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16:20  17 december  2020
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Renee Dixson, the preschool director at Lynhurst Baptist Church in Indiana, started driving for Uber so she could buy her students Christmas presents . She has always taken her role in her students ’ lives very seriously, and since this year has been challenging for many of them, she’s been working

She buys clothes and food for kids in her neighborhood, school supplies for her students that can’t afford to buy their own and at Christmas she The last repairs had her with no vehicle for two weeks. A friend loaned her a car while hers was being repaired so she could get to school and check on her

A warm-hearted teacher and educator like Renee Dixson is to be wished for every child. She directs the Lynhurst Baptist Church Preschool in Indianapolis, Indiana. As the online platform "inspiremore.com" reports, it would like to be there especially for its students this year of the devastating corona pandemic. That's why she even took a second job as an Uber driver. With the additional money, she wants to buy gifts for the little ones to make Christmas a joyful celebration in their families.

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Renee takes an interest in the lives of her protégés

The teacher takes her role in the lives of the children very seriously. And she knows that the past year has presented numerous families with existential challenges. In many cases there have been dramatic changes. Some are dependent on non-profit food offerings - our "tables" comparable to - in order to keep the family fed. Therefore Renee is also aware that the little money will be used for essentials rather than gifts. So she wants to make the little ones smile with her action.

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Additional income for gifts for the 50 students and the employees

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Renee has decided to drive for Uber until Christmas Eve to take to be able to consider all students and colleagues for the money earned. By the way, she is not alone in her action. She is actively supported by other people in her community with donations. And so the teacher was able to stock up on toys when she went shopping. Your office quickly filled with presents for the students. "I know how it feels to be down as a child because your parents have nothing. These children, whose world has now been turned upside down, are not to blame," she is quoted as saying.

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teacher feels responsible for the children

Renee also said that without her action she would have the feeling that she was leaving the children in the lurch. Nobody should be disappointed and sad under the Christmas tree. "Everyone always told me I had a big heart," she said. "I said: 'No, I love children.'" With her selfless act, she will certainly have a large part in making this Christmas a successful festival for the students in her preschool.

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