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11:30  29 october  2020
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New start for European super league? UEFA warns of "boredom" and insists on "solidarity"

 New start for European super league? UEFA warns of According to British media reports, a European super league is once again an issue. There should be a new attempt, the year 2022 is named as a possible start date. © imago images The UEFA wants to protect its product Champions League and warns of "boredom" in a possible European super league. According to this, there are initial talks to bring together a total of up to 18 top clubs from the European continent in one division.

A Formal Fallacy is a breakdown in how you say something. The ideas are somehow sequenced incorrectly. Their form is wrong, rendering the argument as noise and nonsense. An Informal Fallacy denotes an error in what you are saying, that is, the content of your argument. The ideas might be

Logical fallacies might be hiding in your daily conversations. Learn how to identify 15 everyday logical fallacies and improve your argumentation skills. This fallacy occurs when your opponent over-simplifies or misrepresents your argument (i.e., setting up a "straw man") to make it easier to attack or

FC Augsburg coped with the difficult opening program in the league better than many would have expected. Now it comes to a duel with the pointless rear end Mainz. Trainer Heiko Herrlich warns of a fallacy.

War zu seiner aktiven Zeit unter anderem für Dortmund und Gladbach am Ball: Heiko Herrlich. © imago images Was on the ball for Dortmund and Gladbach among others during his active time: Heiko Herrlich.

Even though there were two defeats against Leipzig (0: 2) and Leverkusen (1: 3) recently, Augsburg are in good shape after five match days. The win at Union (3: 1), the coup against Dortmund (2: 0) and the draw in Wolfsburg (0: 0) brought seven points and currently 11th place in the table. In addition: The FCA has already played against three clubs from the current top 4.

Michael Moore tells progressives Biden could be pressured to pass Medicare-for-all

  Michael Moore tells progressives Biden could be pressured to pass Medicare-for-all Filmmaker Michael Moore urged backers of Sen. Bernie Sanders to get out and vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, arguing they could help push the former vice president leftward to pass progressive priorities like Medicare-for-all. Moore said if progressives vote they can make big gains and control the House, Senate and the White House. Biden then will have no choice but to sign liberal legislation that lawmakers hammer out, including Medicare-for-all, free college, raising the minimum wage and "all these things that were part of Bernie's great platform.

Examples of Fallacious Reasoning. There are many different types of fallacies , and their variations are almost endless. Given their extensive nature Ad Hominem, also known as attacking the person, fallacies occur when acceptance or rejection of a concept is rejected based on its source, not its merit.

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But although his team already has three duels with the top clubs behind them, coach Heiko Herrlich warns. "It is a fallacy to think: After that it will be easy. On the contrary, I am defending myself against it," emphasizes the 48-year-old. On Saturday the FCA receives the so far bottom light Mainz - due to the high number of corona infections in Augsburg without spectators in the stadium.

"Not only can you have chances in the shift game, but you also have to get chances out of the game." - Heiko Herrlich

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The FCA should expect a challenge that experience shows that the team is not. Augsburg is expected to take the initiative to design the game itself and develop ideas with the ball. So far, Herrlich's team has focused entirely on the beloved outsider role, defended in a disciplined manner, ran a lot, waited for counterattacks and standards. Augsburg had very little ball possession. An average of 33 percent in five games is by far the lowest value in the league. Opponents Mainz and Bremen follow with 41 percent each.

Trainer Herrlich worried: Not every encounter can be avoided

 Trainer Herrlich worried: Not every encounter can be avoided Trainer Heiko Herrlich from Bundesliga soccer club FC Augsburg is very concerned about the development of the corona numbers. "At the moment it is always a great pleasure when the news comes that all the players have tested negative," said the 48-year-old of the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Thursday edition). "Every player, coach or club employee tries to protect himself as much as possible, but you can't avoid every encounter." The number of corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past se

The reason this argument is an example of the “furtive fallacy ” is because the argument merely asserts a conspiratorial claim without offering any conclusive evidence that actually supports the Trump & Hillary characterizations.

Start studying 2.1 Fallacies in General (Review). Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. A defect in an argument that arises from a mistake in reasoning or the creation of an illusion that makes a bad argument appear good.

Herrlich sees his team on the right path.

After stabilizing the defensive, it is now Herrlich's job to develop the game with the ball. The coach formulates the assignment as follows: "Not only can you have chances in the transition game, you also have to come up with opportunities from the game. We're working on it, it's a process."

Regardless of the statistics, Herrlich sees his team on the right track. A hit like the 1: 1 in Leverkusen, which fell after a combination against a deeply positioned defense, serves as evidence. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Or as Herrlich puts it: "As a coach you always want more." The game against Mainz is a good opportunity to show more.

Philly mayor warns it 'will easily take several days' to count ballots .
Philly mayor warns it 'will easily take several days' to count ballotsPhiladelphia mayor warns residents mail-in ballot count may take days to complete

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