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18:50  01 december  2020
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Five killed in police chase after mass prison break in Lebanon

  Five killed in police chase after mass prison break in Lebanon Police said so far 15 inmates have been rearrested and four of the escaped prisoners handed themselves over. Security forces sealed off the area around the prison and were conducting a manhunt for the remaining prisoners. President Michel Aoun was briefed by the caretaker interior minister about the break-out and ordered search operations be intensified and the incident be investigated, the presidency said in a Twitter post. The state news agency NNA earlier said the prisoners had escaped from the prison at dawn after breaking open cell doors.

Lebanon 's government will impose a two-week lockdown from Saturday to stem a resurgence of Covid-19, even though it will exacerbate a deep economic crisis. media captionSpecially trained dogs in Lebanon are learning to detect coronavirus . The outgoing prime minister said he "knew very well the

Lebanon will impose a two-week lockdown to contain a surge in coronavirus infections following the devastating explosion in Beirut two weeks ago. The disaster added to an already critical situation faced by Lebanon due to a severe economic downturn that has been compounded by the Covid-19

Terrasse d'un restaurant à Beyrouth, le 30 novembre. Le pays se déconfine progressivement. cases © REUTERS - MOHAMED AZAKIR Terrace of a restaurant in Beirut, November 30. The country is gradually deconfining.

Lebanon has been gradually deconfining since Monday after two weeks of total closure of restaurants, bars and public places. The country has already been hit very hard by the economic crisis, the devaluation of its currency and the explosion of August 4, which devastated the capital Beirut, killing 200 people and killing thousands.

From our correspondent in Beirut, Noé Pignède

The traders caught by the throat demanded the reopening of their shops. The government gave in.

At the Torino counter, in the tourist district of Gemmayzé, Fiona drinks a beer with her friends, happy that the confinement is over. "You know, I think with the coronavrius what hurt me the most was the loneliness. Not seeing your friends, it turns your brain! So it feels good to be home, and this bar is like my home, ”she said.


  Darling A poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, published in The Atlantic in 1995 , Lebanon was only five years out from a civil war that forced hundreds of thousands of displaced persons—including many Palestinian refugees—to flee; going about her life in Texas, the ache of that separation and displacement still reached her. For Nye, the “darling” in question is not Lebanon, nor Texas, nor a memory or a loved one. It is language itself; the only thing, she suggests, that can bridge some gaps.

Those with historically higher levels of PM2.5 pollution witnessed the most substantial drops in pollution. In February, South Korea had one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks outside mainland China but aggressive testing and contact tracing methods have brought cases there under control.

Despite this, further restrictions have been put in place. One month after the first registered death in the country from coronavirus , Italy tightened restrictions again. With a new decree effective immediately, the government Sunday announced a ban on all internal travel except for work purposes.

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Louaï, the owner of the bar, is extremely relieved, because between the economic crisis, the repeated cover fires and the explosion of the 4 August, its coffers are empty. “We opened, closed, opened, closed, opened, closed. Then everything was ravaged by the explosion, we renovated everything. Then we had this new confinement. It's hard, we work almost for free. Thank goodness the rent and the bills are paid. We're in a better situation than a lot of people, but we have to earn income if we want to survive. "

" We must continue to work "

Like all traders in the neighborhood, he criticizes the measures taken by the government. “They are trying to put policies in place to fight the coronavirus, and I don't know if they are really effective. Of course, we don't want people to get sick, and we don't want to get sick either. But we must continue to work. This bar remained open throughout the 2006 war, it’s not the Corona that will bring us down, ”he continues.

After two weeks of confinement, the number of contaminations in Lebanon has not yet decreased.

'The Arab Spring did not die': A second wave of Mideast protests .
The Arab Spring uprisings are nearly a decade old and moribund but protests in four new countries last year revealed that the spirit of the revolts that lit up 2011 is still alive. "The emergence of the 2019 wave of the uprisings in Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon and Iraq showed that the Arab Spring did not die," said Asef Bayat, an expert on revolutions in the Arab world. "It continued in other countries in the region with somewhat similar repertoires of collective action." The countries swept up by the latest revolts had initially stood on the sidelines as a contagion of uprisings gripped Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen in 2011.

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