World In a wall of the chapel, the message had been waiting for 165 years

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Cette magnifique chapelle est située dans l'une des cours de l'hôpital général de Dijon. © Wikipedia This magnificent chapel is located in one of the courtyards of the Dijon general hospital.

A mason discovered a message from 1856 perfectly preserved on the construction site of the future Cité de la gastronomie in Dijon. In an old scaffolding hole, "I saw a rock move and behind it I found the paper folded in six," he said.

"In this chapel being in repair worked the Sieur Godard": these words left by a plasterer, in 1856, were discovered last week on the site of the future Cité de la gastronomie in Dijon .

From one restoration to another, a mason came across the handwritten text, a century and a half later, by dislodging a stone in a wall of the Sainte-Croix-de-Jerusalem chapel, built in the 15th century in a courtyard of the old Dijon hospital. Decommissioned in 2015, it is the subject of a reconversion project into the International City of Gastronomy and Wine.

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I was making a bleeding in the wall to run electrical ducts. In an old scaffolding hole, I saw a stone move and behind it I found the paper folded in six, told AFP Victorien Coille, of the Dufraigne company in Autun. A double-sided and perfectly preserved sheet from photographs published Tuesday by the regional daily Le Bien Public which revealed the discovery.

Cité de la gastronomie at #Dijon : a document dated 1856 found https://t.co/os9iApD94l pic.twitter.com/XEISTjV0UX

- Le Bien Public (@Lebienpublic) January 19, 2021

A native of Moloy, north of Dijon, Nicolas Godard indicates that he was first a sailor, dismissed from the steam frigate L'Orénoque after having made the Crimean campaign at the age of 18. This conflict pitted the Russian Empire, from 1853 to 1856, against a coalition formed by the Ottoman Empire, France, the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

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Anyone who puts the brakes on the fury of the waves also knows how to stop wicked plots, adds Sieur Godard, a quote from a play by Jean Racine, Athalie. The names of other workers who probably worked in the chapel follow.

“Leave a trace”

Then a date, August 10, 1856; on the back of the sheet, the address of a shop and this final mention: at the time these letters are written, the greatest misery exists in Dijon.

How to explain the presence of this word? In the old craft corporations, there has always been a desire to leave a mark, as in the stonemasons who signed their works, explains Bassir Amiri, municipal councilor in charge of Archives and Cultural Heritage.

Victorien Coille, 37 years old, including 20 by profession, confirms: on an apprenticeship site, he once sealed a bottle with a note inside. And he thinks of replacing a message in the wall of the chapel before filling the hole.

The Dijon services have studied the manuscript and found the birth certificate of Sieur Godard in 1838. We can see that he is a cultivated person, it is moving this dialogue which is established between two workers through the ages, adds the chosen one. The document will be deposited in the municipal archives, where it will be available for consultation by individuals, and digitized on their website.

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