World HP Reverb G2: Start of the VR headset shifts further and further back

10:55  19 november  2020
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The ultra-light, ultra-immersive HP Reverb G 2 VR (Virtual Reality) headset delivers a more A VR headset that adjusts to you. Back . HP Z Desktops. The ultimate power for VR content creation and fully-immersive experiences. To minimize the possibility of experiencing discomfort using a VR application, ensure that the PC system is equipped with the appropriate graphics and CPU for the VR

This document is for HP Reverb and Reverb Pro Edition Virtual Reality Headsets , and PCs with Windows 10. Hold the headset in front of you at waist level, point the headset at your computer, and then click Trace . Walk around the perimeter of the cleared space while pointing the headset at your

HP Reverb G2 Titelbild © Provided by Dr. Windows HP Reverb G2 Cover Image

The HP Reverb G2 promises to be the most powerful Windows Mixed Reality headset to date. Provided that it actually comes onto the market at some point. It was originally announced for September, but has been postponed several times since then. It seems more than questionable whether it will even come this year.

In May, the HP Reverb G2 was officially launched . HP has worked closely with Valve and Microsoft to set new standards in the field of virtual reality, according to their own statements. The promised resolution of 4,320 x 2,160 pixels at 90 Hz made this claim seem credible. The headset should hit the market in September for 599 euros.

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What you need to know HP announced Reverb G 2 headsets will start shipping in November. The HP Reverb G 2 is a Windows Mixed Reality headset collaboration between Valve, HP , and It's been nearly four montsh since HP first announced its next-gen Reverb G 2 VR headset

Having a camera on the back of the head ? The screen is the part that absolutely crushes it, which is especially important being that VR is a screen right up against your face in first person most of the But G 2 will definitely take Rift S' place as the best price to performance headset when it comes out.

Schenker Technologies had initially secured the exclusive rights for the German market to sell the HP Reverb G2 via the in-house online shop Bestware . They had probably imagined it differently, because now they exclusively feel the displeasure of the pre-orderers. At the beginning of September it was announced that the introduction would be postponed to the end of October . According to HP, this was done deliberately in order to give the Reverb G2 a better look. What I passed on 1: 1 as a message at the time, I now classify as an excuse.

It followed postponement after postponement, yesterday pre-orderers received the message that the delivery from Asia has been postponed by at least another two weeks. It is therefore rather unlikely that the pre-orderers, some of whom paid more than four months ago, will still be supplied this year.

In any case, I have now canceled my pre-order and requested a refund. I prefer to sit on my money myself. There is a good reason for the many postponements, and I now have serious doubts whether the pre-orderers really have a well-engineered one at the end of the long wait Get your hands on the product.

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