World Hong Kong to take US to WTO over 'Made in China' label rule

11:41  30 october  2020
11:41  30 october  2020 Source:   msn.com

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Hong Kong has formally protested US rules on export labelling at the WTO . Washington ruled in August that Hong Kong shipments to the US will need to be stamped as Made in China effective November 9.

Hong Kong to be labeled as ‘ Made in China ’ according to a government document, in the latest escalation of trade tensions between the two nations. The city’s government will discuss the decision with the U . S . via its office in Washington D.C., according to its statement , and didn’t rule out taking

Hong Kong authorities on Friday said they will launch proceedings at the World Trade Organization to challenge a demand by the United States to label imports from the financial hub as "Made in China".

a large body of water with a city in the background: The United States no longer deems Hong Kong sufficiently autonomous from China to grant it special trading status © Anthony WALLACE The United States no longer deems Hong Kong sufficiently autonomous from China to grant it special trading status

Donald Trump issued an executive order in June declaring the city no longer sufficiently autonomous from the authoritarian mainland after Beijing launched a crackdown against democracy supporters.

The decision, which came as China imposed a sweeping new security law on the business centre, reflected Washington's belief that Hong Kong is now "just another Chinese city" and does not deserve special trade privileges.

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Labeling Hong Kong products as “ Made in China ” would be “telling a lie The “ Made in Hong Kong ” label was ubiquitous during a With concerns more sharply focused on fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Marro believes the clash over “ Made in Hong Kong ” is more political in nature, as both

Hong Kong confirms intention to launch a World Trade Organisation case over Donald Trump’s order requiring ‘ Made in China ’ labels on goods exported from the city to the United States . Some experts are imploring city authorities to stand up to perceived US bullying, but others warn of ‘kicking the

The new rules state that products from the city -- which used to be allowed to carry a "Made in Hong Kong" label -- now needed to say "Made in China".

On Friday, Hong Kong officials confirmed they would bring the dispute to the WTO's settlement mechanism.

"The US' unilateral and irresponsible attempt to weaken Hong Kong's status as a separate customs territory is highly inappropriate," secretary for commerce Edward Yau told reporters.

"Such a move also confuses the market and undermines the rules-based multilateral trading system," he added.

Hong Kong, one of the world's great trading ports, is a member of the WTO, even though it is part of China.

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It is run under a "one country, two systems" model where China grants the city greater rights and autonomy than the mainland, including its own customs and immigration rules.

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Hong Kong companies will be subjected to the same trade war tariffs levied on mainland Chinese exporters, as the United States says “ Hong Kong is Notice in US government register says Hong Kong goods for export to US must be relabelled ‘ Made in China ’. This means goods made in Hong

“The WTO appellate report undermines WTO rules , making them less effective to counteract Chinese SOE subsidies that are harming US workers and businesses and distorting markets worldwide,” it said. “The United States is determined to take all necessary steps to ensure a level playing field so that

However, critics say Beijing has been fast eroding that autonomy in recent years, even more so as it responds to huge and often violent democracy protests last year.

The new labelling rules are expected to come into force on November 9, less than a week after an election in the US that sees Trump facing off against rival Joe Biden.

China blanketed Hong Kong in a new security law to stamp out huge and often violent pro-democracy protests that convulsed the city last year.

Both Beijing and local authorities said it would have no impact on businesses and would restore stability.

But economic consequences have rippled through the recession-hit hub as authorities use the new powers to pursue political opponents.

Hong Kong businesses that do export to the US have had to change their labels or print new ones.

The city's pro-Beijing leadership previously downplayed Washington's decision, noting that Hong Kong-made shipments to the US were worth just HK$3.7 billion ($480 million) in 2019, less than 0.1 percent of the city's gross exports.


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