World "Here is my son ...": Joe Biden's huge blunder on his son Beau, who died in 2015, whom he confuses with his granddaughter (VIDEO)

13:50  04 november  2020
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The absurd controversy over Joe Biden’s “transition away from the oil industry”

  The absurd controversy over Joe Biden’s “transition away from the oil industry” Trump wants to make the shift to clean energy sound abrupt and scary.Trump himself put it in the most dramatic terms:

Joe Biden introduced his granddaughter Natalie as his deceased son Beau Biden then he got his granddaughters Natalie and Finnegan mixed up. Beau Biden was never elected to the senate in Delaware. He was elected as the state Attorney General and passed away in 2015 .

JOE BIDEN appeared to suffer an embarrassing blunder on election day as he was accused of confusing his granddaughter for his dead son in front of a crowd. Joe Biden : During his Presidential campaign, Mr Biden has been criticised repeatedly for his many gaffes and errors.

© Capture LCI "Here is my son .. . ": Joe Biden's huge blunder on his son Beau, who died in 2015, whom he confused with his granddaughter (VIDEO) The (white) American night! After the elections, the results are still not known. Joe Biden and Donald Trump stand in a pocket square. If the outgoing president is causing controversy by already claiming victory, his competitor has distinguished himself in recent hours by a new blunder ...

French insomniacs will therefore have stayed up all night for nothing: despite very favorable polls, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election failed to widen the gap, allowing his Republican competitor, outgoing Donald J Trump , to still hope to win his second term. So much so that the husband of Mélania Trump has even already held a press conference to proclaim his victory, at least to ensure that it could not escape him . However, everything is still possible this Wednesday, November 5 in the morning. More discreet, the Democratic candidate still reacted , judging " scandalous " the about the sulphurous Donald Trump .

Joe Biden -- a life's work in Washington

  Joe Biden -- a life's work in Washington A stalwart of American political life for decades, Joe Biden, 77, has experienced many ups and downs during his long career in Washington, which he hopes to cap by winning the White House on November 3. - Senate at 30 - Active in local politics in Delaware, Biden scored a major surprise aged just 30 when he ousted a well-established Republican senator in the 1972 election. Just few weeks later, Biden's wife and daughter died in a car accident. He thought of resigning to take care of his injured sons Beau and Hunter, but he was persuaded to stay on and was sworn in on January 5, 1973.He was reelected to the upper house of Congress continuously until 2008.

Joe confuses his two granddaughters and then introduces one of them as his dead son - and he could be your President in HOURS 'This is my son , Beau Biden who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware': Joe makes his worst gaffe to date by confusing his granddaughter with

He spent a year there," Biden said, referencing his son Beau Biden , who died of brain cancer in 2015 . The younger Biden son , his father stated during the debate, underwent treatment and is overcoming addiction. " My son , like a lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem," he said.

"Here is my son Beau ..."

But this is another speech by the Democrat who is making a lot of talk today across the Atlantic, held just a few minutes before the start of the process. counting. While in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden paid tribute to his reputation as a blunderer, megaphone in hand ... Accompanied by part of his team, including his granddaughter Natalie, the competitor in the race for the White House wanted to present it, but somewhat tripped over the carpet. "This is my son Beau, whom many of you helped elect to the post of senator from Delaware (a neighboring state, note) !" launches the enthusiastic 77-year-old candidate.

"She's Beau's daughter!"

Except that it is obviously not at all about her son, who died in January 2015 of brain cancer. And if he was elected during his career, it was in 2006, then in 2010, as attorney general, and not senator. When Joe Biden speaks, the unease is also palpable in the crowd in front of him, silencing the cheers. It will take a few seconds for the candidate to correct himself, and present his "granddaughter, Natalie ..." "It's Beau's daughter!" he continues, attracting further applause. An episode that may not harm him at the polls, but which will undoubtedly give water to the mill of those who consider Joe Biden's health too fragile to become the 46th President of the United States.

Joe Biden's Big Blunder on Election Day:

"This is my son Beau Biden whom you helped elect to the Senate" as he introduces his baby daughter Natalie.

Beau Biden died in 2015 and was never a senator. #ElectionDay


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Joe Biden: Visit to the grave of his son Beau Biden .
The day after his victory over Donald Trump, Joe Biden creates emotional scenes. © Getty Images Joe Biden is leaving Brandywine Roman Catholic Church on November 8, 2020. Joe Biden, 77, did it: He was elected 46th President of the United States. News of his victory will reach his home in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday noon (November 7th). At his side: his greatest supporters. Wife Jill, 69, son Hunter, 50, daughter Ashley, 39, and his seven grandchildren.

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