World Voting Activists Pepper-Sprayed by Police While Marching to Polls in North Carolina

02:15  01 november  2020
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A disabled woman who was pepper sprayed by police as tensions spilled over during the Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney confronted officers with a Footage filmed at the tense scene shows the woman ranting at police screaming 'I did nothing', explaining she was a military veteran who had

"Stomach churning video of police using pepper spray on seated anti-Wall Street protesters in Davis, Calif.," actress Mia Farrow wrote in a retweet of the video. Elsewhere in California, police arrested six Occupy San Francisco protesters early Sunday and dismantled a tent encampment in front of the

Voting and civil rights activists were pepper-sprayed by police during a march to the polls in North Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

a man standing in front of a brick building: A man walks into an early voting location at Massey Hill Recreation Center & Park on October 29, 2020 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. © Alex Wong/Getty Images/Getty A man walks into an early voting location at Massey Hill Recreation Center & Park on October 29, 2020 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The "I Am Change" march, organized by Rev. Gregory Drumwright, was hosted in Greensboro and Graham on Friday and Saturday, respectively—the final days of in-person early voting in the state. The march aimed to encourage voters to get to the polls and help put an end to the systemic oppression of minority groups.

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Ohio, was briefly sprayed with pepper spray or Mace in downtown Columbus on Saturday while talking to people protesting the death of George Floyd. Saturday marked the fourth day of escalating protests in multiple cities over the death of Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis

Shocking video shows SIX police officers wrestling suspect to floor and squirting him with pepper spray because they WRONGLY thought he was wanted over stabbing. The man is then kicked down to the ground while separate handcuffs were attached to both of his wrists as he kept his hands apart.

On Saturday in Graham, hundreds gathered for the march from Wayman's Chapel AME Church to the Alamance County Historic Courthouse, where a controversial confederate monument still stands. The march would then culminate a few blocks down at the early voting polls.

But things quickly took a turn for the worst when Graham police instructed those marching to disperse and began pepper-spraying when they failed to do so, reportedly without a warning. Alamance County sheriffs soon began taking down the sound equipment used by event speakers and turning off the generator, stating that the permits had been revoked and reiterating that the crowd needed to disperse. Once the crowd got anxious, the officers started pepper-spraying them again.

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Cleveland protesters PEPPER SPRAYED unsuspecting cafe patrons in night of unrest over acquittal In the city's Warehouse District, more than a dozen protesters were arrested by police in riot gear Demonstrators hold up flags as they march to the attorney's home, surrounded by police officers.

Trainer claims he was pepper sprayed by a police officer at the Melbourne Cup after he tried to take his horse back to the stables at Flemington. 'The last thing we want is animal activists breathing down our necks with a horse getting injured in the back of a float I said it's not going to look pretty.'

Congressional Candidate Scott Huffman of North Carolina, who was present during the incident and was pepper-sprayed, told Newsweek that the officers began dismantling the sound equipment at around 1 p.m., before the speeches concluded. He said that the protest was peaceful and that sponsors had permits until hours later, noting that Alamance sheriffs didn't give the crowd a reason for demanding that they disperse.

"They started coming up with pepper-spray as soon as they started giving warnings that the permit had been revoked. They gave us no reason," said Huffman. "They told everybody to disperse and, of course, the crowd got anxious at that point."

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Justin Palmer, 36, claims that police in Santa Monica tripped him up, squirted pepper spray in his face then told him to stop crying after they found him at a public charging point near closing time. Electric car driver 'tackled and PEPPER SPRAYED by police ' after trying to recharge his vehicle at night.

Published November 26, 2018. Obama agents pepper - sprayed migrants: History challenges caravan response outrage. Democrats are expressing outrage that U.S. border agents on Sunday shot rounds of tear gas at caravan migrants who threw rocks at law enforcement while trying to breach the U.S

Huffman said that the officers pepper-sprayed children and a person in a wheelchair, who actually needed medical attention due to difficulty breathing.

"The fact that it was a peaceful demonstration made this totally upsetting," Huffman said.

Videos of the event show hundreds of protesters peacefully marching and kneeling in a traffic circle in front of the courthouse. Several politicians and activists were present at the event, including Ian Baltutis, the mayor of nearby Burlington; Democratic candidate for county commissioner Dreama Caldwell; and Democratic school board candidate Seneca Rodgers. Huffman said that some family members of George Floyd, a Black man killed by Minneapolis police in May, were also present at the event.

At least 10 people were arrested, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

Rev. Drumwright was one of the people arrested and charged that afternoon for "failing to disperse on command." He said that more than a dozen protesters were pepper-sprayed, thrown to the ground, and had visible wounds.

Cops Pepper-Spray Voters as They March to Polls in NC

  Cops Pepper-Spray Voters as They March to Polls in NC GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA—On the final day of early voting in North Carolina, police in Alamance County pepper-sprayed a group of voters who were marching to the polls, leaving demonstrators injured and vomiting in the streets. At least one journalist was arrested in the chaotic showdown on Saturday in Alamance County, a red county but one that may decide which party controls the state legislature next year. About 250 people taking part in an event called I Am Change Legacy March to the Polls were making their penultimate stop on a march that would end at a polling place in downtown Graham when cops intervened.

Map: Delegates, Popular Vote . National Democratic Polls . State Polls , Final Results. North Carolina : Trump vs. Biden. WRAL-TV/SurveyUSA. Polls Say Biden Leads in PA. It Sure Doesn't Feel Like It Shawn McCreesh, NY Times. Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls To Police .

What was supposed to be a celebration for University of Maryland students turned violent when police sprayed them with pepper spray to break up the festivities.

He said that, given the Alamance County Sheriff Department's history with racial profiling (for which they were reprimanded by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012), he knew what he and the protesters were going into and had hoped to keep the event peaceful the entire time.

"Our peaceful rally was going on for about an hour, and the Alamance County Sheriff's Department disrupted that and commanded us to disperse. We held our ground because we were permitted to be there. We received a permit to gather and hold our rally on the court square," said Drumwright.

"When we refused to move earlier in the rally, they had pepper-sprayed a portion of our crowd. The second incident happened in the midst of our rally," he added. "For many of us, our faces are still burning, our eyes are still leaking. We're still trying to recover from that."

In a news release regarding the incident, the Graham Police Department said that it had met with Drumwright to discuss options for a possible route, but a road closure was not a part of the agreement.

"A road closure where he requested, Courtsquare, would have limited access and available parking for the polling site," the news release read. "An agreement for road closure was not made at that meeting and Mr. Drumwright was directed to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office for the issuance of a permit to use county property at the historic courthouse as a rally location."

This Is How Jaime Harrison Pulls Off a Miracle and Ousts Lindsey Graham

  This Is How Jaime Harrison Pulls Off a Miracle and Ousts Lindsey Graham NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina—Jaime Harrison’s path to victory against Sen. Lindsey Graham lies along a roughly 20-mile stretch of road in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. The small town of Hollywood, where Harrison made the first of three campaign stops the Sunday before the Nov. 3 election, is tucked into a thick of woods that’s barely 30 minutes from Charleston but feels much farther away. In a field outside a community center, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate took to the stage, flanked by banners for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, to warm applause from a largely Black, elderly audience.

Mr. Drumwright was provided a copy of our public safety plan so he would be aware of the route and expectations. Those plans detailed that the blocking of a roadway by participants was a prohibited activity that would be strictly enforced," Graham police added.

The statement also mentioned that the crowd was given the command to clear the roadway and move to a permitted area designated by Graham police. The use of a "pepper-based vapor" came after "several verbal commands" and the event continued afterward. However, after some times, Graham police said that the event became "unsafe and unlawful," causing another command to disperse.

"The order to disperse was given to the crowd with a 5 minute warning," the statement read. "Several people remained after the final warning and officers again deployed a pepper-based vapor onto the ground to assist in dispersing the crowd. At

no time during this event did any member of the Graham Police Department directly spray any participant in the march with chemical irritants."

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said that Saturday's events were troubling, but didn't appear to affect early voting at the polls.

"All eligible voters in North Carolina have a constitutional right to cast their vote safely and securely, without threats or intimidation," Stein wrote in a statement on Saturday. "After today's troubling events in Alamance County, I went to the courthouse in Graham and all is calm now."

He added: "I reached out to the State Board of Elections and was informed that the events appear not to have impacted voting at the early voting location. The site there was calm, and the voters got in line and voted."

However, Drumwright said that several voters didn't get the opportunity to exercise their right to vote that day.

"The most egregious thing that has come out of this today is that people who were intending to cast their vote after our rally was over never made it to the polls."

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