World Big price differences: This is how much Starbucks coffee costs in a country comparison

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Wondering how much a Starbucks coffee habit will set you back? Get prices for various Starbucks coffee drinks in countries around the world. The same drink in Oslo, Norway, will cost you almost with Brussels and Stockholm coming in a bit below that. Paris can boast they have the lowest

But how can you really put a price on a trip that may be once in a lifetime? With 24,000 stores in 70 countries , Starbucks has been surveyed to If you spent your entire bank account on coffee in five months like me, then picking a travel destination based on their average Starbucks price may be one

Starbucks is more of an expensive coffee supplier. A test has shown that the prices of the popular coffee brand vary widely around the world.

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• Starbucks drinks are very expensive in Europe, unexpectedly cheap in South Africa and the USA

• A mystery: coffee is cheaper in the metropolis of New York than in Berlin

• In addition to the high prices for simple drinks, the company earns a lot with more unusual drinks

Starbucks has blossomed into the world's most famous coffee chain. Tests by Zaster and finder.com show that the popular coffee is the most expensive in Europe and that it differs greatly in price in the almost 16,000 branches worldwide.

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But how much pricier varies by a lot. Spread Of Hedge Fund Returns In 2020 “Unbelievable”. This is the price of a tall (as in small) hot Starbucks latte in U.S. Dollars in 11 Asian countries , adjusted As the comparison with the U.S. cost shows, Starbucks takes a bigger bite out of your finances in

That basic brew is pricier to create than you thought. Starbucks raised the price of a regular drip coffee by 10 to 20 cents this month. “ Starbucks continually evaluates pricing on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis,” a spokesperson for the brand told NBC News BETTER in an

The latte is the most expensive in Denmark.

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finder.com presents a price comparison with the café Latte Tall of the coffee house. To make the comparison clearer, the platform converted all prices into US dollars (USD): People from Denmark reported the most expensive price of USD 6.05 for such a hot drink. In second place in an international comparison is Switzerland with USD 5.94 for a latte, and Finland in third place with USD 5.40. Germany ranks ninth on the list with Munich - here a bar costs 4.39 USD. According to finder.com, the cheapest coffee is in Turkey at $ 1.78 per latte. Zaster's price comparison puts Zurich in first place among the most expensive locations and London in the middle, South Africa is the cheapest middle latte with 1.72 euros for a drink. According to the New York Post, the tall latte is the most expensive in Russia in terms of price ratio to other foods.

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Starbucks has made specialty coffee mainstream, exploding from a few shops into a seemingly ubiquitous coffee and merchandising empire with more than In an effort to bypass market volatility, the GOBankingRates Evaluation calculates a company’s net worth based on recent annual reports of

Starbucks vs specialty coffee . Are they the same? Specialty coffee pursues quality. We seek incredibly grown and processed coffee and roast it in a way that highlights the Starbucks pioneered cafe culture, opened the door to more expensive and higher-quality coffees , and paved the way for

Where do the big price differences come from?

The finder.com comparison also shows the price ratio within Europe - this seems plausible. Coffee prices in Northern Europe, i.e. Denmark, Sweden and Finland (on average 6.35 USD for a latte) are a good twenty cents higher than those in Western Europe (on average 6.05 USD), while prices in Southern and Eastern Europe are lower. This roughly corresponds to the ratio of the cost of living in these regions.

On the other hand, it is astonishing that the USA is only in 16th place in finder.com's tall latte ranking: with just 4.30 USD per drink. According to a further study by the spruce eats, a large cappuccino costs only USD 2.75 on average, while in the otherwise expensive metropolis of New York it is the most expensive in the country at USD 3.25. That means it still costs less there than in Munich or Berlin, for example - although New York is otherwise known as an expensive place.

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Other coffee shops are more reasonably priced and you can get the same if not better coffee though they may not offer the variety Starbucks does. In any other coffee shop, you get hand process and poured drinks, and usually a lot more espresso, which is how Starbucks used to be, for your money.

(The price of Starbucks ’ regular Grande coffee is .20 in New York.) Freeman should know: his chain Alisa Martinez, a Starbucks spokeswoman, says it’s difficult to put a cost assessment on the company’s And now that Starbucks has moved into the priciest coffees on the market, experts

Starbucks coffee is also expensive in the Middle East with the equivalent of 7 USD for a large latte in Saudi Arabia, in Asia and even in South America, according to price comparisons, the coffee is more expensive than in the USA.

It's not just the high prices for the latte that make sales

According to the 2019 annual report, Starbucks made more than 70 percent of its sales through the sale of beverages in the last three years, only 20 percent of the income came from the sale of muffins and the like . By the way: The company does not only generate so much revenue from the high prices for simple drinks such as latte or cappuccino. According to the Handelsblatt, a large part of the income comes from sales of special drinks such as a soy-caramel-cappuccino. The Handelsblatt reports how the price of such a drink is calculated according to Starbucks. If the drink costs around 7.65 euros, a customer therefore only pays a little more than half for the cappuccino itself - and then a surcharge of almost 50 cents for the soy milk, a tight euro for the extra shot of coffee, and another scarce one Euros for the cream and almost 80 cents for the little caramel splash.

But apparently it's worth it: According to Starbucks annual report, the company had sales of around USD 26.5 billion in 2019. Olga Rogler / Finanzen.net Editor

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