World Trump Spends Last Days Self-Soothing With MAGA-Happy Polls

13:00  15 january  2021
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Why anyone could win Georgia’s runoff elections, according to the polls

  Why anyone could win Georgia’s runoff elections, according to the polls Ahead of the race, polls show both Senate races are very close.The extended races began following Election Day on November 3, when it became clear no candidate had cleared the 50 percent threshold Georgia requires to avoid runoffs. And throughout this period — aside from a few outliers taken in December that showed decisive leads for either the Democrats or the Republicans — pollsters have found the elections to be quite close.

The poll comes after an extraordinary period where Trump lost in the popular vote and the Electoral College to Joe Biden and challenged the election results. Republicans approve of the recent actions of Sen.

A lawyer on the Trump campaign and a number of conservative allies have distanced themselves from attorney Lin Wood, a loud backer of the president Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser on President Donald Trump ’s campaign team, took to Twitter on Friday night to disavow Wood’s claim that the vice

As Donald Trump entered his final week in office ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, and as several prominent members of Trump’s own party publicly turn on him, there’s one new area in which the outgoing president has found solace: polling.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast/Photos Getty © Provided by The Daily Beast Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast/Photos Getty

In recent days, some aides and close advisers to Trump have printed out and flagged for him a new set of surveys published by news organizations, polling groups, and one of Trump’s former top pollsters that show the president continues to maintain solid popularity among Republican voters and the base, according to two people familiar with the practice.

Fox News Stars: America Had It Coming. Also Antifa Did It.

  Fox News Stars: America Had It Coming. Also Antifa Did It. All three Fox News primetime star hosts, along with a bevy of Newsmax TV personalities, found their newest, baseless conspiracy theory on Wednesday, declaring that left-wing “antifa” activists were to blame for a mob of thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators stormed the U.S. Capitol. Furthermore, several Fox News stars also suggested that the U.S. government had it coming, largely because conservatives are angry over the Russia investigation and Trump’s false belief that widespread voter fraud stole the election from him.

Thousands of people gathered Saturday in support of outgoing President Donald Trump in Washington to protest supposed "voter fraud." The daytime rally – advertised by several names including Million MAGA March, Stop the A week ago Saturday, after states spent days counting ballots, several

At around 7:15pm last Wednesday, on the night of the riots, Georgia was reportedly among a group outside in violation of the District’s 6pm curfew that had been put in place earlier that day to stem the chaos wreaked by the pro- Trump mob. When officers gave the group several warnings to disperse

“He’s asked for the numbers several times,” one of the people said. “They’re still good and we believe they’ll go back up.” This source said that Trump wanted the numbers promoted on Trump social media. The president himself can’t because he was banned from Twitter, his preferred Big Tech platform, late last week following wide condemnation over his role in inspiring his supporters to launch what became the bloody, anti-democratic riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Trump has said these demonstrate how his fans are still “with me” and that elected Republicans and former top advisers who are backing away from him are wrong and ungrateful to do so, the sources said.

In the days before the Jan. 6 riot, RealClear Politics and FiveThirtyEight averages of Trump’s approval rating showed disapproval of him hovering around a slim majority with his approval rating in the mid 40s.

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Patriots from all over the country marched in Washington, DC on Saturday showing their support for President Trump and demanding a free and fair President Trump was ahead on election night in all of these states until massive ballot dumps only for Joe Biden appeared in the dead of the night when

Anti- Trump protesters clashed with supporters of the President and law enforcement Saturday evening in the nation's capital as they tried to make their Word of at least three different pro- Trump events circulated on social media in recent days -- "Stop the Steal," "March for Trump " and "Million MAGA

Since the riot, Trump’s overall approval rating has pushed disapproval rating above 60 percent in some polls. Morning Consult noted a “significant decline” in support for Trump with a 60 percent overall disapproval rating and Marist found 51 percent of respondents now strongly disapproved of Trump’s handling of the country, the “first time a majority has held this view.”

Trump slipped somewhat in his approval ratings among Republicans in the wake of the riot—MorningConsult charted an 8 point drop in its approval tracking. But poll still show Trump with strong support among Republicans. Reuters-Ipsos, Quinnipiac, and MorningConsult found Trump enjoyed approval ratings of over 70 percent among Republicans surveyed.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, fresh from the Vatican where his wife, Callista, was the ambassador to the Holy See, claimed that it was clear the media was just out of touch with real Americans.

Insurrection merch shows just how mainstream extremism has become

  Insurrection merch shows just how mainstream extremism has become As rioters stormed the Capitol, their shirts spoke loud and clear.In the wake of Wednesday’s deadly riot, images of the sweatshirts — presumably ordered days or weeks before the president’s supporters converged on Washington, DC — circulated widely on Twitter as evidence of how much preparation had gone into the events. For anyone paying attention to far-right online communities, this proof was unnecessary: The Capitol rioters had been organizing openly online for weeks, and several national media outlets had run stories warning about potential violence.

How Donald Trump is spending worst day for the economy since 2008: President launches tweetstorm of self -praise from his Mar-a-Lago retreat then President Donald Trump spent Monday morning in a tweet storm fury from his home of Mar-a-Lago. His online onslaught came as global markets tanked

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe US President Donald Trump wished " happy Memorial Day " to members of the US Navy's 7th Fleet aboard the US

“I don’t know why it’s so hard for people in Washington to look at a Gallup poll number that shows Congress at 20 percent approval or less, and then somehow leap to the idea that if Congress does something the American people will be impressed by it. I think it’s just two completely different worldviews,” Gingrich, who has advised Trump for years, said in an interview on Thursday. “When we get beyond the immediate… news-media version of reality, and people get back to normal behavior and we have a chance for the Biden-Harris world to try to govern, I suspect by summer, most of the Trump people will be reminded of why they voted for Trump.”

Gingrich added, “The Washington establishment is at war with 74 million voters,” and that if “Trump does recover and if he puts together a serious campaign, I think it’s likely he becomes the nominee [in 2024].”

President Trump’s firm grip on the Republican base could play a role in the impeachment trial efforts underway. While 10 Republican House members voted in favor of impeachment, many GOP lawmakers are still fearful of a political backlash—and in some cases, violence—if they’re seen as insufficiently supportive of the president.

America’s Second-Worst Scenario

  America’s Second-Worst Scenario So far, cumulative acts of civic virtue have saved the republic. But the constitutional order is still in danger.A healthy democracy does not need a division-size force to safeguard the incoming president in its capital. Generals and admirals in a thriving republic do not have to enjoin the troops against “violence, sedition and insurrection” or reaffirm that “there’s no role for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of a U.S. election.

Video: Historic House vote: 10 Republicans vote with Democrats to impeach President Trump (ABC News)

Impeachment may not insulate Republicans from the wrath of the MAGA faithful but it’s at least theoretically possible that Trump-skeptical GOP members could use it as a weapon to expel the soon-to-be-former president

A two-thirds majority is required to convict Trump in a Senate trial and if Trump is convicted, senators can take a second vote and decide by simple majority whether to bar him from holding federal office again.

It’s far from clear, however, that Democrats have the votes necessary to convict in a Senate trial and the move would likely invite legal challenges given the untrodden constitutional territory it represents. To emphasize the point, Trump’s campaign “war room” tweeted out polling from John McLaughlin, a former top Trump pollster, purporting to show that 76 percent of Republicans would be “less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes for impeachment.”

While polls also show a current narrow majority in support of impeachment proceedings against Trump, large majorities of Republicans still tell pollsters that they don’t support Trump’s removal. With five days left in the Trump administration and few Republican senators openly supporting proceedings, conviction seems unlikely.

Donald Trump's Facebook Gets Almost 200,000 Likes Despite Being Blocked after Capitol Riot

  Donald Trump's Facebook Gets Almost 200,000 Likes Despite Being Blocked after Capitol Riot The president—who will exit the White House on Wednesday following the inauguration of Joe Biden—was effectively exiled from mainstream social media platforms this month after the violence.The president—who will exit the White House on Wednesday following the inauguration of Joe Biden—was effectively exiled from mainstream social media platforms this month after a mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

In a recent Ipsos poll conducted for Axios, 63 percent of Republicans said they approved of Trump’s recent behavior compared to 42 percent for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who is one of the powerful former allies and top enablers of President Trump who is even considering voting to convict the president in a possible impeachment trial.

On Thursday, with the staff continuing to offboard and pack their office belongings into cars and moving trucks, Trump found himself increasingly (and literally) deserted, no matter what the polls said. He was reduced to having the White House press office out brief statements attributed to him, which amounted to the West Wing firing off Trump tweets in the form of inconsequential press releases. He spent part of the day snapping farewell photos with different groups from his White House staff, as many of those staffers pondered what their future career moves would be like, having been so closely tied to an authoritarian, uniquely reviled leader.

Still, with less than a week to go in the remaining Trump era, and with his position in official Washington at lower depths than it’s ever been before, many of the president’s critics remain doubtful that his influence will soon truly plummet.

“Here’s a guy who said he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and basically get a pass. Trumpism will not die an immediate death based on his exit from office, I think that’s a given,” said former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC), a conservative Trump critic. “I think he’ll continue to have a… negative impact. You can see that with the loss of the House, the loss of the Senate, and now the loss of the White House. But he certainly isn’t going away anytime soon, and I think it’ll be a prolonged and slow death as opposed to an immediate one that comes from his exit.”

But, Sanford maintained, “make no mistake, a death [to Trumpism] will come. There is a half-life to crazy.”

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Facebook and Twitter made special world leader rules for Trump. What happens now? .
Social media abuse from political figures isn’t just a Trump problem, and banning him won’t solve it.Trump’s ban came after years of the social media giants allowing him to push their limits, creating and adjusting their rules about world leaders to avoid having to take action against him — and to avoid positioning themselves as the arbiters of acceptable political speech. Citing the public interest and newsworthiness of almost anything world leaders had to say, Facebook and Twitter allowed them to break some of their rules. But not, as Trump discovered, all of them.

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