World "Supertalent" judge Evelyn Burdecki: "I have control over the man"

14:25  24 october  2020
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Evelyn Burdecki , Self: Ninja Warrior Germany. Evelyn Burdecki was born on September 20, 1988 in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Hide Show Self (21 credits). 2020 Das Supertalent (TV Series) Self - Juror.

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Evelyn Burdecki © Getty Images / Matthias Nareyek Evelyn Burdecki

Evelyn Burdecki (31) feels in her role as juror on the popular casting show "Das Supertalent" obviously well.

With wild, fluffy mane: In the video above you can see the juror with curly hair.

She completed the first edition on October 17th on RTL alongside Dieter Bohlen (66) and comedian Chris Tall (29). Of course, it became very special again. And as Evelyn proves in an Instagram post, she likes these special moments.

While Bohlen can be more than satisfied with his "Supertalent" jury, there was a lot going on at the DSDS jury. In the following video you can see which point Dieter couldn’t hold back against the retired Michael Wendler.

"Das Supertalent" judge Evelyn Burdecki: "I used to try to hide my breasts"

 It has been certain since June: Evelyn Burdecki (32) is sitting next to Poptitan Dieter Bohlen (66), choreographer Bruce Darnell (63) and Comedian Chris Tall (29) in the jury of " Das Supertalent " (Start: October 17th). The reality star, who became known through TV formats such as " The Bachelor " or the jungle camp , cannot really grasp his new job. Because when trying on clothes for the shows, Evelyn can't stop being amazed.

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Evelyn Burdecki as a juror for "Das Supertalent"

The 31-year-old appears on Instagram with a photo in which she can be seen with the magician André Blake, who is on the show under her assistance swords let rain down on them. Evelyn Burdecki appears visibly astonished and seriously impressed in the picture. She writes: "I have control over the man, what do you say? Do I hit his heart, or is it pain? 'The super talent' is so crazy!"

Your outfit is a super short mini dress that doesn't skimp on glitter. But you are already used to unusual outfits from Evelyn Burdecki.

Evelyn Burdecki is compared with Verona Pooth

The fans celebrate the start of Evelyn Burdecki in this new station in her TV career. There are many enthusiastic voices in the comments: "You are really awesome, always so funny, when you see you on TV, you get in a really good mood." Above all, the blonde juror likes the spoiled manner: "It's so fun to watch you. I love your spoiled manner - you are really a blast. Laughing to tears." And another commented: "Crazy funny, you question everything and that too, super funny. Compare yourself a little with Verona Pooth. Everyone thought she had something to say about it, but quite the opposite - really nice, intelligent and knew exactly what she does."

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Dieter Bohlen (66) already drew this comparison, and he should know: After all, he was briefly married to Verona Pooth (52, née Feldbusch). And so he blasphemed Evelyn in the first show: "When I hear the voice, I always think the Feldbusch is sitting next to me! You would still beat Verona. It took years to get it out of my ear!"

Criticism of Evelyn Burdecki

Naturally, not everyone is so enthusiastic about Evelyn's debut as a juror on "Das Supertalent". There is also criticism of the 31-year-old on Instagram. Some users just don't like her naive manner - and they also assume that she only pulls off one show: "Dear Evelyn, please don't always act so stupid because you are not." Another user writes: "Embarrassing how you were yesterday."

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