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23:25  23 november  2020
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Swiss to keep skiing through pandemic, even as EU eyes ban

  Swiss to keep skiing through pandemic, even as EU eyes ban As EU countries debate a bloc-wide ban on ski holidays to curb coronavirus infections, downhill enthusiasts may be tempted to head to non-member Switzerland, where the winter season is well underway. In Switzerland meanwhile, which has been hard-hit by the second wave of Covid-19 infections, the authorities, ski and tourism sectors have stood united behind the decision to keep the winter season going, after the spring season was cut short by the first wave."In Switzerland, we can go skiing, with protection plans in place," Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset told reporters Thursday.

size of ski area must meet the needs of the market w/o being so large that the area is underutilized. If not, attention must focus on increasing sales. potential solutions to financial problems faced by " Open -to-buy" refers to the amount of retail dollars set aside for the purchase of merchandise in the

Iran has over a dozen ski areas but the three ski resorts (Dizin, Shemshak and Darbandsar) in the Alborz mountain range are better known than others. Dizin is the largest and most developed ski resort , with a strong reputation for dry powder that falls in abundance from December to April.

La décision de l'ouverture ou non des stations de sports d'hiver sera prise dans les dix prochains jours. Pour le moment, le gouvernement planche sur plusieurs scénarios, d'une fermeture totale pour la période des fêtes de fin d'année à une ouverture partielle. Europe 1 fait le point. © PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP The decision on whether or not to open winter sports resorts will be taken in the next ten days. For the moment, the government is working on several scenarios, from a total closure for the end of the year holiday period to a partial opening. Europe 1 takes stock.

Will the winter sports business resume its course during the holiday season? The question is not trivial, because "white gold" represents 10 billion euros per year in France. Tuesday at 8 p.m., the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron must set the course for lighter confinement. Small businesses expect to be able to reopen in the coming days. But for winter sports resorts, the decision of whether or not to open for Christmas will not be announced until the next ten days. Their representatives were received at Matignon on Monday and three possible scenarios are emerging.

Alpine neighbors in dispute over the ski season

 Alpine neighbors in dispute over the ski season Chancellor Merkel wants to keep the ski areas in Europe closed for the time being due to the Corona crisis. There is resistance from Austria and Switzerland. France wants to open the winter sports resorts, but not the ski lifts.

Scenarios . 1. Read the text. Making up stories about the future might seem a curious occupation for Now that strategy is making a comeback, so are scenarios . In essence, the scenario technique The aim is not to make predictions, but to provide a framework into which subsequent events can be fitted.

5. Ski resorts always have professionals who can look after people with injuries. 6. Your physical fitness plays a role in successful skiing . The reigning monarch is not only head of state but symbol of the unity of the nation. The monarchy is Britain’s oldest secular institution, its continuity for over a

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The closure, the most probable hypothesis

In view of the enormous economic stake, the government is giving itself a little time. But according to information from Europe 1, the most likely assumption, at this point, is that ski resorts will remain closed during this period. The Alps remain one of the regions where epidemic activity is the strongest. The government has no desire to see a rebound in contamination in these territories because of its decision. Another hypothesis is, however, being considered: that of a partial opening, perhaps without bars or restaurants.


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"on/ at Christmas " What is the difference between these two ? As I understand it, "at Christams" we say when we talk about the whole holiday. But when we want to indicate only one day we say "on the first day of Christmas " or "on Easter sunday".

Cross-country skiing is a great way to both get fit and enjoy the winter beauty of the many public parks in Moscow. Jacques Cousteau was born in France in 1910. Although he was sickly as a child, he learned to swim at an early age and developed a love for the ocean.

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mask Before making its decision, the government also hopes for European coordination on the issue, for example with Italy and Spain. In Switzerland, some areas have already opened. The actors of the mountain assured this Monday to be able to be ready in fifteen days. Especially since for the moment, one of them smiles, the biggest problem is that there is no snow.

Containment: "Impossible" to open ski resorts for the holidays, announces Emmanuel Macron .
For the President of the Republic, it is "preferable to favor a reopening in January in good conditions" © Gonzalo Azumendi / VWPics / SIPA Snowboard in the Hautes-Pyrénées in 2018 (illustration photo) CORONAVIRUS - For the President of the Republic, it is "preferable to favor a reopening in January in good conditions" Emmanuel Macron judged "impossible »This Tuesday the opening of the winter sports resorts before the end-of-year celebrations because of the health risks linked to the epidemic o

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