World Justice and drone warfare: Why there must be no free flight

15:45  29 november  2020
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The judge who stood up to an all-powerful military

  The judge who stood up to an all-powerful military Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth was a rare judge in Pakistan who challenged the military.Tributes described him as bold, fearless and independent. He was 59.

Militants launched a drone attack against Syria’s Khmeimim Air Base, currently operated by Russia, on Jan. Last year Russia’s military received two new weapons designed specifically for drones : REX-1 and Stupor electromagnet guns for spec ops and infantry units.

Drone Warfare sketches out the nightmare possibilities posed by this insane proliferation.” Drone warfare is a commonplace occurrence in our daily news media now, but 15 years ago it was barely functional. Reaserchers this is a must buy.

The lawsuits against the controversial use of the US Ramstein Air Base have been dismissed. This cannot be the last word. A comment.

Eine bewaffnete Drohne der US-Luftwaffe. © Photo: dpa An armed drone of the US Air Force.

Of all the ways to kill a person, using a drone is probably the most arrogant. The perpetrator sits thousands of kilometers away and steers his deadly aircraft at a victim who does not intend to attack. For him it is an on-screen act, for the victim it is brutal reality or rather its end. It is not uncommon for people to die who shouldn't be hit - families, children.

It's no wonder that military personnel around the world swear by this weapon. In theory and practice, as is often the case in technical matters, the Americans are furthest. The drone war is the military front in a war on terror that the Americans are waging on all fronts. As a former Vice President, President-elect Joe Biden has an outstanding share of responsibility. Barack Obama was an avowed drone warrior. It was Trump's successor too, only he was one who was less confessed; here he again strengthened the principles of military secrecy.

Kill lists: Barack Obama’s blind spot

  Kill lists: Barack Obama’s blind spot He opposes the death penalty in the US, but issued kill orders for Muslims overseas with no trial at all.Reviews of the book have carried little criticism, except for some rather fatuous commentary in the British press about Michelle Obama’s breach of royal protocol when she put her arm around Queen Elizabeth II on the couple’s first state visit to London.

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SPD has given up its resistance

The future of the drone has only just begun. Whoever throws himself into her political trajectory is done for. That is why the SPD has given up its resistance to ammunitioning Bundeswehr drones. German soldiers deployed abroad are already gaining the necessary overview.

And soon the necessary resistance. Of course, the Germans do not want to kill specifically, they want to protect themselves specifically. The weapon technology is similar for both uses. And it's no secret that is also experimenting with terrorists . There were bodyguards yesterday; people at risk could use some kind of air defense in the future.

USA have legally unleashed the drone war

The Americans have the questionable merit of having legally unleashed the drone with the proclamation of a worldwide "war on terror". Who will treasure it again? At least not the German Federal Administrative Court, which has now dismissed the lawsuit of three Yemeni citizens.

Americans can now travel to 47 nations for vacation and tourism — here's the list of every open country and how to get there

  Americans can now travel to 47 nations for vacation and tourism — here's the list of every open country and how to get there While many countries are not allowing US travellers during the coronavirus crisis, some nations are open to Americans. The United Kingdom, Caribbean countries, and select international locales are allowing tourists from the US. Many countries require you to show a negative COVID-19 test and airline schedules are severely reduced, limiting options on how to get to the newly-opened destinations. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The world is re-opening, and Americans have more travel options for travel destinations than they have had since March.

Flight Lessons Flying Lessons Drone App Drone Quadcopter How Do Drones Work Flying Drones Drone Technology Best Camera Aerial Photography. Pilots Come Clean: Drone Warfare Is Riddled with Tragic, Bloody Errors. Imagine if the drone wars going on in Pakistan and Yemen had a human

The drones work so well that it must be all right to kill people with them. His latest, the military thriller Eye in the Sky, which doubles as both a character drama and a meditation on the ramifications of drone warfare , is no exception.

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You threw the Federal Republic a silent Complicity because it tolerates the US using its Ramstein Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate as a radio station for operations. To do this, they invoked the basic rights in the German constitution that protect life; Relatives of theirs had already lost theirs in drone attacks.

basic rights also apply to foreigners

basic rights also apply to foreigners. And they also apply to them abroad if the encroachment on fundamental rights is sufficiently related to Germany. That is not the case, said the judges. Ramstein is a machine, that is to say: If international law is broken, it is because the machine is operated from the USA.

One can doubt that because the German government had this machine put into their own living room, so to speak. The argument of the Leipzig court seems formalistic here. There is also no position on questions of international law except that one can be of multiple and divided views here.

Court spares politics from the constraints of law

That is a little bit; the lower court, the Higher Administrative Court of Münster, had made it clear that the right to preventive self-defense claimed by the Americans at any time and in any place found no basis in international law. The federal government was obliged to urge the USA to ensure that the operations are legally compliant.

The Federal Administrative Court waives this. It spares politics from the constraints of law. The federal government had made sufficient efforts that foreign policy could not be dictated by the courts. So rest around Ramstein? The drone has no limits. That's why she needs rules. The highest German court probably missed a chance for it. But one should wait for the written reasons for the judgment; maybe there is substance in it - for the next lawsuit.

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