World Estrosi: "As mayor, I want to be able to close a place of worship or a school outside the contract"

13:00  30 october  2020
13:00  30 october  2020 Source:   europe1.fr

Melbourne lord mayor faces 'extraordinary' challenge as city wakes from COVID nightmare

  Melbourne lord mayor faces 'extraordinary' challenge as city wakes from COVID nightmare After months of shutdowns affecting business, live sport, tourism and the arts, Melbourne's next lord mayor will have a crucial role in helping the Victorian capital to restore its reputation as a cultural and events hub. Nine political hopefuls are vying for the position in the current council elections, along with the $200,000 salary that comes with it.Postal ballot voting closes on Friday, and the electoral commission will formally declare a winner by mid-November.

6. I am not school . 7. They not friends. 8. You are cold, are you? 9. They hungry, isn’t it? By the next day we (7) ( to be ) so happy to find that the number of views was 2,000 in America. The Baby Shark song soon was (8) (to sing) all over the world.

able to express ideas well eloquent, articulate. eager to react and communicate responsive. 'Good communicator really listen to people and take in what is If they don't understand and want to clarify something, they wait for a suitable opportunity. When speaking, effective communicators are good at

The day after the Nice attack, which killed three people, Christian Estrosi, asks Europe 1 to this that the mayors of France have the power to dissolve organizations "attacking the values ​​of the Republic". "We need immediate action," he says.

The day after the Nice attack, where three people were murdered with a knife in the Notre-Dame basilica to the cry of "Allah Akbar" , incomprehension and shock remain. Christian Estrosi, LR mayor of the city, claims the power to act on Europe 1 in the face of "Islamofascism". "We need immediate action, he asserts on Europe 1. We must quickly dissolve all the organizations attacking the values ​​of the Republic, I ask that the mayors have the competence to do so."

Cases Skyrocket As Superspreader Church Refuses to Host COVID Testing

  Cases Skyrocket As Superspreader Church Refuses to Host COVID Testing An annual, multi-day gathering at a massive Charlotte, North Carolina-based church has emerged as a likely superspreader event, feeding the largest COVID-19 outbreak in the county and apparently infecting at least 82 people, three of whom have died, according to local officials. The clash between in-person worship and pandemic guidelines has sparked outrage, tension, and superspreader events in recent weeks all over the country—from California to Maine. Adding insult to injury at the outbreak in Charlotte, officials and health providers said that the church refused to let anyone set up on-site testing.

In Britain, grammar schools , public schools and comprehensive are often referred to as _ schools . Being able to read can lead to an _ (improve) quality of life. It's hard ____ imagine why anyone would want to live in such a dangerous area, but millions of people choose to do so.

Cars have given us freedom. We can go wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go. What used to be a vast grassy meadow now becomes a small muddy field (criss-crossed by the tyre-tracks of vehicles that use the field to take a shortcut out of the parking lot) fringed by a square of concrete & tar.

"It is time for there to be a co-management between the mayors, the prefects, the government. And at the same time, the president, who is the chief of the armies, sees himself endowed for a precise time of a power additional measures to take additional measures ", concludes the mayor of Nice.

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France church attack: What we know so far .
A knife-wielding attacker beheaded a woman and killed two other people in a suspected terrorist attack.This is what we know so far:

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