World Triangle de Gonesse: the conclusions of the Rol-Tanguy report disappoint

23:20  23 november  2020
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  Triangle de Gonesse : les conclusions du rapport Rol-Tanguy déçoivent © DR.

All that for that? This is the feeling that seems to leave reading the report written by Francis Rol-Tanguy and that Le Parisien was able to consult. Especially a lot of observations already known on the difficulties of the territory and in the end, three scenarios but none of which is really privileged. No turnkey solution, therefore for the future of the Gonesse triangle.

This document, on the tables of the ministries since July but still not made public to date, was however eagerly awaited since November 7, 2019.

On that day, the government officially announced the outright abandonment of the controversial mega complex EuropaCity leisure and shopping center which was to emerge on the agricultural land of this site in eastern Val-d'Oise. "EuropaCity is not the right answer to the challenges of the territory", asserted Élisabeth Borne, then Minister of Ecological Transition at the end of an Ecological Defense Council.

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Expected for more than a year

A sudden stop therefore for this project of 80 ha to more than three billion euros, carried by the Auchan and Wanda group, providing several hundred shops but also a water park, a concert hall, a cultural center dedicated to the 7th art and many hotels. But also a certain obstacle to the birth of the concerted activity zone (ZAC) of a total of 280 ha on the same site, yet carried for more than ten years by the State. Finally, questions about the future of the only Grand Paris express station at 95, whose schedule has continued to be pushed back. Élisabeth Bornes, however, assured at the end of 2019 that this was not called into question.

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The video describes how to construct the median of a triangle .

Congruent triangles are triangles that have the same size and shape. This means that the corresponding sides are equal and the corresponding angles are equal. As long as one of the rules is true, it is sufficient to prove that the two triangles are congruent.

A cancellation received with congratulations at the time by its detractors, denouncing its gigantism and advocating the preservation of these agricultural lands near Paris. But a hammer blow for its defenders, particularly elected officials and economic players in Val-d'Oise seduced by the promise of nearly 10,000 future jobs in a territory heavily affected by unemployment. Figures disputed by opponents.

Its mission: "define an alternative in collaboration with local elected officials"

In an attempt to calm the Val-d'Oisienne sling evoking a "proper execution" of the department, the government announced at the same time as the abandonment of the project. launch of a six-month mission, entrusted to a senior civil servant familiar with planning issues Francis Rol-Tanguy, "to define an alternative in collaboration with local elected officials". This famous report therefore when the Ile-de-France region announced "an emergency plan of one billion for Val-d'Oise".

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“You will develop […] a planning and sustainable development strategy project, you will include this project […], with a view to making the territory a place of anchoring for new businesses and new inhabitants, in the challenges of the century ”, could one read in particular in the mission letter then sent by the minister to the former director of the Parisian Urban Planning Workshop (Apur) that the Parisian had already obtained.

So what exactly is the result one year later? A document of 27 pages in total excluding appendices. Among which, a list of projects more or less already on the cards of the territory, especially in terms of transport. Some of which deemed "out of the ordinary" by Francis Rol-Tanguy are excluded. This is the case in particular with the new Ceetrus project of the promoters of the late EuropaCity project who had once again revised their copy in the face of the government's decision. “History does not repeat itself,” he wrote.

Three scenarios envisaged

In the end, the report mentions “three scenarios for the Triangle de Gonesse”. Without really deciding between the three.

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That of “the continuation of the current 280 ha project” seems however concerned. A ZAC “legally validated. But this is not the case economically ”. "Such a scenario now poses a serious risk to the public planner that is Grand Paris Aménagement (GPA)", we can read.

Second possibility: the urbanization of 110 ha which would make it possible to "give meaning" to the Triangle station. "If this scenario were to be adopted, priority should be given to this territory in the event that decisions on productive relocation are taken." Which ones? The report does not say so.

Finally, the last script, the one that does not provide for any urbanization of the site. According to Rol-Tanguy, this has two advantages: "Preserving agricultural land" and "not increasing the supply of business parks in a sector which still has a lot of availability".

A line 17 with a connection with the RER D

Surprisingly, this possibility is based on the construction of a "line 17 bis" of the GPE which does not appear at present in any diagram. It would leave "from Mesnil-Amelot, go to the Triangle de Gonesse station and branch off at this location to join the Villiers le Bel / Arnouville station, where a connection with the RER D would be created," explains the report. “It is an invention of Mr. Rol-Tanguy. No one has heard of it, not even the Société du Grand Paris, ”say several experts in the matter.

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In conclusion, the former director of Apur formulates 15 proposals for "this eastern sector of Val-d'Oise" . But neither, no revelation. The last of this document being: "an arbitration must be made on the future of the Triangle de Gonesse from the three scenarios proposed".

Pending arbitration

On what date? None are advanced. And the Parisian's requests to Matignon or to the Ministry of Ecological Transition have gone unanswered. Ditto for Mr. Rol-Tanguy.

According to someone close to the case, this silence is due to the fact that the long-awaited arbitrations have still not been fixed. “The only thing that seems certain is that the government still wants to make the Triangle station. The problem is that it has to be justified and therefore there is indeed a project, but which one? We still don't know, ”we whisper.

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