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Hyundai shares soar on Apple car talks reports

  Hyundai shares soar on Apple car talks reports Shares in South Korean automaker Hyundai soared Friday on the back of reports it was in talks with Apple for a joint project to manufacture self-driving electric vehicles. South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted a Hyundai representative as saying the firm was "at an initial stage of talks with Apple".Hyundai Motor shares rocketed 19.4 percent in Seoul, with its affiliate Kia also jumping 8.4 percent at the close.

Lithium is crucial for the transition to renewables, but mining it has been environmentally costly. Now a more sustainable source of lithium has been found deep beneath our feet . The extraction of the lithium from Cornwall’s geothermal waters has been made possible by technological advances in

Today’s electric cars are handicapped by batteries that are heavy, expensive and a waste of space. Two-thirds of the volume of the battery in Nissan’s Leaf Chiang reckons that the power per unit volume delivered by his lithium “semi-solid” flow battery will be 10 times that of conventional designs

(Bloomberg) - Electric cars are only as environmentally friendly in operation as the electricity they fill up with. In manufacturing, batteries are currently still polluting the environment - mainly due to lithium.

An Australian mining company wants to change that by extracting “green” lithium from Germany, which is produced in a CO2-neutral manner. In the Upper Rhine Graben near Offenburg, hot water containing lithium is stored in the depths. Tapping into such reservoirs to generate green electricity is a standard procedure for many utilities. Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd. wants to add new components to such a power plant - the extraction and processing of the silvery metal.

GM announces new electric delivery van with its own motorised pallet as part of new move into logistics

  GM announces new electric delivery van with its own motorised pallet as part of new move into logistics General Motors unveiled a new electric delivery van called the BrightDrop EV600 during CES 2021 on Tuesday. The van is one of the first products out of GM's new delivery and logistics business, BrightDrop. BrightDrop will also sell a motorised pallet called the EP1 and a suite of software and services for commercial customers. The automaker has ambitious electrification plans and has committed $US27 billion to developing battery-powered and autonomous vehicles through 2025. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

The falling price of electric cars has led to a huge rise in the number of EV drivers; ownership has now reached 2 million for the first time. Some of those opposed to the wider adoption of electric vehicles have been keen to spread speculation of a supposed lithium shortage.

Lithium from Norwegian electric car batteries isn't recycled that often. Bandyopadhyay's group is working to develop a process that recovers lithium , nickel and cobalt from what is called a black mass. Black mass is a black powder that consists of the materials in the battery that are active, meaning

In this endeavor, the company has now taken a step further with a preliminary study on the feasibility of the project: The licenses for the deposits on the Upper Rhine are therefore worth 2.25 billion euros after taxes. The planned geothermal power plants with their nominal output of 74 megawatts of renewable electricity also contribute to this net present value. Any of it that is not needed for production is sold and the raw material is extracted in a CO2-neutral manner. An annual production of around 40,000 tons of lithium hydroxide is possible, enough for batteries for a million electric cars.

Volkswagen AG VW ID.3 Electric Automobile Assembly © Bloomberg Volkswagen AG VW ID.3 Electric Automobile Assembly

Prices for key battery metals such as lithium and cobalt are set to rebound this year.

Increased subsidy leads to record numbers for e-cars

 Increased subsidy leads to record numbers for e-cars The increased state subsidy in the middle of the year has strongly boosted the sale of electric cars in Germany. © Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa The current total stock of electric cars in Germany is estimated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority at around 608,000 vehicles. The responsible Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (Bafa) received applications for 255,039 vehicles last year, as the authority in Eschborn near Frankfurt reported.

The result is that electric cars powered by the Estonian grid are much less green than in France. 2) The photo of the ' lithium mine' is a diamond mine, according to The pledges are monitored, and the result is a dramatic decrease in deforestation rates and an increase in the health of the local population.

Electric cars (or electric vehicles , EVs) have major environmental benefits compared to conventional internal combustion engine cars . They produce little or no tailpipe emissions

Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

The project is similar to a project by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway on the Salton Sea in California.

Vulcan calls the lithium deposit on the Upper Rhine the largest in Europe and, according to the calculations published on Friday, wants to produce more cheaply than any manufacturer on the market today. The running costs would be just 2,640 euros per ton, compared with up to 5,760 euros per ton for lithium production underground or in opencast mining. Production could start in 2024. Another study is to be started in the second quarter and will finally determine the feasibility.

electric cars are an important part of Europe's efforts on the way to CO2 neutrality by 2050. When it comes to batteries, however, manufacturers from Asia are currently setting the tone, and industry and politics want to take countermeasures so as not to fall further behind. The focus is on local production and environmentally friendly promotion of the required materials.

EDF ignites stock market spark with plan for Pod Point float

  EDF ignites stock market spark with plan for Pod Point float EDF, the French state-backed energy giant, is drawing up secret plans for a stock market flotation of one of Britain's biggest providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure amid soaring demand from motorists. © Other Pod Point is Britain's biggest providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure Sky News has learnt that EDF, which bought a controlling stake in Pod Point less than a year ago, has instructed investment bankers at Barclays to begin working on the timing and structure of a public listing.

Demand for lithium has taken off as demand for electric cars surges. New generation of batteries. "There is a white gold rush in various jurisdictions in the world. For continental Europe, home of the German and French car industries, the concept of having a European supply chain from mineral to

Extracting lithium from the salt flats that dot the arid northern regions of the South American countries is a lot easier and cheaper than digging underground for metals like copper. With demand expected to keep rising as electric cars gain a bigger share of the global auto fleet, Argentina and Chile are

The world's largest lithium mines are in Australia and the material is mostly processed in China. The processes are energy-intensive and the preliminary products travel thousands of kilometers. The cheaper alternative are the South American surface brine systems. However, this uses a lot of water.

The dismantling as Vulcan plans it should not have any of these undesirable effects. In addition to lithium, the systems even produce excess green electricity and the water - somewhat colder and with a lower metal content - is sunk back into the ground after treatment.

Europe has its own lithium deposits that could be mined above or below ground. However, strict environmental protection laws and resistance from local residents make it difficult to build such mines. In Finland, Keliber Oy was not forced to postpone a planned IPO and mine construction until 2019 after the company's permits were challenged.

Vulcan Energy is listed on the stock exchange in Australia and in Frankfurt. The paper rose on Friday by 44%.

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Cambridge trial allowing EVs to use bus lane criticised by groups .
Cambridgeshire County Council said the trial is 'intended to test the effect of allowing additional vehicles to use the lane' and if judged to be successful 'may be extended' across the city.The scheme is currently operating on the Elizabeth Way bridge using an existing bus lane travelling northbound only.

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