World 5 major airlines are rolling out shared digital health passes to prove negative COVID-19 tests. They hope it's a step towards recovery for an industry set to lose $157 billion.

13:41  25 november  2020
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Here are 6 things to consider about holiday travel

  Here are 6 things to consider about holiday travel The first one is whether you should be traveling at all.Travel surveys suggest that with the upcoming holidays, a number of Americans are still planning to fly or drive to a destination, either to visit family or for vacation, despite the risks involved. Plus, some college campuses are wrapping up their in-person semesters by Thanksgiving, requiring many students to return home until the spring term.

Airlines are on track to lose up to $ 157 billion between this year and next year, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) The forecasts assume significant re-opening of borders by the middle of next year, helped by some combination of COVID - 19 testing and vaccine deployment.

The app, tested by travelers aboard the United Airlines flight from London Heathrow airport to New Jersey’ s Newark Liberty International airport, could make it easier for international airline passengers to securely show they 've complied with COVID - 19 testing requirements.

a person sitting in a car: Delta has already banned more than 100 people for refusing to comply with its mask requirement, and it's making the rules even stricter. Delta has already banned more than 100 people for refusing to comply with its mask requirement, and it's making the rules even stricter.
  • United Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines, and JetBlue will be accepting a digital health pass as proof of negative COVID-19 status from December.
  • The CommonPass shows the results of passengers' COVID-19 tests, as is designed as an international standard. In the future, it could also be used to record vaccination results.
  • Currently, test results aren't issued in a standard format and vaccination records can be easily forged, the Commons Project, the non-profit behind the pass, said.
  • This news comes as the pandemic continues to devastate the airline industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects the industry to collectively lose around $US157 billion across 2020 and 2021.
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From December, five major global airlines will begin accepting a digital health pass that proves passengers don't have COVID-19.

Where Are the At-Home Coronavirus Tests?

  Where Are the At-Home Coronavirus Tests? Some experts think at-home testing can stop coronavirus outbreaks, and that the government should have been doing more to produce the tests.A small band of scientists insist there is another way. They say that if every American took multiple coronavirus tests a week at home, we’d be able to figure out who is contagious. People who tested positive would stay home for two weeks while the rest of us more or less went about our lives. With masks and social distancing, yes—but also with safer schools and larger funerals.

It took almost six weeks for the pandemic to claim the lives of 3,000 Americans. In the last week that number of COVID deaths – about the number 26, 2020, amid the coronavirus COVID - 19 pandemic. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the Czech Republic has doubled in the past two weeks

Maybe It Shouldn’t Be . The usual diagnostic tests may simply be too sensitive and too slow to In what may be a step in this direction, the Trump administration announced on Thursday that it would Covid - 19 : The disease caused by the new coronavirus. The name is short for coronavirus disease

Passengers on selected flights operated by United Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines, and JetBlue can use the CommonPass certificate on their phones to show that they tested negative for the virus.

Proof of a negative COVID-19 status is a requirement to enter some countries, and can also cut quarantine periods.

The pass â€" which will be eligible on some flights from New York, Boston, London, and Hong Kong â€" is designed as an international standard for verifying negative COVID-19 tests. It's created by The World Economic Forum and The Commons Project, a Swiss non-profit.

The Commons Project argues it's "not practical" for each country to implement different methods for verifying visitors' COVID-19 status.

Urgent care centers are cementing their role in American health care during Covid-19

  Urgent care centers are cementing their role in American health care during Covid-19 Americans are using urgent care to get coronavirus tests. They may continue to use it after the pandemic.As the third wave of the pandemic began across the United States, visits to urgent care jumped nearly 10 percent in October compared to September according to the industry group Urgent Care Association — and urgent care centers had already been busier than ever after starting to offer Covid-19 tests in earnest back in May. Fifty percent more people are going to urgent care currently than is typical for this time of year, according to data from Solv, an app that handles online and in-person booking for urgent care centers.

It turns out that tests that deliver a simple binary “positive or negative ” result are not fit for purpose, as they tell us nothing about the contagiousness of For a seasoned ignorer of statistics that contain Covid ‘cases’, there are no surprises here. The truth is , there was never any reason to treat them as

The BinaxNow $ 5 COVID - 19 test works a lot like a home pregnancy test and can return results in 15 minutes. It ' s paired with an app, Navica, that intends to give users a "temporary digital health pass " to go with negative results.

Test results are often recorded on pieces of paper "from unknown labs, often written in languages foreign to those inspecting them," the project says, with no standard format. Vaccination records are often listed on paper cards, which can be easily forged, it says.

The pass "is the kind of concrete, swift, cross-sector collaboration needed to enable a unified action to restore confidence in travel," Christoph Wolff, head of mobility at the World Economic Forum, said.

"Siloed efforts will only create more confusion and hinder the industry's recovery," he added.

The groups say the pass could also be used to show that someone has received a COVID-19 vaccine, and could be rolled out on cruises and at hotels.

This news comes as the pandemic continues to devastate the airline industry. On Tuesday, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said it expects the industry to collectively lose around $US157 billion because of the pandemic, including $US118.5 billion in 2020 alone.

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It articulates a vision of how the global elite see the future, and in particular, how they are seizing the opportunity presented by the Covid - 19 pandemic And the idea of a ‘reset’ is at best disingenuous. This implies that the global economy and society was basically functioning OK before Covid - 19 .

The timetable for that vaccine – and with it , the much- hoped -for return to “normal” – has apparently stretched further into the future, with Gates hinting on Thursday “we still have a long way to go” despite suggesting “rich countries” could return to their pre- Covid - 19 state by the end of 2021 just last month.

Airlines are expected to "bleed cash" at least until the fourth quarter of 2021, IATA CEO Alexandre de Juniac warned.

But increased testing, as well as the roll-out of a vaccine, could replace quarantine requirements and aid the return of international tourism.

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United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways were the first airlines to trial the pass in October on flights between Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and New York.

After the successful trials, which were observed by government officials, the five airlines will become the first to roll out use of the pass on a wider scale.

"Ahead of a vaccine, ensuring customers understand the latest testing requirements to travel is vital to building consumer confidence and the CommonPass solution is an important step towards offering a common international standard," Corneel Koster, chief customer and operating officer at Virgin Atlantic, said.

The IATA has also been developing a similar digital health pass to record passengers' test results and vaccination status. The test will be piloted in 2020 and launched fully in early 2021, the group announced Monday.

On Monday, Australia's national airline Qantas said that proof of a COVID-19 vaccination will be compulsory for international air travel. No other airline has yet made a similar announcement.

With no COVID-19 relief in sight, the private bus industry could collapse — taking with it a vital US transport network .
The private bus industry - which includes scheduled service operators like Megabus, commuter shuttles, and private charters - faces a crisis of epic proportions. The COVID-19 pandemic decimated travel virtually overnight, and while airlines, public transit agencies, and Amtrak all received 10-figure bailouts, the country's 3,000 private bus companies were left without a paddle. Private buses account for 600 million passenger trips each year and serve a vital purpose in the nation's transportation infrastructure, industry leaders say.

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