World Suspension of Donald Trump's account: Facebook asks its "Supreme Court" to rule

23:18  21 january  2021
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How the Capitol riot revived calls to reform Section 230

  How the Capitol riot revived calls to reform Section 230 Republican Section 230 reform is dead. Long live Democrat Section 230 reform.But those measures came too late for some Democratic lawmakers who have sounded the alarm about misinformation and extremist content on the internet for months, even years. And soon they’ll have the power to do something about it. Section 230 reform, which President Trump tried and failed to enact, is back on the table. This time, it will likely look a little different from what he wanted.

Facebook said Thursday it will refer its indefinite suspension of former President Donald Trump ’ s account to its independent oversight board — the highest-profile test to date for the panel, and a move that could lead to Trump either returning to the platform or facing a permanent suspension .

On Thursday, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court' s decision and grant President Donald Trump the ability to block his critics on Twitter. The petition seeks to revive a case decided by a New York federal judge in 2018.

For the first time, this special body must confirm or deny the request of the social network: the temporary suspension of the ex-president's account for at least two weeks, then extended for an "indefinite period".

This decision will be scrutinized very closely ... Facebook asked, Thursday, January 21, its "Supreme Court" to rule on the suspension of Donald Trump's account. This external entity was precisely created by Mark Zuckerberg's social network to settle contested moderation cases on appeal. His decision will be known in a few weeks and it will be "binding" because Facebook is committed to applying it.

Trump impeachment defense in crisis with Giuliani named in evidence

  Trump impeachment defense in crisis with Giuliani named in evidence Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who has led Trump's legal effort to overturn the election results, is expected to head his legal effort as the impeachment trial approaches in the Senate.Sources have already said Trump may turn to lawyer Rudy Giuliani as he battles impeachment a second time, this time before a Senate 'jury' that may be considerably more skeptical than last time. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday he does not know how he will vote.

President Trump had asked the court to block three sets of subpoenas that sought information from his The decision in the case said Mr. Trump had no absolute right to block release of the papers and would take its place with landmark Trump Calls Supreme Court Ruling a ‘Political Witch Hunt’.

President Donald Trump acknowledged his vanishing path to overturning the results of the 2020 election in court on Sunday during his first full interview since losing to President-elect Joe Biden earlier this month. "Well, the problem is, it ' s hard to get into the Supreme Court ," Trump said on Fox News'

The “supreme court” - officially called the supervisory board - will for the first time have to confirm or reverse, at the request of Facebook, a decision, among the most controversial in its history: the temporary suspension, for at least two weeks, on behalf of the former President of the United States, announced on January 7 after the violent invasion of the Capitol. Facebook then specified that the freezing of Mr. Trump's account would continue for "an indefinite period".

The crazy week when social networks let go of Donald Trump A panel of five members

As with all its decisions, this “supreme court” will bring together a panel of five members, including at least one American. The 40 personalities who make up the council are often lawyers, NGO members or former public officials, such as Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Prime Minister of Denmark. The panel will first collect on its site comments from parties wishing to speak - including Mr. Trump's.

Trump plans to move permanently to Mar-a-Lago after his term ends, report says

  Trump plans to move permanently to Mar-a-Lago after his term ends, report says President Trump plans to move to Florida after his term ends next week, Bloomberg reported. According to the report, Trump will fly to Florida on January 20, hours before his presidency ends and Joe Biden's begins.According to the report, Trump will depart the White House for the Palm Beach resort on the morning of January 20, just before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Tuesday to block lower court rulings that would give the Manhattan District Attorney's office access to Trump ' s lawyers filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court asking the court to issue a stay, or suspension , of a grand jury

As President Donald Trump continues to sow uncertainty about the November election, he will announce his third Supreme Court nominee Saturday, the As part of their strategy in the upcoming confirmation hearings, Democrats plan to ask Trump ' s nominee to recuse herself from any case

"We believe that our decision was necessary and good", wrote Facebook in its press release, recalling having acted in an "unprecedented" context, in order to prevent further violence.

The suspension has sparked heated debate, the company said:

“The reactions to our decision show the delicate balance that private companies are being asked to maintain. Some have said that Facebook should have banned President Trump a long time ago and that the violence on Capitol Hill itself was a product of social media; others saw it as an unacceptable manifestation of corporate power over freedom of expression. " Lively debate after the closure of Donald Trump's personal Twitter account

Since he put forward the idea of ​​a" supreme court "in early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg has hammered the idea that a CEO or a company cannot should not make important moderation decisions alone. Slow to establish itself, this "supreme court" has so far not allowed it to escape criticism of its content policy, especially during the US presidential campaign.

By now soliciting this outside entity, he is attempting to shift some of the responsibility for a much contested decision. The “court”, a private law legal UFO, will play part of its credibility on this case. His verdict could also reignite debate over the action of other social networks, such as Twitter, which permanently deleted Mr. Trump's account.

Facebook's dizzying “supreme court” project on content moderation

What legal woes does Trump face as he begins civilian life? .
Trump’s return to civilian life comes with a laundry list of court cases from which the presidency shielded him.A norm in US law holds that sitting presidents are immune from indictment. The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) has regulations that prevent federal law enforcement agencies from indicting the president.

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