borneo and the Philippines, where the Bajau have roamed the ocean for 1,000 years, insurrection by the Abu Sayyaf armed group has led to an increased military presence and curfews restricting movements on both sides of the border.

On the islands of southern Thailand, where the group are known as Moken, they live in stilt shanties that cling like barnacles to coastlines that are rapidly being consumed by buildings built for tourists.

London to move into Tier 2 lockdown - millions to be banned from mixing indoors

  London to move into Tier 2 lockdown - millions to be banned from mixing indoors London will face Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions from Saturday. It means millions in the capital will be banned from meeting people from other households indoors, whether that's in their home or in a pub.Londoners have also been advised to avoid public transport and reduce the number of journeys they make where possible. © Thomson Reuters People walk during the morning rush hour in the Canary Wharf amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London Britain, October 15, 2020.

Coral island , tropical island built of organic material derived from skeletons of corals and numerous other animals and plants associated with corals . Heron Island , a coral island in the Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of Queensland, Australia.

It made me feel uncomfortable - that kind of discomfort you feel when someone you like, someone As we approached the island on that Friday afternoon, the tide was low and the Stand welcomed us We were about halfway across when I saw the boy. My first thought was how odd it was to see someone

In Indonesia and peninsula Malaysia, many Bajau have given up ocean-based life by marrying people from local communities and seeking jobs in the cities.

But one Bajau community on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa has preserved its unique way of life by building their own islet out of coral, allowing it to evolve separately from the mainland.

With 3,500 residents on just 8.5 hectares (21 acres) of land, Bungin Island also stands out as the most densely populated of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands.

No crime

When the first Bajau arrived in Sumbawa from the southern Philippines 200 years ago, Bungin Island was just a sandbank on the north coast. In the Bajo language, Bungin means “a mound of white sand”.

They built their spartan stilt houses on the sand, but as their numbers grew, they enlarged the island by harvesting coral to build foundations for houses on low-lying sections of the surrounding reef. With the help of relatives and friends, it typically takes a week to build a 70-square metre (172-square acre) plot and structure.

Japan’s Suga to focus on security as he visits Vietnam, Indonesia

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Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) are a group of islands off the coast of Jakarta in Western Java, Indonesia . Administratively, it is a part of the Jakarta Special Capital Region. Despite its name, Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands ) has only 110 islands , which are mostly or fully devoted to tourism.

Dozens of alternative islands to visit in Indonesia beyond Bali if you're searching for quiet beaches and crystal clear waters. Those in search of adventure should visit Komodo Island , home to the world’ s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. Take time to learn about the Bajau people who reside here, too.

“We have a good life here and we have enough money because all the time, every day and night, we are looking for fish,” said Surat, a Bungin Island elder, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name.

The Bajau are accomplished fishermen and free-divers who can remain underwater for as long as eight minutes on a single breath. Some children have their eardrums pierced to prevent them from bursting from water pressure while diving.

Studies of Bajau who start diving from young have shown their spleens, the organs which store oxygenated red blood cells, are 50 percent bigger than average.

Bungin Island has also developed a strong sense of community. When the heat of the day eases at dusk, people come out onto the tightly packed streets to shop, mingle, eat and pray in the mosque.

Indonesians are renowned for their hospitality but on Bungin Island they really roll out the red carpet, sharing drinks, meals, laughter and conversation with visitors. And apparently, there is no crime on the islet.

'We won't break the law': Burnham would accept Tier 3 if imposed on Greater Manchester

  'We won't break the law': Burnham would accept Tier 3 if imposed on Greater Manchester Andy Burnham says he will keep to the law and "accept" Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions for Greater Manchester if the government imposes them. The region's mayor told Sky News it was ministers' "prerogative" to announce the measures, if negotiations over the next few hours end in stalemate.He and other local leaders have been given until midday today to reach an agreement on moving three million people into England's highest band of coronavirus controls.

One of Indonesia ’ s most dramatic islands , Sumatra boasts cone-shaped peaks and fertile green fields enriched by mineral deposits and interspersed with stretches of solidified lava flows. The return flight from Jakarta to London makes a stop in Singapore.

Togean Islands - Sulawesi Indonesia (by Baronvonhorne). Naturalis is a boutique tour operator that offers authentic travel experiences and tailor- made holidays in Malaysia and in the Philippines. Bajau Village,Togean Island ,Central of Sulawesi, Indonesia . Malenge Island : A Beautiful Village in Togean.

“We don’t have locks on our doors,” said Rizky, Surat’s neighbour. “Everyone knows each other so it’s not possible to steal anything here.”

‘The problem with corona’

The nature of the sea gypsies’ lifestyle means they have missed out on many basic services.

Bajau communities in Indonesia are lacking “in the areas of health and education … [and] many Bajau are illiterate,” found the Joshua Project, a research project focused on Indigenous cultures with Christian minorities.

In the mid-1990s, the Indonesian government embarked on several large infrastructure projects to drag Bungin Island into the 21st century.

It built a wide sand causeway linking the island to the mainland and making it easier for islanders to sell their salted fish at mainland markets.

It also built a large government school on the mainland-end of the causeway and connected the islet to the national power grid. And tackled overcrowding by shipping in thousands of tonnes of sand to reclaim an additional 2.5 hectares (6.1 acres) of land from the seafloor.

The causeway also had an unintended effect – it turned Bungin Island into Sumbawa’s leading attraction for domestic tourists who would come to marvel at the paper-eating goats.

HSBC, Australia's Queensland buy 'credits' to protect Great Barrier Reef

  HSBC, Australia's Queensland buy 'credits' to protect Great Barrier Reef HSBC, Australia's Queensland buy 'credits' to protect Great Barrier ReefRising sea temperatures and poor water quality are the two biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef, which has lost more than half its coral in the past three decades.

Uluwatu - Bali, Indonesia . This is a shot from a trip a took to Indonesia a couple years ago. Uluwatu is not just one of the best waves I've ever surfed but also one of the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Coral reefs are structures of hard rock that can be found in warm shallow sea water. They are formed by corals , small plant-like animals that live in large 7 A hurt B harm C injury D wound. 8 A total B amount C figure D number. 9 A make B take C do D be. 6. Rephrase the following sentences: (p. 155).

As plants cannot grow on the islet, the domesticated goats that roam the streets search instead for paper, cardboard and cloth. For many children, the highlight of visiting the islet was to feed the goats pages from their exercise books. For adults, it was long lazy lunches at Resto Apung, a floating seafood restaurant and fish farm with breathtaking coast and mountain views.

But when Indonesia temporarily banned domestic travel in April to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, tourism came to an end. With Indonesia’s coronavirus outbreak still surging, it has yet to recover.

“We had many tourists before the problem with corona,” said Surat. “But as we live so close together it is impossible to socially distance. The restaurant and our guesthouse had to close.”

Rubbish dump

The causeway has also brought more worrying problems.

Before it was built, islanders ate only seafood, some greens and ric, and used organic materials like coconut shells and palm fronds as bags.

Easy access to the mainland introduced cheap packaged foods, water bottles and plastic bags and no waste management system to deal with it.

The result is that Bungin Island has been turned into a rubbish dump; its shores are carpeted with tonnes of rotting waste – all of which ends up in the delicate marine ecosystem the Bajau depend on to survive.

Area burned in Indonesia fires ‘greater than the Netherlands’

  Area burned in Indonesia fires ‘greater than the Netherlands’ Greenpeace slams Indonesia for lack of action against the palm oil sector as vast areas of forests burned in five years.In a new report on Thursday, the prominent environmental group said some 4.4 million hectares (9.9 million acres) of land have burned in Indonesia between 2015 and 2019.

When asked about the problem, islanders laugh – a typical Indonesian response to awkward questions and social situations.

But a study published by the University of Queensland in July on plastic literacy in remote Indonesian coastal communities found a majority of people in the communities did not see the plastic waste as a threat and believed its only negative effect was to “make the village look dirty”.

The study’s authors suggested a two-pronged solution: the creation of “rubbish banks” – a term used in Indonesia for a recycling facility where plastic can be sold, sorted, shredded and moved down the value chain; and plastic awareness and environmental education.

Awareness initiatives have already led to changes of some centuries-old traditions.

In the past, customary law dictated that young people who wanted to marry had to harvest coral to build a home of their own. The 21st-century residents of Bungin have different ideas.

“Now, if you get married, you stay with your parents and slowly, you save up money to buy a house on Bungin,” said Surat. “Most people do it this way because it’s easier than building with coral and doesn’t hurt the reef where the fish live so we can keep on fishing.”

US looks for ‘new ways’ to cooperate with Indonesia: Pompeo .
US secretary of state rejects China’s claims to the South China Sea as he meets Indonesia’s Foreign Minister. Retno said she wanted a “stable and peaceful” South China Sea where international law was respected. “Indonesia-US are strategic partners,” she wrote on Twitter, noting it was Pompeo’s second visit. “We share many values, including democracy, human rights, promoting tolerance and diversity and respect for the rule of law. A partnership between equals based on mutual respect and mutual benefits.

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