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04:40  29 october  2020
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Long-term problems in younger low-risk COVID-19 patients; flu shot may offer some protection

  Long-term problems in younger low-risk COVID-19 patients; flu shot may offer some protection Long-term problems in younger low-risk COVID-19 patients; flu shot may offer some protection(Reuters) - The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

Guidelines for Flu Vaccination from CDC. Everyone 6 months of age and older should get an influenza (flu) vaccine every season with rare exception.

Everyone 6 months of age and older needs a flu vaccine . Flu vaccine prevents millions of illnesses and flu-related doctor’s visits each year. For example, during 2019-2020, flu vaccination prevented an estimated 7.5 million influenza illnesses, 3.7 million influenza -associated medical visits, 105,000

Like other vaccinations, the flu vaccination is controversial - but this winter it is particularly recommended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For whom is the flu vaccination free of charge and which health insurance companies cover part of the costs? An overview.

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On the official website of the German health insurances it says: "The flu vaccination should prevent the real flu or attenuate it in the course. The flu vaccination does not protect against harmless infections like colds [...]. Doctors We strongly recommend a flu vaccination for everyone this Corona year. "

Paging Dr. Hamblin: Do I Really Need a Flu Shot?

  Paging Dr. Hamblin: Do I Really Need a Flu Shot? I’m young and healthy and I don’t see the point.Dear Dr.

Influenza vaccine is available through physicians and public-health facilities and many companies provide flu vaccines on-site for their workers. Because influenza is a serious threat, the CDC recommends vaccination for everyone 6 months of age and older and others at high risk of flu

Vaccine Vials, by Sanofi Pasteur, Vaccine Profiteer. The utter absurdity of vaccination ‘science’ is revealed in this study. It claims a flu vaccine results in Would you be interested in a vaccination that results in more than 5 times as much illness? If you take the seasonal influenza vaccination , that’s

Flu vaccination has to be refreshed every year.

If you want to get vaccinated against the real flu, you have to do it again in every flu season - every autumn, ideally in the months of September to November. Having been vaccinated once as a child does not protect you in this "Corona year", as the health insurance companies call it.

patients who know that they have already had an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients should of course not be vaccinated.

There are a little more than 60 health insurance companies in this country that cover the costs of the flu vaccination for everyone, including the three largest insurance companies in Germany: Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Barmer and the DAK.

Recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission

The other statutory health insurance companies assume the costs for those for whom the flu vaccination is officially recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO); according to the Federal Center for Health Education, similar regulations usually apply to private health insurance companies.

Britain authorises temporary use of flu vaccine to help meet demand

  Britain authorises temporary use of flu vaccine to help meet demand Britain authorises temporary use of flu vaccine to help meet demandLONDON (Reuters) - Britain has authorised the temporary use of the Flublok flu vaccine and ordered millions of doses as it seeks to give jabs to more people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every season with rare exceptions. Vaccination is particularly important for people who are at high risk of serious complications from influenza . People at High Risk of Developing Flu-Related Complications has a full list of age and health factors that

Vaccine Benefits. Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone aged six months and older. The flu vaccine cannot cause influenza because it does not contain any live virus. It takes two weeks for your body to develop an immune response from the vaccine .

These are: people from the age of 60 as well as residents of old people's and nursing homes, pregnant women from the second trimester (possibly also from the first trimester),

people with underlying conditions such as chronic diseases, people with regular contact with poultry and wild birds,

People who are professionally exposed to a lot of public traffic and people who look after or care for people from risk groups professionally or privately.

The cash register does not cover the costs - what to do?

The cost of a flu shot can vary. At the Charité, for example, they amount to 23 euros - if a health insurance company does not offer to cover the costs for certain people, it can still be worthwhile to ask for the costs to be covered.

It is possible that patients with some health insurers have to pay the costs themselves first and then get reimbursed in full or at least in part. Finanzen.net editorial team

Canada: Discovery of first case of swine flu in human .
After experiencing flu-like symptoms, the patient quickly recovered. © Natalia Fedosenko / TASS / Sipa USA / A pig farm (illustration). VIRUS - After experiencing flu-like symptoms, patient quickly recovered As the world faces the Covid-19 pandemic , bad news has just appeared on the frontline of the fight against the spread of viruses . A case of swine flu was first detected in Canada in a human who contracted a rare H1N2 virus subtype, Canadian health officials said on Wednesday.

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