World Nearly a hundred "pilot dolphins" die stranded in New Zealand

12:50  25 november  2020
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MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Ninety-seven pilot whales and thee dolphins died in a mass stranding on the remote Chatham Islands in New Zealand , the national Department of Conservation (DOC) said on Wednesday.

Almost 100 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on New Zealand 's remote Chatham Islands, conservation officials said Wednesday. She said 28 pilot whales, including two that beached on Monday after the initial stranding , and three dolphins were euthanised.

The authorities in charge of preserving New Zealand's biodiversity have announced that nearly a hundred of these cetaceans have stranded on the islands from Chatam, in the south of the country.

Nearly a hundred " pilot dolphins " died stranding on the remote islands of Chatam, south of New Zealand , authorities in charge of biodiversity conservation announced on Wednesday .

Most of these cetaceans were stranded this weekend on the beaches of this archipelago located about 500 kilometers east of the South Island, which complicated the rescue operations, according to the ministry of biodiversity .

Jemma Welch, who works for the ministry, indicated that 69 pilot whales were already dead when the authorities in charge of the protection of wildlife arrived.

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Cape Farewell is a headland in New Zealand 400 pilot whales who have become stranded at The beach was still littered with the bodies of the nearly 300 dead pilot whales which died Since 1840, more than 5,000 whales and dolphins have beached themselves on New Zealand shores according

More than 400 pilot whales stranded on a beach in New Zealand overnight, with 250 to The largest mass stranding of pilot whales in New Zealand occurred at another hotspot — Chatham Islands, where 1,000 whales stranded in 1918, and then in 1985, some 450 individuals landed on the beach.

28 "pilot dolphins" and three dolphins had to be euthanized

She specified that 28 "pilot dolphins" as well as three dolphins had to be euthanized. Ms Welch said authorities were forced to take such a decision due to heavy seas and the virtual certainty that the stranding would attract great white sharks.

The Maori community held a ceremony in honor of their "soul" as their carcasses will naturally decompose, she said.

The Chatham Islands had already experienced New Zealand's largest mass stranding when a thousand cetaceans were stranded in 1918.

The "pilot dolphins" can grow up to six meters in length and are a very widespread in New Zealand waters.

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Although studied for decades by scientists, the reasons for these strandings remain unknown.

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One hundred and forty five pilot whales died together on an isolated beach in New Zealand after becoming stranded . Pilot whales are among the largest oceanic dolphins , with killer whales the only of that group larger than them, and can live to around 45 years of age.

Fight to save stranded New Zealand pilot whales - Продолжительность: 3:03 The Telegraph 48 818 просмотров. Volunteers race to save 400 stranded pilot whales on New Zealand beach - Продолжительность: 2:00 On Demand News 42 632 просмотра.

According to researchers, pilot whales could deviate by following a sick herd member. Bad weather conditions or the presence of predators could also force them to change their route.

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