World When I am honked at, I wave back.

12:20  26 october  2020
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Can Lindsey Graham lose South Carolina? A Senate upset is possible

  Can Lindsey Graham lose South Carolina? A Senate upset is possible An epic political battle is cresting in South Carolina, where Senator Lindsey Graham, a presidential ally, is neck-and-neck with an African-American challenger two decades his junior, raising Democratic hopes of snatching a Senate seat in Trump country. Out-fundraised by Democrat Jaime Harrison, and glued to Donald Trump's hip on issues like immigration and Supreme Court nominations, Graham is under threat like never before in a state where his Republican Party has controlled the local legislature, governor's mansion and both US Senate seats for at least the last 15 years.

[Verse 7: Drego & Big Sean] Way before the rap when I was writin' verses We was beatin' up the Ike like I was Tina Turner We was loadin' up the Glock and fillin' up the hearses Now I 'm preachin' like it's Sunday, tryna teach the sermon Tryna teach 'em how to get it, fill up they mamas' purses So they.

When i 'm here, you play by my rules. A song was requested of me and now I sing it. You and I will be making music together for a long, long time. Scrap Baby: Time for your controlled shock . Let's see how many pieces I can cut you into.

My friend Marie from Strasbourg recently asked me: "Tell me, do you sometimes feel like Aurélie?" For a moment I didn't know what she meant, but then I had the we -are-hero-refrain in the head again: "Aurélie, it never works like that. You expect way too much. The Germans flirt very subtly. “Yes, Marie is right, sometimes I actually feel a bit like Aurélie. Am i expecting too much? Are we flirting too subtly? Are there really a lot of guys at my feet and do they really all want to kiss me? Or do I her? I'm not so sure about that yet.

single-kolumne-2-aufmacher-hoch © Getty Images single-kolumne-2-Aufmacher-hoch Self-reflective flirting behavior

Marie and I discussed the flirting behavior of the Germans and the French for a long time that evening. Marie says there is a lot of flirting in her hometown. "That's part of it. When men and women talk, it's always a bit sexualized. No, not really sexualised, it is more curiosity and friendliness - from both sides. ”I fully agree with Marie on this point. But can we Germans really not flirt at all? Or only from a certain alcohol limit? Only when all our control mechanisms are switched off? Or are we all making ourselves stiffer and more controlled than we actually are? “I can't remember the last time I was approached. I think I've never been spoken to at all, "I say to Marie, who then looks at me with wide eyes. “But that's not true at all. Didn't someone in the bar the other day slip his number? And anyway, when was the last time YOU flirted with someone? ”Marie is right again. Well, the bar story was already a year ago ( see episode 004 ) and strictly speaking, Simon didn't even speak to me, but sent his friend in front - the Germans flirt very subtly. And me? When was the last time I flirted? That was probably during the supermarket campaign ( see episode 031 ) and my advances were so awkward and reserved that probably nobody felt flirted at all. Still, my perception obviously doesn't quite match reality. Somehow we're already flirting - in a way - and as far as I'm concerned, there is definitely room for improvement.

Hungary's Orban under fire as virus second wave bites

  Hungary's Orban under fire as virus second wave bites As the second coronavirus wave bites, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban -- who shut the borders in September -- is holding back on tougher measures such as a lockdown, despite growing criticism of his response. - Different approach - Despite accusations of chaotic handling of the pandemic, Orban has held out on tougher restrictions in contrast to March and April when he imposed a swift lockdown and a state of emergency. That last move sparked fears of an authoritarian power grab, but the legislation was revoked by June and restrictions eased.

I know it sounds sordid But you'll be rewarded When at last I am given my dues And injustice deliciously squared Be prepared! [BANZAI, spoken] Yeah, be prepared! Haha!

I ’m like hookah Man, I remember back when I used to get jumped for my fucking Pumas Run home and go fuck my room up These streets will try to vacuum you up try to pick it apart So when I ’m rippin’, it’s hard to tell whether if it is really because Of how offensive I am , or just what a bitch that you are Like I

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Less is more

Another nice example: I had an appointment with two friends for a walk. We are walking down the country road when a delivery truck comes towards us. He honks at us loudly and I jump to the side, frightened and immediately feel bad because we were walking next to each other on the road. My friends grin at each other: “They were cute.” While I was clearing the way with a bad conscience, the drivers waved to my friends. That was no out-of-the-way horn at all, it was a friendly flirtation horn. And I haven't even seen them! Why is that? Am i too pessimistic? Do I just not believe that you can be flirted with on the street? That anyone is still flirting? The Aurélie catchy tune is back: “Aurélie, the men like you here very much. Look, everyone on the street is watching you. But you don't notice anything because they don't whistle. And whistle yourself, take flight. You have to know that less is often more here. ”So less is more? But - and Marie and I both agree - we don't want less. We want more! More attention, more looseness, more lightness, more love. And give and take. And so my single realization is 069: If I am honked in the future, I will wave back.

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With two days to go, Trump casts doubt on integrity of prolonged vote count .
With two days to go, Trump casts doubt on integrity of prolonged vote countROME, Ga./PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - President Donald Trump cast doubt on the integrity of the U.S. election again on Sunday, saying a vote count that stretched past Election Day would be a "terrible thing" and suggesting his lawyers might get involved.

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