World Final Polls Show Donald Trump Losing Pennsylvania, Winning Arizona

18:10  31 october  2020
18:10  31 october  2020 Source:   newsweek.com

No, Trump hasn’t been the best president for Black America since Lincoln

  No, Trump hasn’t been the best president for Black America since Lincoln Here’s what Trump has — and hasn’t — done for Black communities in the past four years.Over the past year, Trump has shouted this from the lectern at campaign rallies and from the balcony at the White House as a play to Black voters, a countermessage to his racist rhetoric. The phrase has morphed over time, starting in the fall of 2019 as something more restrained — “We’ve done more for African Americans in three years than the broken Washington establishment has done in more than 30 years” — and rising to the bold “No president has done more for our Black community” this year.

Final polls conducted of voters before Election Day show the 2020 presidential race is tighter than it has been in months, but President Donald Trump may be set to lose key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Tuesday.

a group of people that are talking on a cell phone: Voters go to the polls at Oberia D. Dempsey Multi-Service Center in Harlem on Election Day on November 8, 2016 in New York City. © MIREYA ACIERTO / CONTRIBUTOR/Getty Images Voters go to the polls at Oberia D. Dempsey Multi-Service Center in Harlem on Election Day on November 8, 2016 in New York City.

The final Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll of Pennsylvania voters this election cycle shows former Vice President Joe Biden maintaining a 5-point lead—49 to 44 percent—over Trump in the contest for the state's much-vaunted 20 Electoral College votes. In North Carolina, another state Trump in 2016, Biden has a 6-point lead over Trump in the final NBC News/Marist poll of the traditionally red state's registered voters. Democrats for months have suggested Arizona may be another state to flip blue for Biden Tuesday, but the latest survey there shows Trump with a slim lead.

Donald Trump says he will release his full 60 Minutes interview

  Donald Trump says he will release his full 60 Minutes interview President Donald Trump announced Thursday he will release the'full, unedited' version of his interview with '60 Minutes' after CBS released a video excerpt of the sit-down. He called Lesley Stahl's questioning of him 'vicious' and an 'attempted takeout' while arguing he gave 'magnificently brilliant' answers to her questions. 'I will soon be giving a first in television history full, unedited preview of the vicious attempted “takeout” interview of me by Lesley Stahl of @60Minutes. Watch her constant interruptions & anger.

Biden's lead over Trump in Pennsylvania according to the Muhlenberg poll is aligned with FiveThirtyEight's adjusted polling average that shows the former vice president ahead by 5.1-points in the all-important battleground state. The latest RealClearPolitics polling average, however, only shows Biden clinging to a 3.6-point lead over the state Trump won over Clinton by less than one percent, or about 44,000 votes.

Pollsters at several state and national polling groups caution that these final surveys of the 2020 presidential election cycle have wider margins of error, as they look to push back on polls four years ago that showed Hillary Clinton coasting to a victory which did not happen. But Democratic strategists say the Biden campaign appears on top in multiple swing states like Pennsylvania because of his focus on voters who did not cast ballots four years ago.

Swing-state Pennsylvanians are divided on fracking. Here’s why.

  Swing-state Pennsylvanians are divided on fracking. Here’s why. Trump keeps promoting fracking, but the industry is struggling.In front of a crowd of thousands gathered in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, President Donald Trump played a compilation of video clips in which former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris described their plans to transition away from fossil fuels.

The margin of error in the Muhlenberg poll is 5.5 points— so technically Biden and Trump are still in a statistical dead heat. The latest The Hill/Harris battleground state tracker poll of Pennsylvania showed Biden leading Trump there by 5 points as well, 51 to 46 percent.

"They're being very strategic. More strategic than the Clinton campaign was in 2016," said Donna Brazile, former acting head of the Democratic National Committee, in an interview with The Washington Post Friday. "You have to go back to those states and grab those people — they're the easy catch."

The final poll of Arizona voters was released Saturday by the Trafalgar Group, an organization led by Robert Cahaly, one of the few pollsters who accurately predicted Trump's win four years ago.

The group's final Arizona poll showing how voters are leaning depicts Trump as leading Biden with 48.9 percent of support versus Biden's 46.4 points.

What poll watchers actually do, and Trump’s troubling rhetoric about them, explained

  What poll watchers actually do, and Trump’s troubling rhetoric about them, explained Some concerns around poll watching don’t have to do with the people designated to be inside voting sites.To facilitate that, the Trump campaign has launched Army for Trump, an effort to mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers for get-out-the-vote efforts, including poll watching. A Trump campaign spokesperson told Vox that it hopes to fill 40,000 poll-watching shifts, and expects to exceed their goal of recruiting 50,000 volunteer poll watchers.

If national polling averages were the only measure of the election outcome, Biden would clearly be favored to defeat Trump in three days. The Democratic presidential candidate is leading the national polling average by nearly double digits, with a collective of polls from CNN, The Economist-YouGov, Fox News, SurveyMonkey-Tableau and Quinnipiac University showing the Democratic candidate up by nine points.

But Cahaly told The Wall Street Journal this week he believes mainstream media have once again hit American voters with a deluge of poll numbers favorable to Biden, a phenomenon he referred to as "social desirability bias." He believes respondents frequently lie to pollsters over the phone, and that Trump is in a strong position to win states like Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the final NBC News/Marist survey of North Carolina voters shows Biden with a 6-point support advantage over Trump in the final poll of that state's voters.

Newsweek reached out to both the Biden and Trump campaigns for final reactions Saturday morning to polling numbers.

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Young Latinx voters could be the ones who finally flip Arizona .
“This is a chance for us to say, ‘Not in our state. We’re not letting this happen anymore.’” The organizing movement that exploded after SB 1070 could be the same one that pushes Trump out There’s been a growing organizing movement in Arizona for decades, and local activists say SB 1070 was a real tipping point. “It not only galvanized Latinos and organizers, it energized people from other states,” says Arizona State University political science professor Lisa Magana. In a direct response to SB 1070, activists founded a grassroots movement called One Arizona.

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